At present, LED display screen has been widely used in all walks of life, to people’s life has brought a lot of convenience. Many enterprises will use LED Display, and some enterprises purchase more, such as real estate enterprises, cinema lines and So on. Although enterprises have purchased the products, many people still do not know how to maintain and use them. Here, we will share with you some daily maintenance methods of LED display, hoping to help you.

Fixed inspection of the internal components of LED display screen. If it is found that there is damage and other problem parts, it should be replaced in time, especially the small parts of the steel frame structure. In the weather and other natural disasters in the early warning need to check the stability and safety of each component of the screen body, if there is a problem, timely processing, so as to avoid unnecessary losses; Periodically maintain the surface coating of LED display and steel structure welding points to prevent corrosion, rust and falling off; LED displays require frequent maintenance, at least twice a year.

Inspection of defective products: for defective products to have regular inspection, timely maintenance or replacement, generally once every three months.

LED display in the process of maintenance, sometimes need to clean the LED lamp. When cleaning LED lights, gently scrub the dust outside the LED lamp tube with a soft brush. If it is a waterproof box, it can also be cleaned with water. According to the use of LED display environment, we need to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure the stable operation of the whole screen body.

The lightning protection facilities of LED display screens should be checked frequently. Check the lightning rod and grounding line regularly. After the occurrence of thunder should be tested on the prevention tube, if the failure, must be replaced in time; It can be checked frequently during periods of more rain.

Check the power supply system of display screen body. First of all, check whether the wiring connection in the distribution box is rusty or loose, and deal with problems in a timely manner; In order to be safe, the grounding of the electric box must be normal and checked regularly. On the power line and signal new road, also want to check regularly, avoid the line broken skin or be bitten by rats, insects; The whole power supply system also needs to be inspected twice a year.

LED control system inspection. In the LED control system above, according to the preset situation of a pair of its each function test; All the Cables and equipment of the screen should be checked regularly to avoid unexpected situations; Regularly check the system reliability, such as once every 7 days, etc.

Any product has a life cycle, LED display is no exception. The life of a product is not only related to the quality of its own raw materials and production technology, but also closely related to People’s Daily maintenance. In order to prolong the service life of LED display, we must develop the habit of maintenance of LED display in the process of use, and keep this habit deep and strictly carry out.

Preventive, good maintenance measures can avoid many LED failures and even accidents.

RIGARD provides an excellent opportunity to avail of all the benefits of the LED screens. RIGARD LEDs are dust-free and water-proof capable of sustaining extreme weather conditions. This makes them the best fit for the urban centers of the world. The interesting thing is that they provide LEDs in various sizes and custom functionalities, so nearly all the cities can avail of this opportunity. Indeed, RIGARD’s outdoor LED screens will prove beneficial in adding value to any city.

1. Overview of dual power backup solution

With the rapid development of the LED display industry, more and more LED displays are used in stage performances, and exhibition occasions, and the requirements for stability of the display is getting higher and higher, especially in some important occasions. When black screens are caused by power failures, major LED Display manufacturers are also thinking about various ways to improve stability. Based on customer needs, we have launched a dual power backup solution. When the main power supply in the cabinet is broken, the backup power supply is still working normally, which greatly improves the stability of on-site use. The following are some classic cases of using dual power backup.

2. Rigard LED Screen Dual power supply backup solution

The system connection structure diagram of dual power backup is as follows: Two power outputs with current-share function are directly connected in parallel to supply power to the cabinet, and each power supply will output a PG signal separately (high level represents normal power supply, low level represents power supply Fault) to the receiving card to detect. When power failure is detected, the fault alarm information can be displayed on the software, and the brightness of the cabinet can be automatically reduced.

