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Why is Virtual Production LED Wall Better than Green Screen

Virtual production LED wall has revolutionized the whole mechanism for effective film production. Nowadays, people use virtual production LED wall even for a small video clip. Due to its utmost benefits in film production, directors of various famous movies keep their eyes on virtual production LED walls behind the scenes instead of the green screen. […]

Top 4 Points You Need to Know About Ceiling LED Screen

They say that magic is impossible to achieve but have you been in a place with a ceiling LED screen? If you believe that magic is not possible, you probably have not been in one. What is the Ceiling LED Screen? A ceiling LED screen is used as a video display with a multicolored and vibrant […]

Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Displays See Its Bright Future in The Market

The LED display industry has shown a vigorous development trend in recent years. The advertisement and information dissemination form by traditional media no longer meet the needs of people, while the advertisement with the form of LED screen displays has become normal. Actually, LED screen display is used in the advertising industry and sports venues for […]

Ultimate Purchase Guide for Transparent LED Screens

As a business owner, you have finally taken the first step towards expansion — you identified that you need to create awareness. Yet you begin to wonder — how do I go about it? You want to be able to reach the potential customers around your vicinity with personalized messages.   Let us save you […]

Advantages of Mini LED Screen in TV Broadcasting

Since the television was invented, the way we watch images on-screen has radically changed. In the last few years, the semiconductor manufacturing process has made some significant leaps forward. Screen visual display quality is becoming better and better.   The employment of large screens to present audiences with shocking visual effects has brought endless possibilities […]

COB Technology Becomes Superior to SMD in Mini LED Display Screen

In the mid-1980s, screens displayed only text or animation until the development of integrated circuit technology makes LED display video technology possible. From then on, TV images can be directly displayed on the screens. Nowadays, LED display screens have been widely used in stadiums, plazas, shopping malls, and even streets. Lots of manufacturers have also […]

LED Poster Display Screen Helps Retail Stores Upgrade

In recent years, with the progress of technology and the diversification of market demand, the extension of LED poster display to all kinds of market segments is increasing. The birth of LED poster display screen aims at the application requirements of traditional static posters, with replaceable main contents and strong visual impact of dynamic display. […]

Why Mini 4 in 1 LED Display is the Future Trend

In recent years, following the industry’s technological improvement, LED display market demand has increased exponentially. The development of smaller pitch with seamless high-definition display has brought innovation and comfort to its customer base. The way how we watch the screen has changed radically over time. Mini 4 in 1 LED display is the future trend that […]

How To Make Your LED Screens More Clear ?

Nowadays, most of people are satisfied with the resolution quality and video quality of the full color LED screens. BUT there are still some of them think it is not clear enough especially when you get more closer to look at the LED screen and for some special applications. And today, we are going to […]