As a business owner, you have finally taken the first step towards expansion — you identified that you need to create awareness. Yet you begin to wonder — how do I go about it? You want to be able to reach the potential customers around your vicinity with personalized messages.


Let us save you the turmoil and tell you that the solution to your visibility problem lies in the use of an outdoor advertisement screen. Since this type of display is of various kinds, we want to make a valid case for why your business needs a transparent LED screen.


But, another problem comes up again. You do not know much about transparent LED screens. Don’t fret. In this post, we have compiled a thorough guide on all you need to know when buying a transparent LED screen.



What is a transparent LED screen?

To understand what a transparent LED screen is, you need to get the concept of LED screens and how they work. An LED screen is basically a flat-screen with several Light Emitting Diodes (LED) that are semiconductors, working together to produce images and videos.


Next, let us define what a transparent LED screen is.


Well, it is primarily just an LED screen that is transparent.


So, you may be wondering about the difference between a transparent LED screen and a traditional LED screen. To keep it simple, while the ordinary LED screen has a sort of filter to block light from passing, a transparent LED is permeable since it does not have a filter that blocks light from passing through it. This makes it suitable for use on glass surfaces like on the walls buildings and skyscrapers, a storefront window, etc.


Factors to consider when buying a transparent LED screen 

It is not sufficient to say you need a transparent LED screen, a couple of deliberations need to be considered before you proceed to make a purchase.

Let us take a look at some of these factors.


  • High transparency: This is a primary factor that determines its end-use. A transparent LED display screen of between 30% to 80% transparency is necessary to display content that would be sharp, crisp, and easy to view, especially under daylight conditions where the ordinary LED screen struggles.


  • High Energy-savings and environment friendly: The technology an LED transparent displayutilizes should be one that does not consume too much energy. This is achieved by the use of a superconducting thermal material. Otherwise, the business owner would incur additional costs trying to cool the equipment.


  • Easy installation and operation: The ease at which a transparent LED screen is installed and operated is crucial because it determines the level of adaptability of personalized messages. Easy operation ensures that the right advert campaigns are done at the right time.


  • DurabilityOnly durable products have longevity. With that in mind, it is mandatory to only consider a product that is made up of premium materials that can withstand the elements. Be on the lookout for a transparent LED display screen with an Ingress Protection rating (IP 65 or IP 68 preferably).


  • It is also worthy to get an LED screen that is lightweight and does not occupy too much space, as it goes hand in hand with the ease of installation and operation.


In conclusion, the features of an LED transparent display enumerated above are a primary reason why any business looking to boost its visibility should consider a transparent LED display screen.

The LED curtain mesh from RIGARD is a fantastic option for anyone looking to tow this route due to its extreme lightweight, IP68 protection rating, and high transparency. All these features make it a safe and affordable option for any business owner who is considering a transparent LED screen.


We are an LED screen manufacturing company based in China that has a wealth of experience in designing, manufacturing, and distributing top-quality indoor and outdoor transparent LED display screens for businesses and the urban setting. Our various products conform to the highest standard required in the industry, and several certifications are there to back it up. You can always browse through the product categories on our website.


Mini LED screen

Since the television was invented, the way we watch images on-screen has radically changed. In the last few years, the semiconductor manufacturing process has made some significant leaps forward. Screen visual display quality is becoming better and better.


The employment of large screens to present audiences with shocking visual effects has brought endless possibilities to program production. Especially used in TV broadcasting, HD LED displays are an essential tool to communicate with the views. The new Mini LED screen is meant to achieve a level of definition that has never been seen before.


In this brief article, we will talk about the Mini LED display and how it can improve TV broadcasting.


Mini LED screen

About Mini LED Screen


The revolutionary Mini LED screen technology is more of a natural evolution from a traditional LCD. Mini LED essentially advances the conventional LCD technology to offer a wider contrast ratio and deeper blacks. On top of that, mini led improves upon traditional LED backlight. Here, you might say all LCD TV need backlight to function. Then, what is the difference between older versions? Essentially, the LEDs of the backlight of a Mini LED screen are much smaller and more than those used on their counterparts (we are talking about tens of thousands instead often hundreds). For this reason, together with narrower pixel pitch, the Mini LED display has an overall better visual definition.


