Rigard provides LED display screens and control systems based on needs within an LED Display Solution for operation locations of the Grand Transit System.

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    High Cost-Effectiveness

    As a public occasion, maintaining a transportation station would prefer cost-efficient LED wall solutions that provide turnkey solutions with energy-saving and high-quality LED screens. Its perfect heat dissipation allows it to be fan-free and reduces more costs than traditional transportation LED wall solutions.

  • High-Quality Image Performance

    Rigard LED wall solution for Transportation Station offers high-quality image performance with its high brightness LED display screen, which is easier and more convenient for people to notify the key information they want to know.

  • Wide Viewing Coverage

    The wide viewing angles of Rigard LED wall solution for transportation stations are audience-friendly. It saves time and energy for the audience to look for a viewable angle. Additionally, the image clarity of the LED wall solution allows the audience to watch clearly no matter far or close.

  • Safe & Secure

    It is necessary to be safe-guaranteed for a LED wall solution for transportation stations since there is a large amount of traffic every day. Rigard LED wall solutions offer perfectly-functioned heat dissipation which allows it to be fan-less. The front-end installation and maintenance avoid accidents.

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