The utilization of LED display screens for advertising and branding has become the primary choice for most enterprises due to their ability to reach a wide range of audiences and leave a strong impression on customers, allowing enterprises to see immediate and real-time business growth. Different types of LED display screens offer the possibility for enterprises to achieve different business goals. For example, if you want to boost your business growth in an innovative and personal way, then a great option is to create a flexible LED screen. The flexible LED screen has been widely used in various business scenarios in recent years and has become one of the best tools to invest in promoting business growth.


What is a flexible LED Screen?
A flexible LED screen is a display made of high-quality PCB and rubber materials where the final imaged LED pixels are located, and the panel screen has insulating substrates on both sides to protect the LED circuitry from damage. Since the materials used to make this type of display are highly malleable, flexible LED panel screen, also known as bendable LED display, can be customized into creative devices of any shapes and sizes, which is its biggest difference from the conventional flat LED screen. Flexible LED screens still display clear and eye-catching images even though bent into any curvature during installation due to their high elasticity.

Basically, a soft LED display will come in handy when it comes to attracting new customers to your business. And buying flexible LED displays is the ideal way to produce constructive effects that positively boost your business. Check out the unique benefits that set flexible LED screens apart from other types of LED displays.

Top 7 Advantages of Flexible LED Screens

1. Creative display: With the modular installation method, the flexible LED screen can be designed into various irregular shapes for a creative display to highlight the unique artistic atmosphere of your business. A flexible LED screen allows you to let your creativity run wild and easily create designs that are consistent with your business and the products or services you offer.

2. Customization: The malleable nature of a flexible LED screen gives you great flexibility to personalize your purchase from the LED manufacturer in terms of size, shape, and pixel pitch. Given the ease with which you can customize the pixel pitch, brightness, and shape on these display screens, it will be easy to create great designs that meet your customer’ needs and keep your audience engaged with your business.

3. Suitable for 3D LED screens: 3D LED screens have gained great attention and effectiveness this year as a new direction in display technology. To present a naked-eye 3D visual effect, the LED screen is required to be bent into a certain curvature (90 degrees), which is exactly what a flexible LED screen can achieve. The 3D LED screen is good to bring a more powerful visual impact to the audience and play a huge role in promoting your business growth and brand influence.

4. Easy to install and replace: The installation of a flexible LED panel video screen is not limited to a closed cabinet. An LED video wall is achieved by magnetic connections of each individual modules sewing together for a seamless panel integration. The elimination of space constraints and magnetic snap design ensures quick installation, replacement, storage, and transportation for the soft LED screen. In addition, a flexible LED screen is fabricated from materials designed to withstand extreme compression and resist any type of twisting, which is helpful for challenging installation jobs that require multiple twists.

5. Lightweight: Flexible LED screens eliminate the need for steel support in order to achieve maximum flexibility, so it is lighter in weight and thinner than conventional LED screens.

6. Wide range of application scenarios: Flexible LED screens, because of their lightweight and ease of installation and replacement, can be easily fixed in any indoor scenario such as inside shopping centers, hotels, stadiums, in addition to outdoor stages, concerts, etc. to create a lively atmosphere to interact with the live audience.

7. High cost-effectiveness: As an enterprise, finding cost-effective display solutions is always at the top of the list. This is where flexible LED displays come into play. Flexible LED screen price was originally designed to cost-effective due to the reduced steel frame structure and are a great investment overall as they can maximize the growth of your business.

A flexible LED screen is an innovative solution to boost your business. However, because every project is unique and, different projects require different types of LED screens, choosing the best LED screen is not a breeze. Even though, there are still some general rules you can refer to choose the best flexible LED screen before you start any projects.

How to Choose Flexible LED Screens to Boost Your Business?
1. Consider the location of the flexible LED screen
If the LED screen is used in outdoor applications, then you need to consider the brightness, durability, and display resolution of the LED screen.

Brightness is one of the significant differences between indoor and outdoor LED display screens. The brightness of the outdoor displays is several times that of the indoor LED displays as the bright sunlight makes the images on the LED display screen illegible or less bright. Therefore, to provide ultra-high illumination, flexible LED display screens used outdoor have to have multiple bright LEDs in a single pixel.

In addition, outdoor LED screens must be leak-proof, waterproof, and heat-resistant, especially for outdoor performance stages and glass exterior walls. Outdoor LED displays require a waterproof rating of IP65, while indoor displays only have an IP20 rating.

More than that, audiences typically view outdoor LED screens from a greater distance and therefore at a lower resolution, which is unlike indoor LED displays where high resolution is required due to the short distance between the viewer and the screen. Pixel pitch defines the density of pixels on an LED display screen. Outdoor flexible LED displays have a larger pixel pitch and lower resolution, while indoor displays that require high resolution for close viewing have a smaller pixel pitch.

2. Consider the style of your business.
Only by conveying images and features that have a similar style to your business can you leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience. So before choosing a flexible LED screen, you should evaluate your business style and what effect you want to achieve with the flexible LED screen. Flexible LED screens suspended from the ceiling in irregular shapes are full of character and debauchery, perfect for entertainment venues such as outdoor stages and concerts. Regular long flexible LED screens, on the other hand, are perfect for shopping malls to display product information on shelves.

3. Choose a reliable LED screen manufacturer.
The LED display industry is already relatively mature, so thousands of LED screen manufacturers have already emerged in the market. Choosing a reliable LED manufacturer will be beneficial to your subsequent business support as well as preferential flexible LED screen price because a reliable LED screen manufacturer will strictly control the quality of their products and commit to technological innovation to provide more comprehensive solutions for the display technology industry.

As in the case of RIGARD LED, it has been working in the display technology industry for more than a decade and mastered professional display technology. The flexible LED screen of RIGARD has the above-mentioned characteristics and can be flexibly applied to various indoor and outdoor scenes. For outdoor LED screens, the waterproof rating reaches IP65, which makes it fearless even in a harsh outdoor environment. In terms of pixel pitch, pixel pitch as small as 1.25mm to achieve a high-definition picture makes RIGARD a leading position in the industry of narrow pixel pitch LED display. With a high contrast ratio, superior brightness, and cost-effectiveness, RIGARD LED is able to perform at its best to help you boost your business.

Whether indoors or outdoors, there will certainly be the figure of the LED screen as long as there is a demand for display. LED displays, in recent years, have been widely used in all walks of life for large screen displays. You can see LED screens anywhere, from TVs to marketing billboards to traffic signs. This is because a large LED video wall can quickly catch the audience’s eye by playing engaging and dynamic content for branding or content display. Typically, fixed LEDs are preferred when an enterprise wants a long-term display. However, for enterprises that only use LED screens a limited number of times and do not want to spend a lot of savings on them, rental LED screen is a more flexible option.