Mini LED screens can be in various formats (small to large units). Large displays can maintain high brightness, bright colors, and be easy to assemble. Mini LED displays are widely used in indoor and outdoor large-scale advertisements, stage performances, exhibitions, sports events, hotel lobbies, and especially in TV programs broadcasting.


Mini LED screen


Advantages of Using Mini LED Screen in TV Broadcasting


Mini LED screens have become TV broadcasting main visual channels. Since the development of large-screen studio technology, there are mainly four commonly used technologies: DLP, PDP, LCD, and LED large-screen. The first three types had large applications in the old times but now have been replaced with Mini LED screens due to their shortcomings (mainly large space occupation and poor heat dissipations).


Here are presented some of the Mini LED screen display pros compared to the traditional equipment in TV programs:


  • Point-by point correction: a technology used to improve the uniformity and color fidelity of the Mini LED display by adjusting the brightness of each pixel area on the screen. The difference of the primary color makes the LED display screen pure and delicate, and the color can be truly restored.


  • Seamless splicing: the Mini LED screen has integrated box structure, with high splicing accuracy, lightweight, high flatness, neat splicing, and excellent EMC performance. Supporting front and rear maintenance it can grant fast installation and upkeep. Overall, this solution occupies less space, and it is easier to implement and assemble.


  • Service life: Mini LED screen has excellent performance. The equipment can easily endure for over 100,000 hours. The average trouble-free lifespan is greater than 10,000, and the out-of-control point is less than 1/10000. Ultimately, this version of small pitch led screen has better quality and improved heat dissipation for longer utilization.


Here, at RIGARD, we have developed a new model of narrow pixel pitch LED display. This type of LED installation has major pros such as high density, seamless stitching, natural colors. Narrow pixel pitch LED displays are the perfect option for TV broadcasting. Lightweight, reliable, and quality image definition, the instrument is fitted for the frequently-used video proportion of 4:3 or 16:9, which significantly reduces the installation cost.


Mini LED screen




RIGARD is specialized in the design, production, distribution, and service of digital LED signs, LED Display screen, and visualization products worldwide. Our offer covers LED full-color display for indoor and outdoor, LED advertisement display, LED stage display, LED irregular-shape display, LED sports display, LED traffic information display, and TV broadcasting LED screens. Complying with TUV, EMC, CE, RoHS certification standards, our solutions are among the top of the industry.


If you are interested in knowing more about the Mini LED screen for TV broadcasting, our team at RIGARD will be glad to assist you.



In the mid-1980s, screens displayed only text or animation until the development of integrated circuit technology makes LED display video technology possible. From then on, TV images can be directly displayed on the screens. Nowadays, LED display screens have been widely used in stadiums, plazas, shopping malls, and even streets. Lots of manufacturers have also begun to develop the mini LED display screen to provide a new user experience.


In the field of LED display, with the development of upstream packaging technology, there gradually form two different LED display panel preparation technologies, SMD and COB. We can use these two technologies to produce small spacing mini LED display screens. And we will share some information about these two technologies with you.




SMD, as known as surface mounted devices, refers to using surface mount technology to package LED products. It can encapsulate lamp cup, bracket, crystal element, and other materials into different specifications of lamp beads. When producing the display unit with different spacing for mini LED display screens, the lamp bead is welded to the circuit board by high-speed SMT machine with high-temperature reflow welding.


Considering the technical difficulty during the encapsulation, manufacturers prefer SMD to produce the small-spacing digital display screen. SMD is the primary technology for micro LED display screens with pixel spacing less than 10mm on the market.




On the other hand, COB, short for chip-on-board, is a new packaging technology that encapsulates LED chips, rather than LED lights, directly onto a PCB. Therefore, the COB-LED will be freed from the physical size of the SMD for higher resolution. Digital display screens in P0.5 mm, P0.6 mm, P0.9mm, and P1.2 mm are available with COB.


Compared to SMD, COB has several distinct advantages. The first advantage is high reliability. The death rate of mini LED display screens with COB packaging technology is far less than the industry standard.




