RIGARD LED Display Solution provides efficient information monitoring and operation with outstanding performance and clarity that ensures every detail is under control within an event.

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    Efficient & Cost-Saving

    Rigard LED display control solutions make the controlling and monitoring operations to be fast and efficient during an event. The long-lasting lifespan and high image clarity reduce the spending and time costs.

  • Outstanding Display Quality

    The solution of LED display control & monitor from Rigard brings an outstanding image quality performed by wide screens. The high brightness and clarity display every detail within an event that will not be missed under the LED display control solution.

  • Easy to Watch & Observe

    Equipped with creative cabinet design and high resolution, the LED display control & monitor solutions are supportive for various viewing angles and distances. It is audience-friendly to look for details without affecting the image quality due to the angles and distances.

  • Safe to Use

    There is no need to be concerned about the possibility of Rigard LED display control solution being overheated under high-density operation, while it has a high efficient heat dissipating design that even allows it to be fan-free. The front-end operation is also more convenient and efficient for maintenance.

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