RIGARD LED Display Solutions and its products bring wide viewing angles and high brightness to a church during events. By sharing custom images and videos with dramatic colors on the church LED display screen, it maximizes event engagement and visual enjoyment.

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    Long Lifespan & Dual Power

    Rigard church video wall solutions provide LED display screens with a long-lasting lifespan and backup and dual power supply. In other words, it saves costs of renewing and worry-free about running out of battery, which is a perfect church video wall solution for church events.

  • Terrific Visual Enjoyment

    Rigard church video wall solution provides a suitable LED display screen with a supreme visual performance as a helpful atmosphere provider. Its high brightness and color chromaticity bring impressive image performance at the broadcasting level.

  • Viewing Angle & Close Distance

    The church video wall solution and its products allow the audience to view the LED display screen from multiple angles without diminishing the quality of performance. Additionally, the small pixel pitch is close-viewing supportive.

  • Safe & Maintenance

    Since the Rigard church video wall solutions are provided for indoor church events, safety problem is an important condition. Rigard church video wall solution is equipped with fan-less and effective heat dissipation LED display screen, which highly avoids accidents due to the high intensity of work.

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