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    RIGARD maximizes the efficiency and function of latch, slim cabinet, and simple cabling connection, which saves costs and time for the installation and maintenance of LED display screens.


    RIGARD brings LED Display Solutions, with outstanding visual display, wide-ranged angles of viewing, and overqualified display function, which helps retail stores to do marketing more efficiently. Focuses on retail scenarios, Rigard LED display screens can operate indoors and outdoors.


    RIGARD LED Display Solution provides efficient information monitoring and operation with outstanding performance and clarity that ensures every detail is under control within an event.


    RIGARD LED Display Solutions and its products bring wide viewing angles and high brightness to a church during events. By sharing custom images and videos with dramatic colors on the church LED display screen, it maximizes event engagement and visual enjoyment.


    RIGARD has been providing LED Display Solutions for more than 40 international sports events since 2016. The trustworthiness and well-developed products perfect the sports matches and gain positive feedback.


    Since the broadcasting and TV industry requires LED display screens with a visual performance at a high level, as an experienced company that offers high-quality custom LED display solutions, Rigard can satisfy the demands broadcasting and TV industry..


    RIGARD offers custom LED display solutions for conference rooms with different requirements. LED Display Solutions and products from Rigard provide supreme visual performance that helps increase the efficiency and quality of the conference.


    Rigard provides LED display screens and control systems based on needs within an LED Display Solution for operation locations of the Grand Transit System.


    Rigard provides professional LED displays and control systems to all operation locations of “Grand Transit System”.  products are characterized with high stability, seamless splicing, and powerful processing for any resolution. The outstanding flatness and uniformity create exceptional vision. With the cutting-edge 24-bit processing depth and HDR high dynamic range image technology,  transportation solution […]

What is IMD LED Display and Difference Between IMD and COB Encapsulation?

In recent years, the popularity of 5G network, the upgrade of digital services, the application of conference visualization, the in-depth practice of smart cities and the continuous expansion of the security monitoring market stimulate the development of HD display market segmentation. HD display, which is being upgraded from 4K display to 8K display, is gradually […]