The rental LED screen refers to LED screens provided by LED screen suppliers that can be used for rental purposes. This type of LED screen is typically made up of multiple unique panels or modules that are stitched together to provide a high degree of flexibility, making it extremely easy to install, dismantle and transport. In addition, the rental LED screen for events offer innovative and unparalleled vibrant images for different event venues:

1. Provides the best viewing experience for audiences on outdoor stages and at concerts.
2. Increase the motivation of community and college members to attend events.
3. Provide large and high-definition picture or video displays at your car show or carnival.
4. Enhance your sporting events such as marathons, soccer, lacrosse, road races, and so on.

For event managers who need to use LED screens in various locations, rental LED display is an excellent option for short-term LED display demand because of its overwhelming advantages over fixed LED screens.

Advantages of Rental LED Screen over Fixed LED Screen
Cost friendly
Buying an LED screen is a huge investment, and if you use an LED screen for a long time, the advertising effect it brings may make it worthwhile. But if you have no plan to use it for a long time, it will cost you much in installation, maintenance and dismantling. For this reason, it is more cost-effective to choose an LED screen hire service if only for an event.

Easy to install, dismantle, and transport
Large LED stage screen rental service is achieved by a large number of individual panels or modules stitching together without being fixed in a frame, so the installation is much easier and less time-consuming than traditional LED screens. Once there is a need for maintenance and replacement, only the damaged panel is replaced, and no need to overhaul the whole LED screen like the traditional one. Moreover, most fixed LED screens are made of SPCC, making them heavy. In contrast, the individual LED modules used for rental LED screens are portable, thin, and easy to handle and transport because the steel structure is removed and made of aluminum. When you need to change the venue, a rental LED screen in this regard will save you a lot of time and labor costs.

To maximize their profits, LED display manufacturers will design LED screen for events to last longer for those businesses that want to rent them out year-round. Therefore, technologies such as COB and GOB are utilized to prevent the rental LED screen from collision and explosion, in addition to a strict waterproof rating of IP65.

Flexibility is one of the major advantages of LED wall rental service. Since rental LED video walls are stitched together by modules, you are allowed to customize any shape and size from vertical or horizontal to suit your business style, stage design, or even audience preference. Flexible LED screens for rent are dedicated to providing you with endless creative possibilities to enhance the impact of your event.

Enhance your Events
The performance of LED screens is outstanding in terms of brightness, refresh rate, resolution, and compatibility. Through your creativity, giant rental LED screens provide a great screening experience for your event and allow you to enhance your event by making a great impression on your audience.

How to Buy An Rental LED Screen?
Now that you know the excellent benefits of rental LED Display for enhancing your events, are you considering how to buy an rental LED screen? If you are looking for an LED wall rental type for the first time, we have listed the detailed steps for you.

1. Factors to consider before buying an rental LED display
Before buying an Rental LED display, there are some factors you should consider for a better LED screen rental service.

Venue: You should already have a clear goal or direction on the use scenario of the rental LED display in your mind before choosing the LED screen rental type product. There are many types of LED screen hire for events, in which type you choose depends on your venue. If you take it outdoors, you had better go for LED screens with high brightness, high refresh rate, and View Distance. Now the Popular Type is P3.91 and P4.81 Outdoor Rental LED Display

Display method: Before choosing an LED screen rental type, you also need to consider which display method you want to show your content. Is your content in 2D or 3D? Suppose you want to display your 3D content more flexibly and innovatively. In that case, a flexible LED screen is over a fixed LED screen.

Budget: While buying an Rental LED is more cost-effective, there are still different price ranges for rented LED screens in size, location, and technology. When you are going to buy an rental LED screens, get your budget and communicate with the LED screen supplier.

2. Search for a LED screen supplier
Once you have a clear answer to the above factor in your mind, you start looking for a LED screen supplier for rental service. Try to find the best LED screen supplier by google rental LED screen supplier or rental LED screen manufacturers. If you are having trouble deciding which supplier you should choose, here is an example for your reference. RIGARD LED is one of the leading LED screen manufacturers in China, mastering the advanced narrow pixel pitch LED technology and providing a great many Rental LED Displays, such as P2.5 indoor LED screen, P3.91 outdoor LED screen, flexible LED screen, P1.25 narrow pixel pitch LED screen, etc. The RIGARD’s outdoor LED screens for rental feature high brightness, high refresh, and waterproof rating IP65. At the same time, each LED module with high flexibility is integrated with an anti-collision safety design and is only 65-90mm thick, weighing only 6-13.5kg, which is the best option for outdoor activities.

3. Communicate with LED screen suppliers
Once you have identified your ideal LED screen supplier, you can communicate your ideas and plans to your supplier through online video conferencing or on-site visits regarding the type, technology, and size of the LED screen. When you have planned these, it will be easier to put these ideas into tangible form when choosing the type of LED display.

The use of outdoor advertising LED screens for promotion and branding is not something new and unique anymore. It has proven to have an immediate and long-lasting influence on enhancing the brand impact and product insight over the past decade or so. But recently, the display technology industry has been brought to a boil again by some innovative ideas to present stunning naked-eye 3D visual effects on outdoor LED screens. The 3D LED display brings viewers a visual effect that is more impactful and aesthetically pleasing than the static images presented by any traditional LEDs, making it the next focal point of display technology.

What is 3D LED Screen?
We generally wear special 3D glasses to achieve true 3D visual effects when we go to the cinema for a 3D film. In contrast, a 3D LED screen is a LED display that allows viewers to enjoy real three-dimensional images with bare eyes. It is installed outdoors, like traditional LED displays, usually on building facades, to attract potential customers passing by to stop and watch 3D brand stories or product details so as to leave a deep impression.

Recently, an increasing number of brands are foreseeing the unexpected branding effects of 3D outdoor advertising LED display screens as a novel approach. For example, on the landmark Piccadilly light screen in central London, Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen showcased details of 3D watches on a 3D LED screen; in Chengdu, China, a giant spaceship broke through a 3D LED screen, and actress Rosamund Pike filmed 3D content to promote the Wheel of Time in Paris, New York, Madrid and Tokyo. All of them created widespread interest and discussion on social media. The buzz about 3D LED screens has consumers witnessing innovative breakthroughs in display technology and a refreshing visual impact that is not only the future of advertising displays but also a breakthrough innovation in the modern combination of public art and display technology.

How Does 3D LED Screen Work?
Without the aid of 3D glasses, how is this immersive naked-eye 3D visual display created? 3D LED screen is actually a combination of 3D digital display technology and traditional flexible LED screen to produce 3D images. People can enjoy the naked-eye 3D image or video is because the 3D LED display shows a different depth of the images so that the human eye has the visual illusion of perceiving the displayed 2D image as a 3D image.

We are born with 3D spatial sense. When our eyes see an object, two different tiny pictures appear due to the small distance between the two eyeballs, which enables the brain to calculate the spatial coordinates between the objects, thus presenting a three-dimensional effect. The 3D display technology of eyeglasses also adopts the same principle by separating images and sending them to the left and right eyes of the viewer respectively to achieve the 3D effect.