2.1 System Diagram

2.2 Solution Composition Description
2.2.1 Power Supply Selection
A-Support Dual Power Supply Parallel redundancy, current sharing function
B-The power supply has a detection signal output for the control system to detect(High level represents the normal operation of the power supply, low level represents the power failure)

2.2.2 Receiving card and detection circuit
The Novastar Armor Series Receiving Card(A5s Plus/A7s Plus/A8s Plus/A10s Plus) can support dual power backup function, the related interface definition and peripheral circuit are as follows:

2.2.3 Software Description
1. Open the Novastar LCD Software

2. Setups
A. Configuration in Monitoring Page, Type Power Supply Quantity

B. In the backup power supply settings, enable power backup and set the value to which the brightness is reduced. And check the application to full screen according to the situation.(Which one of the power supplies fails, the brightness of the screen will be reduced to the set value)

C. After the setting is completed, you can view the voltage values of the two power supplies in the cabinet on the monitoring interface. If the power supply is broken, it can be displayed in the information.

3. Solution equipment Selection
Equipment selection should be decided according to the actual situation of the project.

4. Features and advantages

1. The control system supports the detection of each power status and displays it on the software. When a power failure is detected, it can display alarm information on the software and can automatically send an alarm email to the screen manager.

2. When a power transmission failure is detected, it can be set to automatically reduce the brightness of the screen and reduce the power of the screen to ensure that there is no overload and damage to other power supplies due toonly one power supply in the cabinet.

3. The dual power outputs are directly connected in parallel, and with current sharing output function to ensure the stable output of the dual power supplies.

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The Immersive 3D LED display allows people to watch the large 3D LED screen without wearing glasses. This is a new type of LED screen. Compared with the traditional LED screen, more differences come from the realistic 3D visual experience. The customized 3D video perfectly integrates the LED display into your building. It breaks through the functional limitation of only using the LED display for advertising. Instead, it helps build a new public multimedia space.

How to make a glasses-free 3D LED display?

Principle of 3D Display

Below, let’s briefly introduce its principle.
As we all know, our human brain is an extremely complex nervous system. And everything the human eye sees is actually three-dimensional.
What a person’s two eyes see are actually two tiny different pictures. And this subtle difference is achieved due to the small distance between the two eyeballs of a person.
This subtle difference allows the brain to calculate the spatial coordinates between objects. We can also feel the distance and size of objects, which is the sense of 3D space.

The ordinary 3D display uses this principle of different images in the left and right eyes. For example, in a 3D movie, the content of the viewer’s left and right eyes is separated by glasses.

In this way, the two glasses can obtain the images of the left eye and the right eye respectively, and then present 3D image in the brain.

Main Factors to Make a Successful Glasses-free 3D LED Display

How to make a 2D image produce a 3D effect?

1, Reference Object
One key is to make good use of the reference object.
The screen constructs a 3D effect with the help of the distance, size, shadow, and perspective relationship of the reference object.
We divide the ordinary picture into several layers by white lines, and then enable the animation part to “break through” the white lines, covering other elements of the layer, and then using the parallax of the eyes to form a 3D illusion.
The 3D wave screen of the SM building uses the shadow of the background as a static 3D reference line, so that the moving waves have a feeling of breaking through the screen.

2, Curved LED Screen
This is not enough.
Have you discovered that the recent popular 3D screens are all angled curved screens composed of two faces?

That is to say, they use the two walls at the corners.
The display screen folds 90°, using video materials that conform to the perspective principle. The left screen displays the left view of the image, and the right screen displays the main view of the image.
When people stand in front of the corner, they can see the side and front of the object at the same time, showing a realistic 3D effect.
The following is a simplified animation of 3D ocean waves to show you the principle.

3, Specially-made 3D Video Contents
The most important factor to create glasses-free 3D led screen is the 3D video content.
Do you know how important video material is to create a 3D display?
Even a flat LED display screen, it can produce a good 3D effect with the right content.

