P1.25mm Fine Pixel LED Display Wall(Curved Design) For TV Studio in South Africa

Location: South Africa

Products: P1.25

Panel Size:600*337.5mm

Total Screen size:12*3.0375m

P0.9mm Narrow Pixel LED Display For TV Station

Location: US

Products: P0.9

Panel Size:600*337.5mm

Total Screen size:4.8*3.0375m

P1.58 Indoor Small Pixel Pitch LED Wall For Souvenir Gift Shop

Location: Orlando | US

Products: P1.58

Panel Size:640*480mm

Total Screen size:20.48*2.88m

P1.8 Indoor Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display For TV Studio

Location: Orlando | US

Products: P1.875

Panel Size:600*337.5mm

Total Screen size:20.4*3.0375m

P2.97 Indoor LED Display For Daimler Truck Show

Location: Hannover,Germany

Products: P2.97 Indoor

Panel Size:500*500mm

Total Screen size:200sqm of 2 Screens

P2.6 Indoor LED Display For BMW Car Conference

Location: Frankfurt ,Germany

Products: P2.6 Indoor

Panel Size:500*500mm

Total Screen size:100sqm of 6 Screens

P4.81 Outdoor LED Screen Moto Race

Location: MotoGP Assen, Netherlands

Products: P4.81 Outdoor

Panel Size:500*500mm

Total Screen size:500sqm of 10 Screens

P3.91 Outdoor LED Screen For RedBull Air Race

Location: Chiba | Japan

Products: P3.91 Outdoor

Panel Size:500*500mm

Total Screen size:350sqm of 8 Screens

2K & 4K High Resolution Church LED Display Wall

Now there are more and More 2k & 4K LED Video Wall Display is instead of Projector for Church Use, when a projector bulb or the entire projector fails, the replacement costs can be thousands of dollars each time. LED video walls are modular, so a panel or even a bulb can be swapped out at a much lower expense. As a result, the breakeven point of LED over Projection takes only one to two years.

Traditional projection may lack the brightness in your space for easy reading and engagement. LED Wall images have a noticeable higher quality image.

This is a Project of P3.91 LED Video Wall for Church in Temple Texas, US. The event for Easter on 21th,April, 2019..The Screen Size 10.5*4.5meters(35ft*15ft).The Church LED Display Wall Support 2K &4K SDI input, HDMI 2.0,DVI,DP and extend Input as you want.

For Church LED Wall System is a Potential market and We are focus on design and offer perfect solution for church LED Wall Like 2K & 4K resolution, Front maintenance LED Wall, High refresh rate etc.

LED Poster Display For Events, Advertising

Application: Events Rental, Advertising, Shopping Mall

Products: P1.8 and P2.5

Panel Size:576*1920mm(Exclude Frame)

Indoor Transparent LED Curtain Display

Application: Events | Shopping Mall | Car Showroom | Glass Building Inside

Products: P3.91-P7.81 | P7.81-P7.81 |P10.41mm

Panel Size:500*1000mm

Outdoor Transparent LED Curtain Display

Application: Events | Shopping Mall | Car Showroom | Glass Building Outside

Products: P10 | P16 |P31mm

Panel Size:500*1000mm

Outdoor Advertising LED Display Screen

Application: Katowice,Poland

Products: P6mm

Panel Size:960*960mm

Screen Size:7.68m*3.84m