The 3D LED screen takes a flexible LED screen that can be bent to a certain arc or 90 degrees as the hardware to present two images taken from different angles that have been combined in one lens. When we view these images with our left and right eyes, parallax occurs, resulting in creating the depth observed in 3D technology.

Rather than creating a 3D effect with a distinct structure, 3D LED display utilizes digital technology and naked-eye imaging to achieve a three-dimensional effect on the billboard display, which is its biggest difference from 2D display screens. With the increasing consumer expectations for 3D LED screen and the advertising effect it brings to brands, 3D LED screen is increasingly favored by viewers and brands.

Advantages of 3D LED Screen over Traditional Outdoor LED Screen
Consumers and brands are giving 3D displays more focus as 3D LED displays are more commercially viable in the future than traditional outdoor advertising screens. 3D outdoor advertising display screens present a more realistic and convincing 3D image than 2D ones because of the larger area, greater pixel density, and the absence of physical elements with edges that make the image look unrealistic. Therefore, with 3D LED screens, your brand images and product displays will become lifelike. Moreover, 3D images leave viewers a novel visual experience that cannot be found in 2D images, which stimulates customers to spend more time exploring your brand and products. 3D technology adds depth to your content and makes your advertising more impactful. It not only promotes the brand to the public but also increases customer retention rate and creates more possibilities of business value for your brand.

Technical Requirements for 3D LED Screen
Compared with traditional LED screens, 3D LED screen has high requirements for both software and hardware configuration in order to present the best naked-eye 3-dimensional display effect.

In terms of hardware, conventional flat LED display is hard to present 3D effects because the rendered images cannot be made to enter the human left and right eyes through the optical structure to produce parallax. Therefore, the 3D LED display requires a flexible LED display that can be installed with a 90° right-angle or circular arc. In addition, naked-eye 3D display technology pays more attention to the details of the image. In order to achieve a better display effect, the display hardware needs to achieve better contrast and HDR high dynamic range, so the outdoor LED screen used for 3D display technology should have high brightness and high refresh rate.

In terms of software, 3D outdoor advertising LED display screen should support HD and high color depth video encoding and be able to adapt to multiple video import and playback software.

RIGARD outdoor advertising LED screen is one of the perfect solutions applicable to 3D display technology. As a professional LED display manufacturer, RIGARD provides high-quality outdoor LED displays and key technical support for the naked-eye 3D display. High brightness and high resolution are the main features of RIGARD’s outdoor LED display board, and thanks to the industry-leading narrow pixel pitch technology, they can present clearer and more natural images, bringing the audience an immersive feeling. RIGARD LED also meets the requirements of 3D display technology for flexibility of the display screen, allowing for 90-degree bending to maximize the best effects of aesthetics and technology integration. Furthermore, RIGARD outdoor LED display can be remotely controlled through 4G, and WIFI connection and 3D images and video can be saved in the cloud, which is available to make timely adjustments to unexpected situations and greatly reduce operating costs.

The 3D LED display breaks through the traditional two-dimensional display technology to capture the audience’s attention by providing a novel visual experience. It is the future direction of outdoor advertising display and one of the best solutions for you to achieve brand promotion and advertising display.

Using LED screens as advertising displays or branding has become the primary choice for most companies. By continuously playing dynamic images or even 3D images, advertising LED screens bring great visual impact to the audience, thus leaving a deep memory about the brand in their mind. However, with the continuous improvement of user needs, the traditional LED display gradually reveals its drawbacks in terms of size flexibility, architectural beauty, and perspective of the field of view, stimulating the LED display manufacturers to launch a more innovative solution – transparent LED screen.

A transparent LED screen is an innovative LED display solution that maximizes perspective by reducing structural components to achieve a 55-90% transparent display. The image on its screen is created by programming the LEDs and displaying the relevant pixel colors on the mapped LEDs, where the lights converge to create the image. A transparent LED screen not only maximizes user needs mentioned above but also achieves visual effects that outperform those provided by the traditional LED screen.

Compared with traditional LED screens that block the field of view completely, transparent LED walls use stunning transparent glass display technology to transform locations with advertising value in urban commercial environments, such as glass windows, glass curtain walls, and large indoor spaces, into unique visual impacts that quickly and accurately draw traffic. In addition, it has more practical advertising value of commercial Internet media, maintaining the original look and permeability of the venue. This is why transparent LED display is gradually becoming the trend in the industry. In addition, as an innovative dynamic display solution, transparent LED window display possesses more overwhelming advantages than traditional LED display, assisting you in driving more business into your stores.

Top Features of Transparent LED Screen
1. Transparent display technology
The see-through effect is the biggest feature that distinguishes transparent LED displays from other types of LED displays, thanks to the hollow design structure and side lighting technology. When users put the advertisement display outdoors, the room allows normal lighting because of high permeability and is transparent when viewed from inside. When viewed from any angle outdoors, in addition to a clear view of the overall interior environment, images can be seen suspended on the glass curtain wall, enhancing the advertising and artistic effect to attract potential consumers. Transparent LED window displays are a great choice for stores that want to display content stylishly without blocking light or views from either side.

2. Enhancing the aesthetics of building facades
Due to the unique transparent display technology of the transparent LED screen, the image appears to be suspended on the glass wall no matter what angle the user views it from. Moreover, it enhances the aesthetics of the building facade without affecting the overall presentation of the building’s appearance as the traditional LED screen does. This kind of display technology opens up new creative options that are not possible with LCD screens and other LED screens, allowing designers to focus on the glass building without detracting from the overall design.

3. Lightweight and ultra-thin
Because of the hollow design structure to achieve the effect of transparent display and no steel supporting, the transparent LED screen is lighter and thinner than traditional LED displays, weighing only 12kg/m², with a panel thickness of only 10mm. Even in the absence of glass as a background, the transparent LED screen can be installed vertically and independently or supported behind a glass curtain wall. In addition, you can greatly reduce the background pressure and installation costs with whichever installation method you choose.

4. Energy saving
The part without picture display of transparent LED display is not heat, so power consumption is lower than that of a traditional LED display, making businesses save unnecessary cost expenditure.

5. Flexible shape
A transparent LED screen has more possibilities in shape and size than a traditional LED display, including column, pillar, circle, triangle, etc., to enhance the aesthetic effect and give potential target groups a refreshing feeling. Therefore, transparent LED displays can also be stylish decorations for outdoor and indoor glass walls to attract more potential users.

6. Wide range of applications
Through the breakthrough of technical knowledge, transparent LED screen has made a breakthrough in LED display application on glass, in addition to the value of advertising display. Transparent LED display is widely used in outdoor and indoor areas, such as an outdoor transparent LED display for stage, square, park, etc., and indoor transparent LED screen for large shopping malls, chain stores, science and technology museums, and glass window.

How to Choose the Right Transparent LED Screen?
Due to the innovation of technology and the advantages of transparent LED screens gradually highlighted, the global demand for this kind of LED screen is increasing. Then, in the face of increasing transparent LED screen manufacturers in the market, how can we ensure that we choose the right screen? Listed below are some tips that can help you understand what the best transparent LED screen is.