Video of Immersive LED Display

This introduction of Immersive 3D LED screens has completely changed the concept of the traditional LED Display. The crowds of the latest times are more attracted by fancy visuals that are only possible with the help of LED screens. RIGARD provides an unprecedented opportunity to get LED screens for casinos that can change the outlook of your LED Display Business. Made with internationally established standards, the elements included in these screens are of high quality. The distinctive feature is that it is 15% light compared to other LEDs, which makes it convenient for a variety of usage. To make your LED Display Business even fancier to impress the masses, you can get RIGARD’s soft LEDs in both flat and curved configuration.


The rise of modern technologies in the 21st century has increased the demand for the inculcation of these technologies in the national mainstream. Cities across the globe are embracing the concept of smart cities, which promises a distinctive lifestyle to its residents. The construction of smart cities asks for a variety of smart technologies, of which outdoor LED screens are the primary ones. These screens help the residents in various domains, including the purpose of education. Not only this, but these outdoor LED screens are used for advertisement purposes, which is part and parcel of today’s life. In totality, these screens can be used for various purposes, including cultural promotions, as they are mostly viewed by all the pedestrians and travelers.


What are the primary purposes of the outdoor smart screens, and how can they be used to increase the efficacy of daily life in urban centers? Let’s see.


  1. Community Engagement:


Outdoor LED screens are the bedrock of digital signage. With the help of real-time data configuration, integration, and processing, outdoor LED screens become a potent medium for communicating and engaging with local communities. The information disseminated can include knowledge about routes, parks, stations, hospitals to facilitate people’s needs. All of this helps people and communities making rational decisions based upon the situation, thereby saving the time, energy, and money of the masses.


  1. Public Safety:


Our living spaces have become very compact due to the complexities present in today’s world. The risk to people’s lives can include traffic accidents, destruction of private property, natural emergencies, and much more. By having a proper safety regime, i.e., public internet connection, functioning cameras, and an integrated emergency calling system, a lot of calamities can be avoided. Outdoor LED screens, therefore, become crucial because by placing them strategically, you can convey all these safety messages and protocols to the public very quickly and efficiently. This helps in upholding the rule of law and public safety.


  1. Mobility:


Since almost every city is unique, there is no standardized solution for turning the cities into smart cities. However, we are transitioning towards multi-model integrated mobility. Outdoor LED screens can be of enormous help in raising awareness. Embed with modern internet technology, they provide valuable geographically relevant information of real-time arrival of public transport and distribution of electric vehicle charging stations in almost all the cities according to the specific needs. This will make the concept of mobility a lot easier in the big cities.


  1. Sustainability:


Amid the rising climate change patterns all across the globe, cities around the world are struggling with environmental degradation, crumbling infrastructure, traffic congestion, waste management, and sanitation. While outdoor LED displays cannot solve these issues on their own, they can be helpful, for example, in terms of conveying real-life data about the traffic on a specific road and suggest alternatives, thereby helping people in need. This will improve life quality in the cities. Similarly, these screens can also be used in displaying the data related to sanitation and waste management situations in the cities.


  1. Efficiency:


At the end of the day, the future lies in digital technology. This reason outplays all the other reasons, as the most efficient machinery is only possible with the help of technology. In the future, those cities will be left behind that would fail to transform themselves according to the needs of the time. Smart Screen LEDs look beautiful on roads, encouraging people to come and visit those cities in big numbers. These LEDs can make the issues of public interest viral in a matter of minutes as they can reach all the people instantly. This helps the city administration in increasing the efficacy of the cities to an unprecedented extent.


Considering all the pros of the outdoor LED display board, it is next to impossible to create a smart city without proper outdoor LED screens. The increasing demands of these screens also speak volumes about their efficacy and reliability. RIGARD provides an excellent opportunity to avail of all the benefits of the LED screens. RIGARD LEDs are dust-free and water-proof capable of sustaining extreme weather conditions. This makes them the best fit for the urban centers of the world. The interesting thing is that they provide LEDs in various sizes and custom functionalities, so nearly all the cities can avail of this opportunity. Indeed, RIGARD’s outdoor LED screens will prove beneficial in adding value to any city.




