Rigard provides professional LED displays and control systems to all operation locations of “Grand Transit System”.  products are characterized with high stability, seamless splicing, and powerful processing for any resolution. The outstanding flatness and uniformity create exceptional vision. With the cutting-edge 24-bit processing depth and HDR high dynamic range image technology,  transportation solution delivers visual performance, perfectly presents public information and stunning advertising.

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    High Cost-Efficiency

    Rigard LED virtual studio solutions provide highly cost-efficient LED display screens with long-lasting functions. The environmentally friendly LED virtual studio solutions also save electrical costs and maintenance costs more than traditional LED virtual studio solutions.

  • Dramatic Display Quality

    High brightness and perfect image display quality are essential for a good-quality LED display solution, which Rigard LED virtual studio solution achieves. The level of brightness and color chromaticity is at the broadcasting level, bringing an impressive experience.

  • Ergonomically Design

    The LED screens in Rigard LED virtual studio solutions are multiple resolutions supportive that are suitable for every occasion. Its curved design and various viewing angles are audience-friendly. Also, Rigard LED virtual studio solutions support front-end installation and maintenance.

  • Safe to Use

    Unlike traditional LED display screens, Rigard LED virtual studio solutions provide fan-less LED display screens and can dissipate heat ideally. Moreover, the front-end operation is safer for installation and maintenance.

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