1. Coordinated consideration of pixel pitch and transparency
This factor will involve pixel pitch and viewing distance. The higher the pixel pitch, the clearer the image; conversely, more pixel dots always mean lower permeability because of higher pixel density. Choosing the right pixel spacing based on consideration of the appropriate visualization is crucial to balance clarity with some loss of permeability.

2. Brightness adjustment
Brightness adjustable technology allows for greater possibilities of content enrichment and innovation. The best transparent LED screen should ensure that the screen works stably under different climatic conditions with maximum energy saving.

3. Protection level
If installed outdoors, a transparent LED screen should have sufficient resistance to UV, water, and dust because protection is the most critical factor affecting the working life and transparent LED screen price.

4. Heat dissipation capability
The best transparent LED screen needs a proper heat dissipation system and makes sure there is aluminum that helps reduce heat because a collapsing heat sink will ultimately affect the life of the screen as well as the ability of each component to perform at its best.

5. Reliable service
It is worth emphasizing that the reliability of the LED display manufacturer is crucial when considering shopping for the best transparent LED display. Reliable manufacturers have built up a good reputation among their customer base and are guaranteed in terms of product technology and after-sales service. RIGARD LED is an example in this case, which has gained a solid customer base worldwide with its experience and innovative technology in LED displays.

If you consider investing in transparent LED displays, RIGARD LED could be your great choice as RIGARD’s transparent LED displays meet all the features mentioned above. RIGARD LED is committed to choosing the right pixel pitch for customers – from 2.6 to 31.25 mm pixels. Ultra-high density pixel pitch means a sharper, more attractive image on your transparent LED display. Considering the viewing distance for different projects, RIGARD LED offers customization services to guide choosing the most appropriate pixel pitch.

Moreover, the transparency of 55% to 93%, industry-leading brightness adjustment as well as heat dissipation technology bring a great reputation for RIGARD LED. IP68 protection rating allows RIGARD’s transparent LED display to work trouble-free in temperatures between -40°C and 60°C, and its pneumatic windproof design makes it withstand storms and typhoons.

Combining an ultra-modern blend of art, advertising, and technology, the transparent LED display is undoubtedly an innovative solution for your dynamic advertisement display, and you really should go get one to boost your business and brand presence.

Top 10 Applications of Indoor LED Display in the USA

LED Displays have become increasingly popular among organizations and institutions in recent years because of the powerful visual impact and far-reaching influence they bring to users. As a powerful digital medium, LED displays take outdoor advertising solutions and content to promote brands and products for businesses as one of its most common applications in the USA.

In contrast to outdoor LED screens, indoor LED display is relatively small in size and designed for stores and businesses with large window displays and organizations that want to achieve certain display objectives. The main goal of most businesses is to attract a large number of customers while associating their name with the services they offer in the minds of potential customers. The best way to build a business image that can be ingrained in people’s minds is through advertising, while LED screen for advertising indoor can be the perfect tool for your advertising strategy.

However, LED displays don’t just serve the purpose of advertisements, promotions, and decorations to help businesses achieve immediate business growth, it can also easily reach large audiences in different scenarios. The followings of the article will show you the top 10 applications of the indoor LED display in the USA.

1. Indoor stores

Some indoor stores in shopping malls have a large window at the store entrance to display product features or brand images. LED screen for advertising indoor are usually placed here to increase exposure and attract potential users passing by. Such LED screens for indoor stores require high-quality images and natural color, as well as energy efficiency to reduce the cost of the shop. In addition, flexible LED screens are installed on top of different shelves in the stores to display product prices, promotions, or other detailed information. This kind of indoor LED displays have to flexible in size and bend to a certain degree according to the design of the shelf.

2. Entertainment places
LED display screens are widely used in indoor entertainment venues such as bars, casinos, and nightclubs. Bars and nightclubs are places need different atmosphere according to different themes to mobilize the mood of customers; thereby, a ceiling LED display is what entertainment places needed to create a cheerful and thrilling atmosphere. In addition, LED screen indoor can be seen on the bar of bars to display information about products. In casinos, LED displays are also needed to show the information of current players and the status of the game. Since the customer’s demand for entertainment experience is extremely high, entertainment venues prefer indoor LED displays that present high quality and smooth pictures.

3. Restaurants
Most restaurants in the USA have a large indoor LED display on the ordering counter to display dishes or promotional items. The indoor LED display for restaurants requires a large size and high brightness for customers sitting at a distance to see the content on display.

4. Hotel Lobby and Resort
A large indoor LED display can be found above the front desk in the hotel lobby to display the current occupancy status of the hotel room and announce the notes. In addition, LED screens are also installed on the walls around the hotel lobby to display current events or promotions of the hotel and resort. In this situation, the LED screens for hotels and resorts require medium size, energy-saving, and a clear and smooth image.

5. Indoor Stadiums
Indoor stadiums generally equip a circle of LED display screens around the venue to display advertisements or current events. Moreover, the center of the venue or the audience area usually has four-side LED displays to show the game, the moment of the event, or the audience’s reaction. LED screen indoor for stadiums require large size, the ability to display high-quality video or images in real-time and smoothly to provide an immersive viewing experience for the audience.

6. Indoor advertising and film shooting

For some virtual scenes of the film and advertising shooting, the traditional method of using a green screen as background requires tedious post-production, undoubtedly increasing production and time costs. But as the advantages of LED screens in film and advertising shooting gradually revealed, more and more American film and television companies prefer virtual production LED wall instead of the green screen for virtual scene shooting to reduce the cost of post-processing. Virtual Production LED Wall requires large size, high brightness, and high-definition picture quality, and natural color to meet the high requirements of film and television production.

7. Churches
Some churches in the United States hold regular mass gathering events. For a large church, it is necessary to install LED screens in front of the pulpit and around the church’s walls to show the content of events and meetings so that the congregants sitting in the back can clearly understand the content and progress. Furthermore, some churches also undertake wedding events, which urges churches to configure a ceiling LED screens to create a festive atmosphere. LED screen for church is the same as the above scenes to present high-quality images and energy-saving.

8. Banks
There is a large LED display screen above the business processing counter in major banks in the United States to show customers the current business processing progress or broadcast information. LED screen indoor for banks are mainly used to display text, so the image quality requirements are not strict.

9. Hospitals
The coverage of indoor LED displays in hospitals will be high because every functional area in some hospitals in the United States, such as the registration area, nurses’ station, medication collection area, etc., needs an indoor LED screen to display patient-related information and to make urgent announcements. The LED screens for hospitals are the same as those used in banks, mainly for displaying text, while the image quality requirements are not high.

10. Schools
Compared to some profitable indoor places, LED screens for school buildings are mainly for publicity and education about an event, a cause, or an activity. More than that, schools also hold large events or organize large meetings in indoor gymnasiums or auditoriums where require school managers to install LED screens with the same requirements as indoor LEDs required for indoor gymnasiums and churches mentioned above.

