P2.6 Indoor LED Screen

Which is the best P2.6 Indoor LED Screen to promote business?

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P2.6 Indoor LED Screen is often encountered in shopping centers or high-rise buildings of various sizes, continuously broadcasting clips and images to promote businesses. However, there are caveats when advertising LED screens that advertisers need to consider. Refer to the following article to clarify this issue.

1. Note the duration of a spot

An average spot is only from 15 seconds to 30 seconds, just enough for viewers to understand the message that the business is trying to convey without being too wordy.

If a spot is too short, only 3-5 seconds, viewers will definitely not be able to read all the content in the spot, but the ad has disappeared before. Especially for P2.6 Indoor LED Screen where there are traffic lights.

P2.6 Indoor LED Screen

On the contrary, if a spot is too long, passersby will not be able to see all the ads, especially for participants who drive vehicles such as motorbikes and cars. They won’t have enough time to see all the ads for a spot.

2. Note about the number of P2.6 Indoor LED Screen in the ad campaign

Not just advertising more screens, appearing more on the street is an effective advertising campaign. Sometimes the advertising appears too much will cause financial waste, but it is unlikely that it will reach potential customers.

The number of screens is just enough for customers to remember the message of their business, without being suffocated or bored. In addition, many ads but not hitting the right campaign focus will make it difficult for businesses to reach the right customers they are targeting.

On the contrary, if the number of P2.6 Indoor LED Screen is too small, the coverage is not high, then the customer reach will be narrowed. Customers cannot remember the message of the business if the frequency appears too little for a spot with large transmission content.

3. Notice about the frequency of ads appearing on the P2.6 Indoor LED Screen

On an LED screen, the recommended number of spots is 120. This number is just enough for LED screen advertising to reach people who visit that route or shopping mall.

According to statistics, an average person can commute on the same route 2-3 times. Therefore, the frequency of ad appearance plays a very important part in an advertising campaign.

An effective LED screen advertising campaign can reach the maximum audience they are targeting, while helping businesses optimize their budget effectively.

On an P2.6 Indoor LED Screen the recommended number of spots is 120.

If you abuse LED ads, letting them appear too much on the roads close together can waste funds and bring little effect, because it is unlikely that LED screens can reach potential customers but spend too much money on them. Or if the campaign is not on point, the advertising can cause serious losses to the business.

On the contrary, if LED advertising has too little frequency, the first time visitors do not have time to remember all the content conveyed by the business, if there are no additional appearances, customers can easily forget all the content. used before without remembering them at all.

4. Design Notes

Do not cram too many messages because time is limited

P2.6 Indoor LED Screen advertising duration is only from 15-30 seconds, if crammed with too many redundant messages, not for the right purpose will cause the advertising campaign to fail. Moreover, customers are always attracted by beautiful visual content.

So, it is advisable to optimize the number of words and sentences as concisely as possible, while making it easier for designers in their creation. while making customers satisfied with a short and concise message.

The design needs to fit the area of ​​the P2.6 Indoor LED Screen

LED screens come in a variety of sizes. Creators need to design them to fit the size of the screen. If the image is too large for the LED screen, the message may be cut or lost when displayed on the screen.

In addition, the color scheme also needs to be carefully selected. The eye-catching image is the foundation to attract potential customers who want to find the P2.6 Indoor LED Screen advertising of each business.

If the color is too faint, or the message is drowned in the image too colorful, it will make viewers uncomfortable, not wanting to continue watching that ad.

General Introduction to P2.6 Indoor LED Screen Advertising

Thus, to implement an P2.6 Indoor LED Screen advertising project, there are many notes that need to be read and understood before starting a campaign. To be able to implement an effective advertising project, it is necessary to monitor the advertising campaign for a period of time, then make a decision whether to continue long-term for this campaign or not.

Ceiling advertising is a prominent type of advertising in shopping malls. With this type, it is common to print advertising content on tarpaulins, banners, and banners. Advertising content will be printed on one side or two sides. And hung from the ceiling.
P2.6 Indoor LED Screen 2021

Advertisement on the ceiling at the shopping mall

Drop-ceiling ads can be deployed in large quantities and in different sizes. Billboards will be hung inside the shopping mall. At prominent locations, it is easy to fall into the view of people when moving in the shopping mall.

How famous are drop-ceiling ads?

For advertising at shopping malls, there are many types of ads. Types of advertising such as elevators, escalators, P2.6 Indoor LED Screen, screens, drop ceilings, etc. The ceiling advertising is an outstanding type of advertising that possesses many advantages.

What are the highlights of the P2.6 Indoor LED Screen advertising?

In fact, there are quite a few businesses that choose to advertise at the ceiling. Ceiling advertising can be extremely effective.

It has the ability to reach the target audience and reach the frequency at a high level. And especially, there is a relatively large rate of attracting the attention of the subjects with the advertised products, services or brands. As well as being able to create trust of the audience for advertising.

Conclusion P2.6 Indoor LED Screen

It can be said that advertising on the ceiling in recent years receive a lot of attention from businesses. And always a potential investment exploitation category of agencies. It expects that in the future this form of advertising will occupy a lot of market share in the advertising market.