The reason for the high reliability is that COB technology can eliminate the control link in the single lamp production process. In addition, it also removes the lamp bead over the reflow welding process, so that the high temperature in the traditional method will not affect the LED chip and welding line.


Excellent heat dissipation and oxidation resistance also contribute to high reliability. What’s more, COB adopts high standard coating technology to prevent LED display failure caused by water, moisture, UV, and other damages. It supports the all-weather operation and can still operate in extreme temperatures in 30 to 80 degrees. The comprehensive protective process prevents collisions or scratches. The mini LED display screens can even be cleaned with a wet cloth if soiled.


The second advantage of COB is that it is easier to realize mini LED display screens in small point spacing. COB is no longer limited by bracket size when designing lamp bead diameter. As a result, it can cover the market below P1.0mm that SMD technology cannot reach.




Furthermore, it is undeniable that COB has better physical properties. The modules encapsulated with COB are not only lighter than that with SMD but also have a larger view. COB can be bent at will, unlike SMD modules, which are generally flexible around 125 degrees.


With the information above, you may notice that COB technology is superior to SMD technology in LED display screen. And if you are looking for Micro LED displays, you may refer to some products of RIGARD. We have gained significant market share in mini LED display screens for numerous types. With TUV, EMC, CE, and RoHS standards certification, our products have a high reputation in the world. More information is available on the RIGARD’s website.

LED poster display screen

In recent years, with the progress of technology and the diversification of market demand, the extension of LED poster display to all kinds of market segments is increasing. The birth of LED poster display screen aims at the application requirements of traditional static posters, with replaceable main contents and strong visual impact of dynamic display.

Nowadays, there are many application cases of the digital led poster display in shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty stores, office buildings, exhibition halls, museums and other places, etc.

There are tremendous advantages to use an LED poster display screen. Next, we will show you some advantages in helping upgrade the retails:

digital led poster display

Increase of attractiveness

Use the LED poster display in the shop window to display the retail stalls. You will make full use of the strong LED brightness and screen colors to create a stand that attracts people and improve the attractiveness of your showcase.

Compared with the traditional LED large screen, the LED poster display is usually designed to be lighter and more fashionable in appearance. For consumer-oriented applications, such as high-end clothing flagship stores, this fashionable design can be perfectly suitable for high-end brand-style positioning.

digital led poster display


Convenient and fast update

LED poster display screen in the retail industry represents a contemporary and efficient way to replace traditional posters and logos. It creates the latest and intricate corporate image so that you can creatively interact with the audience and bring the greatest impact to your digital advertising activities.

For ease of use and movement, the retail LED poster display can be easily mounted horizontally and vertically on the wall. Hanging it up is also available, with a bracket option. Then you can place it in the right position to attract the maximum attention of customers. They represent a cost-effective advertising solution with easy-to-use features, including a stand-alone media player. You could feel free to upload content via WiFi or USB. More images, or even more videos could be quickly and easily added via USB.

LED poster display screen


High interactivity

Unlike the static poster, LED poster display screen can not only realize the changing of the content, but also abandon the restrictions of one-way communication of information, adding interactive function, and achieving a better communication effect.

For example, through the loading of interactive games, code scanning field concessions, and other small parts, it can effectively mobilize consumers’ enthusiasm to participate and achieve a better brand interaction experience.

Besides, if equipped with the biometric function, the LED poster screen can also accomplish the fitting function, which can help the sales of clothing and accessories. Undoubtedly, LED poster display is the future trend of retail presentation, for it could be a perfect carrier for those interactive black tech.

LED poster display screen


LED poster display screen has become an indispensable assistant to improve sales for retails. If you don’t want your target customers to leave your store coldly, it’s wise of you to install a LED poster display screen in front of your stores.

The LED poster display screen produced by us, RIGARD, with lightweight and slim body, they have multi installation way and are easy to deploy. We are dedicated to perfect the quality management of our products in the strict quality certification system and pay more attention to the practice as well as the daily management standards. Just don’t hesitate to contact RIGARD. It might be an opportunity for your retail upgrading.

In recent years, following the industry’s technological improvement, LED display market demand has increased exponentially. The development of smaller pitch with seamless high-definition display has brought innovation and comfort to its customer base.