The arrival of LED screens in the world has completely changed the concept of visual effects. Every business has to change with time to meet evolving customer needs, and the Casino business is no different. Gambling is one of the most enthralling experiences out there. That’s why there is a saying about LAS VEGAS, America’s gambling Hub, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” How should casinos evolve to meet the demands of the changing demographics and the latest needs of customers by moving away from old roulette wheels or slot machines? It looks like LED screens for casinos are there to fill the gap.



Casino LED display has become very important to the casino businesses’ bottom line. LED screens for casinos have come to perform many essential functions. At its core, casinos are about glamorous experiences that consumers cannot find anywhere else. In our information-driven digitalized world, these experiences must be infused with technology to facilitate tech-savvy people. Whether it is the gaming experience or the casino floor, sportsbooks, or accenting architecture, LED displays for casinos have become central in grabbing and engaging the attention of the younger generation with a vibrant environment.



As the older generation is retiring, the demographics of the casino’s addressable market is also shifting. The younger generation grew up with the internet and smartphones in their palms, and they are very much immersed in video games. As video games are exploding in popularity, casinos can cash on that opportunity by hosting gaming competitions. They can create huge gaming space by erecting a big wall of LED screens for casinos. In this way, gamers can compete with each other and with other competitors virtually from around the world.


With the help of soft LED screens for casinos, you can develop a gaming book, the same as that of a sportsbook. These LED screens for casinos can allow potential bettors to make bets on these video games, making money in the process based on who won or lost. Casinos can also develop events involving video games, like hosting huge competitions. This will attract potential competitors, bettors, and a huge crowd, which is beneficial for your business model due to high profit.


LED screens for casinos can help you build LED caves, taking the video gaming experience to a whole new level. This is very crucial in attracting customers because the gaming experience of LED caves cannot be replicated in your personal smartphone or laptop.


LED screens for casinos are very helpful in adding flexibility to the gaming floor. It allows you to switch back and forth from one game to another based on the demand of gamblers available. This flexibility allows you to take care of your gamers’ needs much more effectively. Curved LED display in casino use can get the maximum out of the gambling floors by attracting more and more customers with every passing day.



Video gaming has become a multi-billion dollars industry. Moreover, consumers are also moving away from the slot machines of the past, where you only had to push one button, and not a lot of skills were involved in it. Instead, now people love sophistication because being good at a game requires skill, and the gaming industry is the perfect amalgam of fun and sophistication. All these trends make clear that casinos must shift their strategy. That is why casinos with networks of LED screens for casinos have a critical advantage over their competitors.



This introduction of LED screens in casinos has completely changed the concept of the traditional casino. The crowds of the latest times are more attracted by fancy visuals that are only possible with the help of LED screens. RIGARD provides an unprecedented opportunity to get LED screens for casinos that can change the outlook of your casino. Made with internationally established standards, the elements included in these screens are of high quality. The distinctive feature is that it is 15% light compared to other LEDs, which makes it convenient for a variety of usage. To make your casino even fancier to impress the masses, you can get RIGARD’s soft LEDs in both flat and curved configurations. All of these qualities make RIGARD a must to try LED for the casino.


Like any other sport, football demands particular skillsets from the teams participating in it for entertaining the fans. There are dedicated venues for hosting these sports to accommodate the fans and players and create a vibe of entertainment and enjoyment. Besides amenities such as cafes, toilets, and seats, a stadium LED display is necessary for every soccer game hosted in a stadium.


Sports events can take place at any time of the day, and thus, stadium owners should have sufficient lightings at the venue to enhance visibility. After the sunset, the artificial lighting of the stadium should imitate the natural lighting of the day hours to ensure the smooth continuation of the game. The stadium LED display is the most popular option because it is durable and offers an enhanced audience experience.