LED screens placed indoor are intended to be viewed from a short distance, while smaller pixel pitches and higher resolutions are good at bringing the most stunning visual impact and far-reaching influence to the target audience. Meanwhile, for the specificity of different indoor scenes, indoor LED displays should be available in a variety of sizes and bendable, as well as lightweight, according to the versatility of indoor scenes. In this case, RIGARD Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display can be your best indoor LED screen solution in the US market as it meets all the above characteristics of indoor LED display screens.

With FCC and UL certifications, as well as dedicated switching power supplies and cables for the U.S., RIGARD narrow pixel pitch LED displays, and indoor rental LED screens emerge among other competitors in the American market with the superior advantage. It uses a high precision pixel pitch of 0.9-2.5mm to provide clear and lifelike images and video for an excellent viewing experience for those who are close up. The 5KG each LED panel is more than 15% lighter than traditional rental LED screens and has a bending configuration, making it a perfect solution for businesses to use for hanging.

The application scenarios for indoor LED displays are diverse and go far beyond the 10 scenarios listed above. In fact, it can be used anywhere indoors where a display is needed. If you are thinking about choosing a narrow pixel pitch LED display for your indoor scenario, RIGARD LED screens can be the one on your pre-selection list.

P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

Introduction of P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

P2.97 Indoor LED Screen is always highly aesthetic and creative. Because the ceiling advertising is always hung in eye-catching, easy-to-see positions. So, this type has relatively many requirements and aesthetic qualities.

And especially ads can be creative unlimitedly. Because the ideas are not affected by many legal regulations such as Billboard, Pano, etc., the ideas can be freely creative, not constrained by the framework. From there, it is possible to create breakthrough advertising ideas that bring extremely high efficiency.

3.2. Reach a variety of audiences through P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

Almost the shopping mall attracts all audiences through P2.97 Indoor LED Screen. Regardless of gender and age from children to adults, people with high and low incomes, etc. Also, regardless of geographical location from people in that area or outside that area. You can go in and out of the mall at any time.

What are the advantages of ceiling advertising to convince businesses to choose?

Therefore, advertising in the shopping mall will be seen by all audiences. It can be said, how is the diversity of objects entering and leaving the shopping mall? Then the level of reaching the diverse audience of the ceiling advertising is like that.

P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

3.3. Help raise brand awareness

Usually, the level of persuasion of the advertising to the ceiling is equivalent to that of the shopping mall. And often deployed advertising at famous shopping centers. The famous shopping centers are all places that can attract tourists. It can also be said to be the face of that land.

Therefore, it is possible to deploy advertising to drop the ceiling in the shopping mall. It is an affirmation of value for the P2.97 Indoor LED Screen products, services and brands. As well as helping to enhance the brand for the business.

3.4. Reach large numbers of people with the help of P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

In general, advertising is always the first point of contact when people enter the shopping mall. For some shopping centers there are special designs. Then everyone can see the ad right when standing on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor. And can always see the ad when moving in the shopping mall.

The ceiling advertising can reach all customers of the shopping mall

From there, the number of people who can see the ad is very large. And the number of sightings is also relatively high. On average, shopping malls can attract from a few hundred to several thousand people in a day.

Equivalent to an hour can reach from a few dozen to more than a hundred people in and out of the shopping center. Therefore, ceiling advertising has an extremely large level of reaching many people.

3.5. Easy to deploy, implement

For this type of P2.97 Indoor LED Screen, it does not take too much time to deploy and implement like other types. Unaffected by the provisions of the law, legal issues are easy to pass. Creative ideas can be freely promoted, so in terms of design, it will not take too much time to edit and perfect.

Materials are simple, printing time is not much. And hanging ads in shopping centers does not take much time and labor. In general, ceiling advertising can be implemented in a short time. Businesses that need to deploy campaigns urgently, ceiling advertising is an extremely optimal choice.

4. Disadvantages of P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

4.1. The number of visitors depends on the “hot” of the shopping mall

Because the advertisement is placed inside the shopping mall. The objects that can see the ad are also the objects entering and exiting the shopping mall. Therefore, the amount of advertising exposure to the ceiling always depends on the “hot” of the shopping mall. That is, the bigger the shopping mall, the more customers it attracts. Then the P2.97 Indoor LED Screen at that shopping center reaches more audiences.

4.2. The reputation of the shopping mall greatly affects the brands advertising in the shopping mall

It can be said that, no matter how reputable the shopping center is, so is the level of persuasion of the ads that drop the ceiling. Just like the trust of customers in that shopping mall, so is the advertising in that shopping mall.

4.3. Regulations on the categories of products that can advertise

If you deploy P2.97 Indoor LED Screen at a shopping mall with low reputation. Even with a bad reputation being bogged down by consumers. Then the ads deployed there will be directly affected and suffer many negative problems. On the contrary, if the shopping mall has a good reputation, consumers trust it. Then the ads at that shopping center will enjoy positive effects.

For different shopping centers, there will be different regulations on products, services and 4.3. Some shopping malls have regulations on the categories of products that can advertise.

How to measure P2.97 Indoor LED Screen in escalators

The P2.97 Indoor LED Screen deployed in the shopping mall should be governed by the regulations of that shopping mall. For a variety of reasons, there are certain categories that are prioritized. Also, there are some airlines that are not allowed to advertise in that shopping mall.

We all know advertising measurement is one of the very important steps in the implementation process and after the end of the advertising campaign. However, many businesses do not take this action seriously or measure it incorrectly, leading to unable to optimize subsequent ads.

P2.97 Indoor LED Screen 2021

2.1. Take the survey about P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

The customer’s perception after being exposed to the ad is the first factor that reflects the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Does the ad make customers remember, feel excited to see or does the ad make customers feel uncomfortable? After seeing the customer intend to buy?

Although it takes a lot of time and effort to conduct a survey to get each person’s opinion, if businesses skip this step, the measurement of effectiveness will no longer be accurate. On the contrary, if customers receive feedback, businesses will have points to change and improve.

Conclusion P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

As such, drop-ceiling P2.97 Indoor LED Screen advertising has certain advantages and disadvantages. However, this model has more advantages than disadvantages. In general, ceiling advertising is suitable for all businesses from small to large. Any business can deploy advertising at the mall.

P2.6 Indoor LED Screen

P2.6 Indoor LED Screen is often encountered in shopping centers or high-rise buildings of various sizes, continuously broadcasting clips and images to promote businesses. However, there are caveats when advertising LED screens that advertisers need to consider. Refer to the following article to clarify this issue.

Table of Contents P2.6 Indoor LED Screen

  • Note the duration of a spot
  • Note about the number of screens in the ad campaign
  • Notice about the frequency of ads appearing
  • Design Notes
    • Do not cram too many messages because time is limited
    • The design needs to fit the area of the screen

1. Note the duration of a spot

An average spot is only from 15 seconds to 30 seconds, just enough for viewers to understand the message that the business is trying to convey without being too wordy.

