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Narrow Pixel Pitch Led Screen For Church

Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display

Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display Screen delivering true-to-life images and videos with high precision pixel pitches, bringing a great viewing experience to the audience at a close viewing distance. By providing extraordinary image quality with precise colors, Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display creates remarkable visual experiences that keep constant over time. What’s more, it allows you to increase your screens’ work-life thanks to their high reliability and advanced features. Lightweight front accessible Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display with conveniences over the conventional fixed led screen, it makes things easier for stack or hanging installation without any tools. The uses for the Fine Pitch LED Display Screen are endless, and people become more and more used to interacting with them for business. People always stop and say “Wow.”

Rigard is the best-LED display screen manufacturer. We not only produce LED display screen products but also provide ancillary solutions for you. You can see Rigard LED screen displays of large dimensions in major cities. We are constantly developing and improving. The LED display screen of Rigard has a variety of types, and the applicability of its products covers a variety of fields. LED billboard display, stadium led display and LED irregular-shape display have dominated the global market.

High-Quality Product

We took the lead in conforming to the certification of TUV, EMC, CE, RoHS standard in the industry. It acts strictly the IQC, IPQC, QC, CFQC, QA in each step of quality control engineering and supplies chain management in the technological process.

Rich Experience

Regard LED display screen is dominant in the domestic and foreign markets. We have a rich project experience and professional manufacturing technology. Whether customized or products on sale, we can provide you with the best service.

Various Types of LED Displays

The LED application products research and development by Regard LED have full range and structure diversification. Its products cover many types, including LED full-color display for indoor and outdoor, LED billboard display, led irregular-shape display, truck mobile LED display, stadium led display, etc.

Application Fields of LED Display

Indoor LED

Rigard LED display can be flexibly installed to meet the needs of various venues, showing you the perfect visual effect.

Outdoor LED

The LED display provided by Rigard is IP65 and IP67 waterproof and high brightness outdoor LED display from 3500nits to 10000nits, which can adapt to all external environment.

Sports LED

Rigard stadium LED display is widely used in various sports events, including perimeter led display screen, scoreboard and multi-function sporting LED screen.

Rental LED

Rigard not only provides high-quality indoor and outdoor LED displays but also provides LED displays suitable for rental, which is light and easy to install. Rigard is the best partner of rental company.

Large scale LED

Rigard’s main business segment is in LED screen displays of very large dimensions, which suitable for all kinds of large-scale activities.


Rigard LED display screen shows you the perfect display effect in the exhibition, which is Rigard always insists on doing.

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