The way how we watch the screen has changed radically over time. Mini 4 in 1 LED display is the future trend that will gradually outshine its competition. This smart piece of technology innovation lies in its installation, utilization, and advantages over its competitors.

In this article, we will explain to you why Mini 4 in 1 LED display is the future trend. We will talk about its advantages and wide range applications.


General advantages

When compared to the traditional SMD 3 in 1 and the LCD, the new Mini 4 in 1 LED display has significant advantages. It is more resistant to bumps than its SMD 3 counterpart. Besides, its LED display is self-illuminating and has a wider color gamut with no border. It can offer higher brightness with enhanced modular seamless splicing.


Screen Quality

Mini 4 in 1 LED display is the future trend when considering the screen picture quality. The resolution can be increased to 6K, in this way the picture quality is more delicate, and more information can be displayed. This will become especially useful in the next 5G big data era.

Narrow pixel pitch LED display has high contrast as well as high gray level processing during broadcasting. With high-density display features, suitable for close viewing it will not produce a sense of granularity. Additionally, the gray level of the narrow pixel pitch LED display is close to perfect even under low brightness.


No Power & Data Cables

Talking about installation, Mini 4 in 1 LED display is the future trend, bringing innovation even in this aspect. The fine pixel pitch LED display and the adapter board are linked in a board-to-board manner, making possible for the modules to be connected wirelessly from top to bottom. Easily installed in the back frame and without relying upon data cables connection, Mini 4 in 1 LED display can save you time, space, and money.



 Mini 4 in 1 LED Display Application

Mini 4 in 1 LED display is the future trend for LED display utilization. Mini 4 in 1 LED display has a wide range of application scenarios, especially in the small pitch rental industry. Easy to transport and assemble can be employed for press conferences and such events.

Broader application scenarios see Mini 4 in 1 LED display to be utilized in churches, small and medium-sized conference rooms, classrooms. We can also find it used for sports broadcasts in stadiums, by advertisement networks, and for large scale events such as exhibitions to provide a digital cultural experience.

These are just a few of the numerous applications. With new Mini 4 in 1 LED display creation, we believe that this kind of technology will become the foundation for future smart cities.




We firmly believe that Mini 4 in 1 LED display is the future trend. Our Company Rigard, is specialized in the design, production, and distribution of LED display screens and indoor and outdoor visualization products.

Our mission hopes to bring innovation changing how people perceive and look at the world. This can be achieved through the development of smart and accessible technology.

If you share our vision for the future, Rigard can provide you with modular design, easy to install, energy-saving and environmental friendly Narrow pixel pitch LED displays.

Nowadays, most of people are satisfied with the resolution quality and video quality of the full color LED screens. BUT there are still some of them think it is not clear enough especially when you get more closer to look at the LED screen and for some special applications. And today, we are going to share with some points those can make your LED screen more clear.

Choose the smaller pixel pitch(P1.25 LED Display/P1.5 LED Display/P1.8 LED Display)

Choose the smaller pixel pitch LED screen is the first option choice when you have enough budget, because smaller pixel pitch LED screen makes more resolution on the surface of the LED screen, it can be played more details of the videos or pictures.

Increase the contrast&Increase the gray scale

The contrast is the one of the important point that can make the LED screen clear or not. Generally speaking, higher contrast, higher definition , better colorful. There are a lot of helpful for the definition, details resolution and grey scale by high level contrast. And especially for the many black-white contents video and pictures, high contrast makes the full color led screen shows better black and white colors.

Gray scale means how many levels from the black to white. So which means if you have a more bits, more colors. It makes the LED screen looks more real.

Use the video processor

I can say, the video processor is a really good partner for the LED screen. The video processors makes the LED screen shows more details of the content, increase the quality of the image output. And let the LED screen works with the best status all the time. Any way, there are still a lot of functions for the video processor, like more signal input, better brightness adjustable, etc.