If a spot is too short, only 3-5 seconds, viewers will definitely not be able to read all the content in the spot, but the ad has disappeared before. Especially for P2.6 Indoor LED Screen where there are traffic lights.

P2.6 Indoor LED Screen

On the contrary, if a spot is too long, passersby will not be able to see all the ads, especially for participants who drive vehicles such as motorbikes and cars. They won’t have enough time to see all the ads for a spot.

2. Note about the number of P2.6 Indoor LED Screen in the ad campaign

Not just advertising more screens, appearing more on the street is an effective advertising campaign. Sometimes the advertising appears too much will cause financial waste, but it is unlikely that it will reach potential customers.

The number of screens is just enough for customers to remember the message of their business, without being suffocated or bored. In addition, many ads but not hitting the right campaign focus will make it difficult for businesses to reach the right customers they are targeting.

On the contrary, if the number of P2.6 Indoor LED Screen is too small, the coverage is not high, then the customer reach will be narrowed. Customers cannot remember the message of the business if the frequency appears too little for a spot with large transmission content.

3. Notice about the frequency of ads appearing on the P2.6 Indoor LED Screen

On an LED screen, the recommended number of spots is 120. This number is just enough for LED screen advertising to reach people who visit that route or shopping mall.

According to statistics, an average person can commute on the same route 2-3 times. Therefore, the frequency of ad appearance plays a very important part in an advertising campaign.

An effective LED screen advertising campaign can reach the maximum audience they are targeting, while helping businesses optimize their budget effectively.

On an P2.6 Indoor LED Screen the recommended number of spots is 120.

If you abuse LED ads, letting them appear too much on the roads close together can waste funds and bring little effect, because it is unlikely that LED screens can reach potential customers but spend too much money on them. Or if the campaign is not on point, the advertising can cause serious losses to the business.

On the contrary, if LED advertising has too little frequency, the first time visitors do not have time to remember all the content conveyed by the business, if there are no additional appearances, customers can easily forget all the content. used before without remembering them at all.

  1. Design Notes

Do not cram too many messages because time is limited

P2.6 Indoor LED Screen advertising duration is only from 15-30 seconds, if crammed with too many redundant messages, not for the right purpose will cause the advertising campaign to fail. Moreover, customers are always attracted by beautiful visual content.

So, it is advisable to optimize the number of words and sentences as concisely as possible, while making it easier for designers in their creation. while making customers satisfied with a short and concise message.


The design needs to fit the area of the P2.6 Indoor LED Screen

LED screens come in a variety of sizes. Creators need to design them to fit the size of the screen. If the image is too large for the LED screen, the message may be cut or lost when displayed on the screen.

In addition, the color scheme also needs to be carefully selected. The eye-catching image is the foundation to attract potential customers who want to find the P2.6 Indoor LED Screen advertising of each business.

If the color is too faint, or the message is drowned in the image too colorful, it will make viewers uncomfortable, not wanting to continue watching that ad.

General Introduction to P2.6 Indoor LED Screen Advertising

Thus, to implement an P2.6 Indoor LED Screen advertising project, there are many notes that need to be read and understood before starting a campaign. To be able to implement an effective advertising project, it is necessary to monitor the advertising campaign for a period of time, then make a decision whether to continue long-term for this campaign or not.

Ceiling advertising is a prominent type of advertising in shopping malls. With this type, it is common to print advertising content on tarpaulins, banners, and banners. Advertising content will be printed on one side or two sides. And hung from the ceiling.
P2.6 Indoor LED Screen 2021

Advertisement on the ceiling at the shopping mall

Drop-ceiling ads can be deployed in large quantities and in different sizes. Billboards will be hung inside the shopping mall. At prominent locations, it is easy to fall into the view of people when moving in the shopping mall.

2. How famous are drop-ceiling ads?

For advertising at shopping malls, there are many types of ads. Types of advertising such as elevators, escalators, P2.6 Indoor LED Screen, screens, drop ceilings, etc. The ceiling advertising is an outstanding type of advertising that possesses many advantages.

What are the highlights of the P2.6 Indoor LED Screen advertising?

In fact, there are quite a few businesses that choose to advertise at the ceiling. Ceiling advertising can be extremely effective.

It has the ability to reach the target audience and reach the frequency at a high level. And especially, there is a relatively large rate of attracting the attention of the subjects with the advertised products, services or brands. As well as being able to create trust of the audience for advertising.

Conclusion P2.6 Indoor LED Screen

It can be said that advertising on the ceiling in recent years receive a lot of attention from businesses. And always a potential investment exploitation category of agencies. It expects that in the future this form of advertising will occupy a lot of market share in the advertising market.

Introduction of P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

P3.91 Indoor LED Screen are an exemplary type of modern advertising. The devices come in a wide range of models. Renting LED screens will allow you to organize any festive event at a high level and with minimal costs.

LED technologies are becoming more and more popular and in demand in the advertising industry. All new solutions appear on the modern market in the process of development and improvement of the field of LED technology. One of these innovations is LED screens. Moreover, they are stylish, creative and effective.

CONTENT P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

  1. Light-emitting diode (LED) screens: what are constructions
  2. Relevance of LED screens: applications
  3. Also, Varieties of LED screens
  4. Positive and negative qualities
  5. Furthermore, Elements that ensure the operation of LED screens
  6. Characteristic properties of LED screens
  7. Rental of 91 Indoor LED Screenfrom Event Technologies


LED screens are installations that display graphical information using LEDs. The word “LED” is the name of the technology itself, through which content is broadcast in video mode. However, The LEDs are here come into clusters or matrices, which together form large screens.

The screens themselves are innovative modular designs, consisting of three main components:

  • These are the smallest components of an P3.91 Indoor LED Screen, on which the picture quality depends.
  • The smaller the pixel pitch is, the higher and better the broadcast contrast will be;

Modules are special boards equipped with LEDs

  • Cabinet – several modules folded into one whole.
  • Separate power supplies are common to supply each of them.
  • Also, Collectively, several cabinets form a common large screen.

The LED screen is a stylish and profitable solution for posting video ads, posters and other information. Regardless of weather conditions and in any light, it broadcasts the necessary information brightly and expressively. Moreover, Renting an P3.91 Indoor LED Screen will be an impeccable choice for those who want to demonstrate their services or goods to consumers with ease and dynamism.

Relevance of P3.91 Indoor LED Screen application

The scope of application of LED electronic screens is very wide due to their high information power.

Renting LED screens will be a good solution for decorating venues for public events.


Also, depending on the purpose, screens consisting of LED modules are divided into the following main types:

  • Media facades. Already from the name it is easy to understand that such structures are common on buildings. They simultaneously perform informational and aesthetic functions;
  • However, Flexible screens and specific LED grids. They are easy to install both indoors and outdoors. Such options may differ in the frequency of pixels come in them, the saturation of the pictures, dimensions and other operational features;
  • LED panels. For any purpose and condition, you can use such models.

