Since the broadcasting and TV industry requires LED display screens with a visual performance at a high level, as an experienced company that offers high-quality custom LED display solutions, Rigard can satisfy the demands broadcasting and TV industry..

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    Cost-Effective Turnkey Solution

    Provided by professional manufacture, Rigard LED video wall screen solution is a turnkey solution and has a long-lasting lifespan. It is a customized solution based on different sites. Moreover, Rigard LED video wall screen solution supports a long-time operation if needed.

  • Superior Display Quality

    The high brightness and contrast level of Rigard LED video wall screen solutions bring a superior visual performance for broadcasting and TV audience. The image clarity is attention-catching that helps to explain the information.

  • Ergonomic Design

    Rigard LED video wall screen solutions for broadcasting and TV studio allow the audience to watch clearly from any angle. Additionally, it is suitable for any studio and site as a customized solution. The curved design and front-end operation are user-friendly and convenient.

  • Safe & Energy-Saving

    As a long-lasting LED video wall screen solution, Rigard LED display screen is equipped with efficient heat dissipation without a fan needed, which guarantees safety in use and saves energy costs. Also, the front-end operation is safer for maintaining other than just for convenience.

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