Why do you need a stadium LED display? 

If you are the owner of a football stadium, you must be well aware of the bright lighting’s importance when the game is on. However, if you feel what why should you pick the stadium LED display over a traditional metal halide, then check out these benefits:


  • Longer lifespan

Since your stadium would not be used 365 days a year because soccer is a seasonal sport, you can consider a stadium LED display that will last 25X longer than traditional lightings. This would allow you to save on replacing the lights and the workforce you need to install the lights. In most cases, changing lighting in a stadium can prove quite dangerous if you don’t have all the safety facilities. Although LED bulbs might appear costlier than other traditional bulbs, you would not have to change it often as it has got an average lifespan of about 25,000 hours.


  • Power saver

Although metal halides are cheaper than advanced lighting technologies like the stadium LED display, they consume tons of electrical power, resulting in thousand-dollar power bills every month. With the Led stadium lightings saving up to 75 % power, you can cut costs and invest the extra amount for other facilities of your stadium. Apart from saving power and reducing your utility bills, you will also reduce your carbon footprints. The lesser the power your stadium will consume, the lesser the carbon emission will be. You can attract the appreciation of all the fans with this environmentally friendly way of running your stadium.


  • Programmable lighting control

A stadium LED display offers you greater control of operating the lights the way you want to improve the audience’s experience. You can choose the color and intensity of the lighting as well as its glaring direction. With the help of programmable lighting, you can trigger the fans’ excitement or celebrate the winning team. You can even adjust the light’s brightness as the day progresses or reduce its intensity when you feel the need.


  • More presentable and professional

If you want the media reporters to broadcast soccer matches from your stadium, then installing the stadium LED display is a must. The clearness and intensity of the LED lights will make the entire event clearer and lifelike. Even in the recording of the broadcast, the ball would stand out more; the faces of the players and fans would be visible only if the venue is equipped with the football LED display. There is no doubt that a football field with a LED screen will attract more audiences to come.


  • An extra way to do advertising

At halftime during a football game, football LED display can play the biggest role in advertising. The LED display screen surrounds the whole stadium with high resolution and clear brightness so that it will cover all the audience during the intermission if doing advertisement. It’s a profitable choice for both football field owners and advertisers.


If you are looking for a stadium LED display for your football field, you should check out our excellent stadium LED display. RIGARD stadium LED display with soft mask & soft pillow will keep players from being hurt when hitting on the outdoor LED screens. Our LED screen with high quality, brightness, and resolution has been applied to football fields all over the world and received the user’s approval. Among them, RIGARD stadium LED screen has played its role for live broadcast in Turkey’s football field and brought objective benefits to the football field owners.

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Virtual production LED wall has revolutionized the whole mechanism for effective film production. Nowadays, people use virtual production LED wall even for a small video clip. Due to its utmost benefits in film production, directors of various famous movies keep their eyes on virtual production LED walls behind the scenes instead of the green screen.


Past methods for science fiction movies include a green screen that would be edited later on, and background effects are added professionally. To simplify such tedious procedures and produce great movies, virtual LED displays are favored by directors to dominate the green screen and save shooting costs.


For a normal person, they may be familiar with the green screen, but the virtual production LED wall. However, we will walk you through this article to figure out what is a virtual LED display and why it is better than the green screen.


What is a virtual LED display?

Green screen and virtual LED display are both auxiliary tools to produce a virtual and high-resolution video. The main difference between them lies in that the green screen needs you to use various tools to matting later and replace the green part with the virtual image you expect, while this is not applicable to virtual production LED wall. With virtual LED displays, images taken are very sharp and produce high-quality portraits. Nowadays, virtual LED displays are being used in film shooting.


Virtual production LED wall is over green screen

LED walls have various points in their favor when compared to the green screen. These provide the video editors with many features to organize effects, coordinate them step by step, and produce high standards of video. All the fabricated scenes look like they are real and taken from the region of the world. Virtual production LED wall gained significance when it was first implemented in video making.


