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Broadcast TV studios are special environments that require LED screens to operate at their lowest brightness mode while maintaining the highest image quality. However, reducing displays’ brightness even to 5-10% could lead to various image distortions, such as poor color reproduction, unsmooth gradient, and horizontal stripes across the image. RIGARD LED’s cutting-edge LED video displays operate at brightness as low as 1% while maintaining the same image quality as in full working capacities.

Among top requirements for a TV studio LED screen is a high refresh rate. It could be referred to as a minimum period necessary to renew image for all brightness levels. High refresh rate provides for a flickering-free operation and smooth color gradient to achieve a life-like picture. The higher a refresh rate is, the better image quality is achieved. With a refresh rate up to 7680 Hz RIGARD LED’s state-of-the-art LED video displays are ready for the most demanding TV projects.

TV studios are vibrant environments that are designed according to production needs. The modular design of LED displays gives set designers more flexibility in their designs allowing for building video backdrops of any sizes and forms. RIGARD LED displays are assembled from lightweight, slim modules that could be used to create concave and convex video backdrops of non-standard aspect ratios.

TV studios are brightly lit, space-restricted environments crammed with all sorts of video equipment and therefore prone to overheating. That is why low heat output and efficient heat dissipation are much sought-after features of a TV studio LED screen. Thanks to advanced ventilation system RIGARD’s state-of-the-art LED screens need no additional cooling and feature fanless design for silent operation.

Live broadcasting is an exciting yet challenging process that could turn into a disaster in case of equipment failure. That is why all the equipment used, including large LED video walls, should be dependable as clockwork. RIGARD LED manufactured LED displays are robust, failure-proof products that could be relied upon even during the most demanding live projects.

The rapid development of LED video displays has brought fine pitch video walls into broadcasting. With the resolution of 4K and above, these displays show clear, life-like imagery and videos providing a great background for storytelling. Moreover, fine pitch technology allows for a close proximity viewing without display’s pixels being visible. So the cameras and studio guests could be located within a meter beside it. RIGARD LED offers state-of-the-art fine-pitch LED video solutions for the most demanding TV projects.

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