More information about Our LED Display, Please Visit Our Web:www.rigardled.com, Contact us Email:info@rigardled.com. Mobile Phone/Whatsapp:+86 199 2518 9799

Broadcast TV studios are special environments that require LED screens to operate at their lowest brightness mode while maintaining the highest image quality. However, reducing displays’ brightness even to 5-10% could lead to various image distortions, such as poor color reproduction, unsmooth gradient, and horizontal stripes across the image. RIGARD LED’s cutting-edge LED video displays operate at brightness as low as 1% while maintaining the same image quality as in full working capacities.

Among top requirements for a TV studio LED screen is a high refresh rate. It could be referred to as a minimum period necessary to renew image for all brightness levels. High refresh rate provides for a flickering-free operation and smooth color gradient to achieve a life-like picture. The higher a refresh rate is, the better image quality is achieved. With a refresh rate up to 7680 Hz RIGARD LED’s state-of-the-art LED video displays are ready for the most demanding TV projects.

TV studios are vibrant environments that are designed according to production needs. The modular design of LED displays gives set designers more flexibility in their designs allowing for building video backdrops of any sizes and forms. RIGARD LED displays are assembled from lightweight, slim modules that could be used to create concave and convex video backdrops of non-standard aspect ratios.

TV studios are brightly lit, space-restricted environments crammed with all sorts of video equipment and therefore prone to overheating. That is why low heat output and efficient heat dissipation are much sought-after features of a TV studio LED screen. Thanks to advanced ventilation system RIGARD’s state-of-the-art LED screens need no additional cooling and feature fanless design for silent operation.

Live broadcasting is an exciting yet challenging process that could turn into a disaster in case of equipment failure. That is why all the equipment used, including large LED video walls, should be dependable as clockwork. RIGARD LED manufactured LED displays are robust, failure-proof products that could be relied upon even during the most demanding live projects.

The rapid development of LED video displays has brought fine pitch video walls into broadcasting. With the resolution of 4K and above, these displays show clear, life-like imagery and videos providing a great background for storytelling. Moreover, fine pitch technology allows for a close proximity viewing without display’s pixels being visible. So the cameras and studio guests could be located within a meter beside it. RIGARD LED offers state-of-the-art fine-pitch LED video solutions for the most demanding TV projects.

More information about Product, Please visit us web:www.rigardled.com and contact us Email:info@rigardled.com

It is obvious to see HD LED posters in many airports when people go through the hall to boards, or just walk around in the departure lounge to kill the time,etc.

Many advertisers unveiled their advertising campaign in the airports with new weapons which they found and bought from RIGARD LED.

Thirty even fifty more led advertising displays in three size of 72”, 80”, and 89” stand alone in different locations but are connected in one controlling Ethernet.

The campaign let users to interactive with the New style LED advertising display, by uploading their selfie of themselves online , which could be pressed on all posters in the whole airports,

by giving their reviews for drinking, eating and hotels as tour tips, and by delivering the brand advertisements as well as the flight information on the backdrops, sides or bottom.

“It is a ideal platform to enhance the travel experiences, get closer relationship between brands and thousands peoples passing by the airports everyday! “ Mike, brand director from a famous world sports products manufacturer and provider said.

ABOUT RIGARD LED-China led display screen solution supplier
RIGARD LED as a custom-solution-based LED display manufacturer, provides robust and creative led screen products, timely and professional service as our industry-leading LED screen technologies and integrated LED solutions. Driven to be excellence to meet your standards and special requirements, RIGARD LED provides a one-of-a-kind design for your rental and fixed installation including stores, events, and tours, etc. through our award-winning line of LED video walls and LED video screens. Working with engineers, designers, architects, and consultants, RIGARD LED is eager and proud to develop custom LED solutions for every customer while also providing top-tier customer support service no matter how small the led display is. For more details on the complete line of RIGARD LED LED video screens and video walls, please visit RIGARD LED at rigardled.com, find us on Youtube, Facebook, or get us through direct Email, info@rigardled.com .

What is pixel pitch? How is it related to resolution?

The resolution of a screen is determined by the total number of pixels in a display.

The higher number of pixels renders higher resolution, which means better picture quality. On an LED screen, pixel pitch and viewing distance are very important factors that affect the performance of the sign.

A pixel is the smallest element of a digital image, relative to where it is presented. On an LED display, one (1) LED is referred as a pixel as it is the smallest unit on the LED display. On a computer screen, one (1) dot is referred as a pixel.