Positive and negative quality of P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

Electronic screens based on P3.91 Indoor LED Screen are in many ways superior to traditional types of advertising media. Among the predominant differences:

Uncompromising brightness

The clarity and expressiveness of pictures is preserved in conditions of any complexity: when sunlight hits the screen, in the evening, in bright light and in rainy weather;


However, the screens are protected from moisture, dust and mechanical damage. They are resistant to temperature changes, the range of withstand temperatures is from -30 ° C to + 50 ° C;

Wide viewing angle

The transmitted information is easy to see from a distance of up to 200 meters even at a high angle;

Durability Without the need for service

the minimum operating period of the LED screen is at least 50 thousand hours, the average service life is 100 thousand hours.

As for the shortcomings, this is easy to attribute to the rather high cost of the screens, as well as the fact that they do not look as impressive at close range as at a long distance.


The effectiveness of advertising of individual establishments and the services or goods they provide using P3.91 Indoor LED Screen has been proven many times. But what does the uninterrupted functioning of the screens depend on?

Regardless of the type of screen, internal purpose or external

P3.91 Indoor LED Screen work is impossible without the following components:


The most microscopic part of a video broadcast by a video screen is important. Furthermore, Pixel parameters can be different, the smallest is 19 mm and the largest is 80 mm. One pixel can contain from 1 to 8 color LEDs. Elements with red, green and blue shades are mainly used;

  1. Pixel pitch. Furthermore, it is determined by the interval between two adjacent pixels, more precisely between their midpoints. At the same time, a smaller step provides a higher quality;
  2. LED per pixel – a place where LEDs of different shades of the color palette are located on one pixel;
  3. Several pixels combined into one solid element;
  4. Also, Offices. This is the name of an element in which several modules collect, while the parameters of the cabinet are like the parameters of the modules;
  5. Observation angle. The brightness of the 91 Indoor LED Screen depends on these characteristics with a significant deviation to the side, and, accordingly, the contrast of the perceived image;
  6. Furthermore, Graphic resolution. This indicator depends on how many pixels are inside the module per 1 m².

Each of these elements ensures the quality of the LED screen and when choosing it, all indicators must be considered.

P3.91 Indoor LED Screen 2021

Characteristics properties of P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

Among the main features of LED screens, it should be noted:

  • the surface of the screen is a kind of light source that acts as a modulator. This is their main difference from a projector or video cube;
  • However, LED structures is easy to install in any conditions: with high humidity, high air pollution and constant noise;

P3.91 Indoor LED Screen plays a huge role in modern life. They allow a person to find out a variety of news, both advertising and informational.

Considering that the LED screen belongs to the category of expensive products, rent (the price in this case is much lower) is in great demand in comparison with the purchase.

Rental of P3.91 Indoor LED Screen from event technologies

An excellent and cost-effective solution for the audiovisual accompaniment of advertising events, sporting events, concerts and other social events would be to rent a modern high-quality LED screen.

However, Event Technologies has been operating in the field of LED equipment for more than 9 years and is quite rightfully the leader in this direction not only in the European market, but also in the CIS countries.

Renting an P3.91 Indoor LED Screen will allow you to solve problems of any complexity in terms of displaying multimedia information with minimal financial costs.

Using the services of the company, you get:

  • equipment of exceptional quality;
  • professional advice on choosing a screen suitable for a particular case and qualified technical support;
  • the rental price is relatively low and includes equipment delivery, installation and connection

Conclusion P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

P3.91 Indoor LED Screen rental is possible both long-term and short-term. Depending on the needs, customers offer a wide range of LED-screens with ideal clarity of images and colors. For the rental period, the company provides full technical support for the provided LED screens, which allows you to organize any event brightly, creatively and unforgettably.

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display campaign, using large billboards come in heavy traffic areas. Before starting a campaign, advertisers need to determine the right audience Billboard advertising is aimed at.

Table of contents P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

  • The importance of identifying target customers
  • The audience that Billboard advertising is aimed at
    • Billboard advertising at the mall
    • High-altitude billboards at highways
    • Billboard advertising at intersections, intersections 4
    • Billboards at the divider
    • Billboards on the wall

The importance of identifying target customers

Determine the audience Billboard advertising is targeting

In the steps to implement a P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display, determining the target audience is extremely important. Every brand and business when embarking on a Billboard advertising campaign needs to accurately determine the target customer that they are targeting, because many of them will directly spend money to buy products.

Determining the right audience that the ad is targeting will ensure the correct placement of Billboard advertising, while optimizing advertising costs while ensuring maximum effectiveness for the campaign.

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

2. The audience that P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display is aimed at

Depending on the placement of the billboard, the target audience is also different. Businesses and brands need to identify each position corresponding to each customer to choose the most optimal advertising solutions. Besides, Billboard ads at shopping centers will almost always be aimed at areas with medium and high population.

  • Billboard advertising at the mall

In commercial centers, the main recipients of advertising content may be young people, popular between the ages of 18 and 35. People in this age group have a high demand for entertainment and shopping. so, they are often present at the mall. These people can be students, students, office workers, business people, etc.

High-altitude P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display at highways

The highway is also one of the locations often chosen to place Advertising LED Display. Here, vehicles pass a lot, especially cars, passenger cars, trucks. Many vehicles as well as customers move through the highway according to a fixed schedule. People exposed to billboards on highways can be drivers, traders, workers in industrial parks, etc., between the ages of 25 and 50.

Project implemented for ABIC – Agricultural Insurance Joint Stock Company on highways

Most of the expressways are in the inner-city areas, bordering areas between provinces and cities, the population density is not high, the educational level as well as the income of the people are at a good average level. In addition, tourists traveling to other provinces and cities or moving to the airport often have to go through highways. Therefore, at this location, it is appropriate to place billboards on insurance, banking, building materials or travel services and ticket offices.

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display at intersections, intersections 4

The junctions 3 and 4 are the places where the traffic concentrates with many passersby. Therefore, the target audience of Outdoor Advertising LED Display advertising campaigns located here is also very large and diverse, especially at intersections in big cities.

Customers that often appear here can be students, students, employees, intellectuals, business people, housewives, etc. Their income level and education level are also different. ranging from moderate to good. These customers may take interest in essential household items, food, beverage, etc. – products in the mid-range price range.

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display at the divider

Outdoor advertising billboards on medians are often we see on wide, beautiful and open roads or national highways. The customers who meet the Billboard here can be small businesses, workers, people who work far away, with a decent average income. This is suitable for advertisements about insurance services, banking, credit, building materials, etc.

  • Billboards on the wall

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display wall-mounted billboards often appear on the walls of houses located near overpasses and highways so that passers-by can easily see them. Therefore, wall billboards are easy to place in both densely populated areas in the inner city and suburban areas.

