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How to Maintain LED Display Screens?

LED display screens are undoubtedly one of the best advertising strategies to aid advertisers in achieving rapid business growth nowadays. As the investment in LED display screens is huge and the long-term exposure to the environment will inevitably affect the display effect due to dirt and dust, regular LED screen maintenance will be a necessary […]

COB LED Technology Powers LED Screens Toward Smaller Pixel Pitch

LED display screens are undoubtedly the best solution for commercial displays today. A large number of LED beads are mounted in a dense arrangement on the panel to produce images by emitting light. And the distance between each tiny LED bead on the panel is called pixel pitch. As we all know, the smaller the […]

Trade Show LED Displays Solution

Exhibitions and trade fairs started to get underway in full force as the epidemic is gradually under control globally. Major corporations have also started to actively market their brands and products at various fairs. Undoubtedly,  the expo is among the top platforms for most businesses to promote their brands and products. However, you need to […]

What is GOB LED Display Technology?

LED packaging technology is constantly being improved in response to the increasing demand for small pitch LED screens, such as Mini LED and Micro LED, that can deliver ultra-high quality image display.  Due to its inherent deficiencies in protection and point source display performance, the initial SMD technology is no longer able to fulfill the […]

LED Screens for Esports Events

The integration of pop culture, global investors, brands, live streaming and social sharing has driven the explosive growth of the esports industry. Various esports games have then gradually established league mechanisms, bringing new market opportunities for other industries. Among them, esports live streaming, as one of the most important parts of esports events, has guided […]

Outdoor LED Display Solution: P1.5 and P1.8 LED Display

As the pandemic begins to wane, more and more outdoor activities are being done one after another, which is causing the outdoor display industry to once again see a resurgence. Since fine pixel pitch LED display is the current display technology, outdoor LED displays are gradually progressing toward ultra-high definition and multi-value added features. The […]

How to Choose the Best LED Display Manufacturer?

LED display technology has matured to become the display solution of choice for a variety of industries including entertainment, sports, education, broadcasting and advertising. If deployed properly, LED display screens will attract a steady stream of target audiences for you and serve as an effective tool to drive your business forward. But all of this […]

Stadium LED Screens in the World Cup

Stadium LED screens and display control systems have become the primary display solution for many international stadiums as a result of the change and improvement of display technology and stadiums. From the Olympic Games and World Cup to the Super Bowl, stadium LED screens are the main means for fans to acquire information and interact […]

A Complete Guide to Floor LED Screens

LED display screens have always been the first choice for indoor and outdoor content display because of its excellent display and flexible assembly. It is much more revolutionary to combine display and interactivity as a floor LED screen in the process of constant improvement and iteration of LED display technology. Expect the stunning visual effects, […]


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