To observe the effects of virtual production LED wall, we can take the example of the famous TV Series – The Mandalorian. In The Mandalorian Season 1, you might have perceived various scenes that might look like they are real. As a matter of fact, over 50 percent of The Mandalorian Season 1 was filmed using virtual production LED wall. With this new methodology, filmmakers save costs and create a groundbreaking fragment. Compared to the green screen, the virtual production LED wall saves actresses’ and directors’ efforts to visit various locations and shoot the scenes.


Not only Mandalorian TV series but also other science fiction movies are made with virtual production LED walls instead of the green screen due to the convenience and surprising it brings.


Years ago, supervisors directed movies based on actual effects such as real jumping from the trains. It was very risky for the actors and other film casts. Virtual LED displays empower them to create realistic scenes without post-production and prevent dangerous actions to overcome the issue.


If you are an eager film watcher, you can better apprehend this situation. As we all know, decades ago, movie quality was not so good. You might have seen blurred or low-quality images in the movies produced by the green screen. But virtual LED displays to resolve this issue, and all the movies procure high resolution.


RIGARD narrow pixel LED display

Are you looking to implement virtual production by an LED wall? We have come up with a highly popular one. RIGARD narrow pixel LED display can help you achieve the target. It procures a perfect screen ratio of 16:9 that can be available for high-resolution video in the virtual production LED wall. Some of the famous screen formats include 4:3 and 16:9 that are easily accessible in RIGARD narrow pixel LED display. Moreover, RIGARD LED allows high-quality video production even under low brightness compared to a green screen and no need for a cable to carry along with yourself. If you are looking for a complete video production configuration, you should have to determine the quality features of the virtual LED display, like RIGARD, and go for it.


They say that magic is impossible to achieve but have you been in a place with a ceiling LED screen? If you believe that magic is not possible, you probably have not been in one.


What is the Ceiling LED Screen?

A ceiling LED screen is used as a video display with a multicolored and vibrant exhibit that is usually installed on an indoor wall or ceiling of a commercial street. This video display includes an assimilating sound and amazing and gigantic lights and designs that will bring you into a fantasy-like world.


Features of a Ceiling LED Screen

  • Ceiling LED screen can be easily extended in a wide space unlike LCD.
  • The ceiling LED wall is lightweight and has an easy installation.
  • It has a curving capability. Aside from easy installation, ceiling LED wall can also be installed with either concave or convex configurations.
  • Ceiling LED screen has an anti-collision system feature. Its edge conscious tile design assures top-notch panel protection.


Application of the Ceiling LED Screen

Ceiling LED screens are usually installed in different types of places. One of the most famous places where LED screen is installed is in shopping malls. Known brands love to use the LED screen to attract customers with the product they are selling. A big LED screen with a multicolored picture captivates their attention, which increases the chance to be seen and raise sales.

High-end hotels around the world also love to be creative by using ceiling LED screens. They want to draw the guest’s attention using big screens to learn more about the hotel.

Ceiling LED screens are also found on commercial pedestrian streets or central squares to use as social communication media. They also love to make it available at night to give entertainment to people.


Benefits of the Ceiling LED Screen

They Are Adjustable

Ceiling LED walls are far better than monitors because they are slim, and they have a sleek design, which makes them adjustable whenever and wherever you want to adjust them because they are thin and lightweight.


Consume Less Energy and Has a Long Lifespan

Ceiling LED screens consume less energy than monitors, which helps in saving much power! Comparing to LCD, LED screens are long-lasting. LCD commonly has a general operation that lasts about one year and a half; after that, it is usually replaced. However, the ceiling LED wall can last up to five years. They are eco-friendly than LCD who usually uses bulbs. With LED screens, you can save more money and have lesser time for maintenance!