The target audience for advertising is therefore also very diverse, popular between the ages of 20 and 50, working in many different professions, with moderate to good income. Billboards on the walls of houses can be for products such as courses, household appliances, refrigeration-electronics, etc.

How to reach audiences when they leave their homes?

Outdoor Advertising LED Display, also famous as out-of-home advertising, abbreviated as OOH advertising is a type of advertising that can reach audiences when they leave their homes. And often appear in public places and many people pass by such as: bus stations, airports, junctions, intersections,

With various types of advertising such as: Bus advertising, LED screen advertising, Pano advertising, market advertising, etc., outdoor advertising can appear in the eyes of the target audience anytime, anywhere.


Promotional message is printed on P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display is one of the forms of outdoor advertising, also famous as advertising panels. This is a form of advertising where the content of the promotional message prints on billboards come of canvas material on a metal frame.

Outdoor billboards are one of the types of advertising that many businesses choose to deploy and are very popular in Vietnam.
P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display 2021

2. Main features of outdoor P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

2.1. Placement position

Outdoor advertising panels often appear within the inner city with many forms such as single-sided and double-sided panels, etc. And often come with solid concrete columns or walled in high-rise buildings. Billboard advertising can reach a variety of audiences with a large number and very high frequency.

2.2. Advertising Panel Size

The size of outdoor billboards is quite strict. Different sizes are suitable for different Pano advertising locations. For the inner-city area, the height must reach from 5.0m and the highest is 10m or more. Measured from the road surface to the bottom edge of the billboard.

2.3. The texture of a complete advertising billboard

For suburban areas, namely positions on national highways, district roads and provincial roads, the advertising area must be from 40 to 200m 2 and the height from the road surface to the bottom edge of the billboard must be from 8 to less than or equal to 15m.

Conclusion P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

In terms of structure, mainly P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display comes to the wall by concrete columns. Materials for advertising Pano often common are Hiflex (tarpaulin material), iron, steel, aluminum, etc. Some ads also come with additional lights at night.

COB LED Display

Usual time for placing advertising panels

COB LED Display need to be implemented within a certain period. Based on the contract signed with the enterprise application ad units time of construction and deployment would be no fixed rate. In the case of no obstacles and favorable conditions, the construction time can be within 2 weeks.

Implementation time can last from 1 month to 3 months or more. The usual time to place advertising panels should be before or more than 1 month when the advertising campaign takes place. To ensure that there is time to resolve the risk to avoid affecting the outdoor Pano advertising campaign.

COB LED Display

3. What are the benefits of COB LED Display?

3.1. Increase brand awareness

Because COB LED Display often appear within the inner city, they have a relatively high level of aesthetic requirements. Beautiful advertising panels can always attract the eye and actively remember the brand, thereby helping the audience easily identify the brand appearing on the ad.

3.2. Introducing new products

Pano ads always appear in locations with a lot of people and with relatively high frequency, the level of advertising reach to the audience is extremely large. Therefore, advertising panels are very suitable for campaigns to introduce new products.

3.3. Engage customers and increase conversions

Due to its relatively large size and COB LED Display, a beautiful advertising billboard is easy to appear in everyone’s eyes. From there, it is easy to create excitement for customers and drive them to increase conversions for the brand advertised on the Pano.

Outdoor advertising billboards can bring a lot of benefits

3.4. Contributing to revenue growth

In general, the cost of making high-level billboards is not too great, so advertising is easy to deploty from long-term to short-term. COB LED Display possesses many outstanding advantages that contribute to the creation of successful advertising campaigns.

Therefore, when implementing Pano advertising, it will bring many benefits to businesses and especially can contribute to revenue growth.

3.5. COB LED Display Integration with many other tools

Outdoor billboards can be easily integrated with other tools and media. It is possible to deploy many forms of outdoor advertising at the same time such as: Bus advertising, Taxi advertising, etc. Especially ads can easily appear in videos and images of many people and then spread on the Internet.

From there, it is possible to improve the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

  1. Advertisement Panel Quotes

Advertisement Panel Quotes

COB LED Display costs are influenced by many factors such as:

  • Location:

Depending on the location where advertising Pano is deployed, the cost will vary. Deploying Pano ads in large cities will cost more than small cities. Placing COB LED Display at people’s homes will cost less than when placed in businesses or businesses.

  • Advertising design:

This factor is based on the requirements of businesses or the qualifications and experience of the construction units. For outdoor Pano ads with breakthrough ideas, new creations, the cost for the design will be higher than that of conventional designs.

COB LED Display Material and printing:

The cost of materials and printing is quite different between Pano advertising campaigns, because each campaign will use different materials and printing, so the cost will be different. In addition, the supply of materials and printing for each unit will have different prices.

  • Construction:

In terms of construction, the more reputable the construction company, the higher the price will be. However, it depends on the construction unit to calculate the costs and then offer the most optimal price for that advertising campaign.

Construction factors when deploying COB LED Display

  • License for advertising and construction:

For some COB LED Display campaigns, advertising and construction permits are delayed due to cumbersome procedures. And sometimes it is for many reasons that a license cannot be obtained, or the cost of applying for a license is inflated compared to the calculation. These problems are easy to solve quickly for some businesses and construction units with many relationships.

  • Time:

Depending on the long-term or short-term implementation of outdoor advertising, the cost as well as the cost will fluctuate. The longer the ad implementation time, the more favorable the cost.

Therefore, advertising Pano prices do not have a fixed level. The normal fluctuation is from 250$. Depending on the requirements of businesses and the capabilities of the construction units, the cost is different for each advertising campaign and for each construction unit; it is possible to give a cost for advertising.

COB LED Display 2021

5. Notes when implementing COB LED Display

5.1. Design advertising panels

Pano advertising is subject to many regulations. Especially in terms of design always requires quite high aesthetics. Therefore, advertising billboard design must be given careful attention.

In addition to avoiding violations of regulations and ensuring aesthetics, advertisers must also create highly creative advertising ideas. Thereby increasing the effectiveness of the outdoor advertising campaign.

5.2. Apply for a license to hang outdoor advertising billboards

It is necessary to apply for a license in accordance with regulations when implementing Pano ads

Applying for a license to hang COB LED Display is an important factor to pay special attention to. Must strictly follow the procedures and regulations and avoid the case of irregularities affecting the advertising campaign.

6. Construction of COB LED Display panels

A successful Pano advertising campaign, the construction unit occupies a relatively large part of the decision. A reputable construction unit with a lot of professional experience will know how to create great advertising ideas, as well as know how to get the best advertising effect.

Conclusion COB LED Display

A professional COB LED Display advertising construction unit needs to weigh the factors that help businesses have price benefits and proactively report and solve problems that arise without affecting the advertising campaign.

Renting LED screens will be a good solution for decorating venues for public events. The weather, current exchange rates, breaking news – all information of this kind and others can be broadcast by an LED display, which is a highly effective modern source of mass information, is considered very important information for the townspeople.