RIGARD offers custom LED display solutions for conference rooms with different requirements. LED Display Solutions and products from Rigard provide supreme visual performance that helps increase the efficiency and quality of the conference.

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    High Cost-Effectiveness

    A turnkey conference room video wall solution from Rigard provides LED display screens based on preference for any site. The easy-to-use and long-lasting products are highly cost-effectively, which is once for all.

  • Stunning Image Quality

    As a part of the conference, Rigard conference room video wall solution can display dramatic images with its LED products. Offering high-quality images and videos can impress the audience and level up the whole conference.

  • Wide Viewing Angle

    Unlike the traditional LED video wall solutions for the conference room, Rigard conference room video wall solution provides more viewing angles and is able to cover every corner of the conference room. The audience would not escape from the information displayed on the LED video wall.

  • Fast Heat Dissipation

    Rigard conference room video wall solutions are safety guaranteed. Offering fan-less and effective heat dissipation can save costs and avoid safety problems. Also, Rigard conference room video wall solutions provide LED display screens with front-end installation and maintenance, which is safer and more convenient.

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