High-Quality Image

Ceiling LED screens unarguably display a high-quality image and videos. It can either be moving like a movie or static like a painting, depending on what you like. The contrast is enhanced to the maximum level while having an enriched range of colors. It is claimed that LED ceilings are far better than traditional billboards.


They Attract Customers

If there’s one thing that will surely benefit you as a business owner by purchasing a ceiling LED screen, it is getting more sales! Ceiling LED screens are used for advertisement and entertainment, in short, to attract the potential customer’s attention. The common goal of ceiling LED walls or screens is to create a fantasy effect that customers will surely enjoy. Being inside a room with ceiling LED screens is like standing beneath a different world with a futuristic dimension.


Ceiling LED screens are now used in different parts of the world, and Rigard LED is known for making LED screens. Rigard LED has won a significant market share in narrow pixel pitch LED displays, and offers solutions for indoor, outdoor, fixed and creative LED displays. The ceiling LED screen is one of creative products possessing all the benefits mentioned above. Rigard LED will not only provide an amazing solution of LED displays but would also a great service. If you want a company that would exceed to your satisfaction, contact Rigard LED now.


You have a night out with your friends. What’s a better way to make it memorable than playing video games? And don’t feel awkward; you are not alone. More than 700 million game consoles have been sold worldwide. New and better technology continues to make our gaming experience more exciting. One such technology is Virtual Reality. Basically, it is a three-dimensional simulation in which a person interacts with an artificial environment through sensory stimuli. Lately, this technology has got some real pace.


There are more than 170 million active virtual reality users in the world. For a fabulous experience, everything from display to sound to game control must be of high quality while playing within the interactive game system. Narrow pixel pitch LED display helps to fulfill the exact purpose of high-quality display, making our interactive gaming experience better.

As we all know, LED stands for the light emitting diode. The main advantage of an LED display screen is that lighting is of higher quality, high color contrast, and displays are thinner. Pixel pitch in Led is the distance from one center of a pixel to the next center of a pixel, usually measured in millimeters.

In interactive games and virtual reality systems, the main purpose is to immerse the user with the technology. The quality is of the essence. Narrow pixel pitch LED display fulfills that purpose by integrating the micro LED display with its narrow pixel pitch, making the experience different. The narrow pixel pitch means that the distance between the center of two adjacent pixels is very small. That means displaying a particular image has been made using more pixels, thereby improving the resolution and optimal viewing distance. The smaller the pixel pitch is, the closer a viewer can stand to the display and still get a high resolution. This is crucial for VR, where a user has to wear a set that is close to the eyes.


There are a lot of advantages to Narrow Pixel Pitch LED display. The small-pitch LED screen can realize seamless spicing better than LCD. The display effect of the Narrow Pixel Pitch LED display is also very good, especially in grayscale, contrast, and refresh rate. Due to its small pitch, the Narrow Pixel Pitch LED display does a great job in providing a high resolution when the user’s distance from the display is very small.

There is one big problem while using VR systems in interactive gaming systems, i.e., the lack of synchronization between the electronic gadgets. With a narrow pixel pitch LED display, you will never face this problem as there are enough pixels to make an adjustment hence giving you better synchronization in the VR systems. You will not have to worry about the distorted picture anymore in your gaming experience, which will ultimately transform your experience.


Rigard LED provides you a unique experience of transforming your gaming experience with the narrow pixel pitch LED display system and its integration with the VR in the interactive game system. Complying with the internationally established standards, Rigard LED takes all the certifications needed to distinguish themselves from the crowd. With their unparalleled customer service and support; your experience in using LED display screens will never be more personal and worth remembering.


With extensive experience in designing, producing, and distributing LED screens in various domains, we are changing the visual experience of the masses. The distinctive feature of the Rigard LED is that you can use the LED display screens in your customized needs.