An LED screen is made up of an array of pixels, lighting up to different intensities and colors to create letters, graphics, animations, and videos. It’s the same principle your television or computer screen works on.


Pixel pitch is the distance (usually in millimeters) between pixels. A pixel pitch is measured from the center of one pixel to the center of an adjacent pixel. Since the lowest controllable element on an LED screen is one (1) LED, the pixel pitch on an LED screen would be the distance between each LED.

The smaller the pixel pitch, the closer the LEDs are, thus the higher pixel density bringing a higher resolution quality. Higher pixel pitch indicates greater distance between pixels, thus a lower resolution.

In short,

  • Higher pixel pitch                Lower Pixel pitch
    Lower resolution                  Higher resolution

While resolution matters, higher resolution does not always means it’s better!

Lower pixel pitch also means higher pixel density. The higher density of pixels means there are more LED on one screen, therefore the LED screen will likely be more expensive and require higher maintenance. Pixel pitch also affects the viewing distance as well as the visual performance of an LED screen.

When choosing an LED screen, business owners should consider the complexity of their display content and what resolution are sufficient in displaying their content. For instance, if the screen were to display simple text and logo animation, high resolution LED screen will not be necessary. It is important business owners consider carefully which LED display pixel pitch would be most cost-effective for their business needs. The ideal solution will always be a combination of cost and resolution.

Pixel pitch typically ranges from 1.25mm up to 4mm for indoor viewing; and pixel pitch can range from 4mm to 10mm or higher for outdoor viewing—outdoor LED screens tend to be larger than indoor screens since the viewing distance is often greater.

When choosing the LED screen pixel pitch, there are two factors to consider.

LED screen optimal viewing distance: When selecting pixel pitch, it is important to first consider the distance viewers will be from the screen. The general formula for the optimal viewing distance is:

pixel pitch (mm) /(0.3~0.8) = Optimal viewing distance (mm)

E.g., The best viewing distance for a 1.25mm pixel pitch LED screen is 1.5~4 meters; viewers at 2 meters distance will be able to distinguish the LED screen clearly; however, those viewing from a greater distance such as 5 meters, will have less, but acceptable, clarity. (This example is based on normal vision.)

LED screen resolution: RIGARD LED displays are modular and therefore resolutions will vary depending the total size of the screen. Depending on the screen size a minimum of 9 point size font can be displayed.

For outdoor LED screens, pixel pitch between 3mm~6mm is recommended for close distance viewing and pixel pitch between 16mm~20mm for far distance viewing. ClearLED transparent displays are modular and therefore resolutions will vary depending the total size of the screen. Depending on the screen size a minimum of 9 point size font can be displayed.

When selecting a LED screen, the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution will be, and the sharper and clearer the display will be; however, pixel pitch heavily affects the cost and maintenance of the screen. It is important for business owners to consider the cost, the application, and the objectives of the LED display when choosing pixel pitch.

ABOUT RIGARD LED-China led display screen solution supplier
RIGARD LED as a custom-solution-based LED display manufacturer, provides robust and creative led screen products, timely and professional service as our industry-leading LED screen technologies and integrated LED solutions. Driven to be excellence to meet your standards and special requirements, RIGARD LED provides a one-of-a-kind design for your rental and fixed installation including stores, events, and tours, etc. through our award-winning line of LED video walls and LED video screens. Working with engineers, designers, architects, and consultants, RIGARD LED is eager and proud to develop custom LED solutions for every customer while also providing top-tier customer support service no matter how small the led display is. For more details on the complete line of RIGARD LED LED video screens and video walls, please visit RIGARD LED at rigardled.com, find us on Youtube, Facebook, or get us through direct Email, info@rigardled.com .


       1, Packaging technology:

Above P2 led display screen generally uses SMD 1515, 2020, 3528 of the lamp, LED pin shape using J or L package. Side welding pin, welding area will be reflective, ink color effect is poor, it is necessary to increase the mask to improve contrast. The density further increases, the L or J’s encapsulation cannot satisfy the application demand, must adopt the QFN package method. This process is characterized by no lateral welding pins, no reflective welding area, which makes the color rendering effect very good.

