RIGARD brings LED Display Solutions, with outstanding visual display, wide-ranged angles of viewing, and overqualified display function, which helps retail stores to do marketing more efficiently. Focuses on retail scenarios, Rigard LED display screens can operate indoors and outdoors.

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    Highly Functional & Cost-Efficient

    Rigard provides retail LED screen solutions that serve any site within retail industries. A single retail LED screen solution can achieve glasses-free 3D effect, digital poster, transparent LED screen, etc. which is beneficial for the latest information releasing and advertising.

  • Outstanding Visual Performance

    An outstanding visual performance of Rigard retail LED screen solution helps to bring attention from pedestrians. The high brightness and realistic color are able to perform the advertisement and products in the most effective way.

  • Wide-Ranged Angles & Distances

    No matter indoors or outdoors, the wide-ranged viewing angles allow the audience to watch the retail LED screen clearly without affecting the quality of the product image. Close viewing distance is also supportive due to its high-resolution design.

  • Safety & Security

    Retail LED screens may face a high density of operation during sales seasons. However, Rigard retail LED screen solutions provide LED screens with rapid heat dissipation. The fan-less design is also safer than traditional retail LED screens. Even facing extreme weather conditions outdoors, the backup power solution helps to keep the retail LED screen operating normally and safely.

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