The LED display industry has shown a vigorous development trend in recent years. The advertisement and information dissemination form by traditional media no longer meet the needs of people, while the advertisement with the form of LED screen displays has become normal. Actually, LED screen display is used in the advertising industry and sports venues for timing and scoring and stage for background effect. Besides, the demand for LED screen displays in high-end retail, conference rooms, cinemas, and other segments of the commercial display market has been increasing in recent years. It is predicted that with the continuous progress of technology, the future market of the LED screen display, especially narrow pixel pitch LED display, will become brighter.


Current Situation of LED Screen Displays

According to the 2020 Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display White Paper, the global market scale of LED displays reached 45.2 billion yuan in 2019, of which the market scale of narrow pixel pitch LED display (≤ P2.5) is 17.3 billion yuan, accounting for a considerable proportion: 38.23%.


In early 2020, the market scale of LED screen display declined periodically due to the contraction of outdoor and commercial activities caused by the epidemic’s impact. The market scale of global LED screen displays in 2020 is expected to decline by 8% to 41.6 billion, while the decline of narrow pixel pitch LED display is slightly lower, less than 5%.




Bright Future of LED Screen Displays

The good news is that with the negative impact of the epidemic gradually dissipated, the global market size of LED screen display began to recover in the second half of 2020, and will go on the growth track in 2021though there is still uncertainty. The development of mini RGB technology and the continuous penetration of LED screen display into emerging markets (such as cinemas, large-scale TV, enterprise-level conference, education, etc.) will further expand the LED screen display’s global market share. The LED screen display industry is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan of output value in 2025, with a compound growth rate of more than 21% from 2020 to 2025, and the proportion of narrow pixel pitch LED displays will rise from 38.23% to 56.11%.


Composition of LED Screen Display Market

From the classification of 2020 Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display White Paper, the LED screen display market in 2019 is divided into the professional display, commercial display, public display, and civil display. Their market share is 35.84%, 53.76%, 8.67% and 1.16% respectively. Among them, professional display and commercial display are still the pillar application scenarios of the LED screen display, while the civil display represented by large-scale TV is still in the development stage.


The market segmentation of commercial display (mainly in the conference market and education market with more than 100 inches) will continue to be the main force for the growth of LED display in addition to replace the DLP market. Moreover, the LED film screen market is also on a growth track with successful cases at present; but it needs to be verified after the epidemic.


There is no doubt that the development trend of the narrow pixel pitch LED display is the strongest in the future. From the pixel pitch perspective, p2.5 still accounts for the largest proportion of narrow pixel pitch LED displays in 2019, reaching 38.05%, and the proportion of P1.5 and P1.2 is accelerating. After 2020, the trend of narrow pixel pitch LED displays above P1.0 moving to P1.2 is obvious, and the output value of P1.2 is expected to increase from 20.42% to 25%.



Source from Market Intellica


Market Outlook of Narrow Pixel Pitch Led Displays Below P1.0

In 2019, the number of narrow pixel pitch LED displays below P1.0 is less with output value accounting for about 1%. However, under the development of technology and cost optimization, the narrow pixel pitch LED displays of P0.9 will have obvious growth and application in 2020. The screen area of 8K P0.9 is about 30 square meters; if there are 20-30 projects every month, the annual demand for 8K P0.9 will be about 10000 square meters. Suppose the terminal price of P0.9 is 100 thousand yuan, the market scale will be about 1 billion yuan in 2020 or 2021, and the demand is expected to reach 1000 square meters per month.


At present, the pixel pitch of narrow pixel pitch LED displays is basically between P1.2 and P2.5, and the market is gradually saturated. Narrow pixel pitch LED displays have entered the stage of the homogeneous competition. In the future, the market competition of LED industry will be more and more fierce, and the pixel pitch of narrow pixel pitch LED displays will be further reduced towards the direction of “ultra-small pixel pitch “. Simultaneously, striving to develop more high-definition products to improve the competitiveness of products and obtain technical approval has become one of the choices of the LED screen display manufacturer, promoting the development of LED screen displays in the direction of ultra-small pixel pitch.