RIGARD maximizes the efficiency and function of latch, slim cabinet, and simple cabling connection, which saves costs and time for the installation and maintenance of LED display screens.

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    Cost-Effective Design

    Rigard solutions of LED screens for events are with slim cabinets and simple cabling connections saving transportation costs and time costs. In addition, the long lifespan increases its cost-efficiency.

  • Impressive Display Quality

    With its perfect working function, Rigard solutions of LED screens for events display with impressive image quality. High brightness, contrast level, and color chromaticity bring up the level of the events.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Events

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor events, Rigard solutions for LED screens for events provide various sizes of LED screens according to different needs. It lasts long with good working function and saves energy more than traditional LED screens for events.

  • Fan-Less & Front-End Operation

    With front-end operation, Rigard solutions of LED screens for events are more convenient and safer to install and maintain. The fan-less design reuqires the LED screens to be fast in dissipating heat, which Rigard solutions achieve fast heat dissipating.

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