In addition, the whole black integrated design molding, the contrast of the picture increased by 50%, showing the effect of the application of the image contrast to the previous display better.

  2, Mount Technology:

Small pixel pitch LED display of the RGB device location of the small offset will result in the display of the screen is uneven, it is bound to require a higher precision mounting equipment.

  3, Welding technology:

Reflow soldering temperature rise too fast will lead to uneven wetting, it is bound to cause the device in the wetting imbalance in the process caused by migration. Too much wind cycle can      also cause the displacement of devices. As far as possible to choose more than 12 reflow soldering machine, chain speed, temperature rise, cycle wind as a strict control project, that is, to meet the requirements of welding reliability, but also reduce or avoid the device shift, as far as possible to control the demand range.

Generally, the 2% range of pixel spacing is used as the control value.

       4, Printed circuit board technology:

With the development trend of small pixel pitch LED display, the 4-layer, 6-layer Board is adopted, the printed circuit board will adopt micro-hole and buried hole design, printed circuit graphic wire thin, micro-porous narrow spacing, processing in the mechanical way drilling technology has been unable to meet the requirements,

The rapid development of laser drilling technology will meet the micro-hole processing.

  5, Printing technology:

Too much, too little solder paste volume and printing offset directly affect the small pixel pitch LED display lamp welding quality. The correct PCB pad design needs to communicate with the manufacturers to implement the design, the screen plate opening size and the correct printing parameters are directly related to the amount of solder paste printing. General 2020RGB devices using 0.1-0.12mm thickness of the electric polishing Laser Steel Network, 1010RGB the following devices recommend the use of 1.0-0.8 thickness of the steel net. The thickness, opening size and the amount of tin increased.

Micro-spacing LED welding quality is closely related to solder paste printing, with thickness detection, SPC analysis and other functions of the printing presses will play an important role in reliability.

  6, Screen assembly:

Assembly of the finished box needs to be assembled into a screen to display the small screen, video. However, the size tolerance and assembly accumulative tolerance of the box itself can not be neglected in the small pixel pitch LED display assembling effect. The recent device pixel spacing between box and box is too large and too small will result in the display of dark lines, bright line. Dark lines, bright line problem is now small pixel pitch LED display can not be ignored, the need to overcome the difficult problem.

Some of the companies through the Paste 3m tape, box micro adjustment nut Adjustment to achieve the best results.

  7, Cabinet assembly:

The box is formed by splicing different modules, and the smoothness of the box and the gap between the modules are directly related to the overall effect of the box assembly. Aluminum plate processing box, cast aluminum box is the current application of a wide range of box types, flatness can reach 10 wire. The stitching gap between modules is evaluated by the nearest pixel spacing of the two modules, two pixels too close to the light line, two pixels too far can lead to dark lines.

Before assembling, it is necessary to measure and calculate the assembly seam, then use the relative thickness of the metal sheet as the fixture prior to the assembly.

  8, System Card selection:

Small pixel pitch LED display light and dark line and uniformity, color difference is led device differences, IC current differences, circuit design layout differences, assembly differences, such as the accumulation of complaints, some system card companies through the software correction can reduce light and dark lines and brightness, chroma uneven. Select High-performance System Card, the micro-spacing LED display brightness, chroma correction, so that the display screen to achieve better brightness and chroma uniformity, achieved a better display effect.

ABOUT RIGARD LED-China led display screen solution supplier
RIGARD LED as a custom-solution-based LED display manufacturer, provides robust and creative led screen products, timely and professional service as our industry-leading LED screen technologies and integrated LED solutions. Driven to be excellence to meet your standards and special requirements, RIGARD LED provides a one-of-a-kind design for your rental and fixed installation including stores, events, and tours, etc. through our award-winning line of LED video walls and LED video screens. Working with engineers, designers, architects, and consultants, RIGARD LED is eager and proud to develop custom LED solutions for every customer while also providing top-tier customer support service no matter how small the led display is. For more details on the complete line of RIGARD LED LED video screens and video walls, please visit RIGARD LED at rigardled.com, find us on Youtube, Facebook, or get us through direct Email, info@rigardled.com .