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Why Mini 4 in 1 LED Display is the Future Trend

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In recent years, following the industry’s technological improvement, LED display market demand has increased exponentially. The development of smaller pitch with seamless high-definition display has brought innovation and comfort to its customer base.

The way how we watch the screen has changed radically over time. Mini 4 in 1 LED display is the future trend that will gradually outshine its competition. This smart piece of technology innovation lies in its installation, utilization, and advantages over its competitors.

In this article, we will explain to you why Mini 4 in 1 LED display is the future trend. We will talk about its advantages and wide range applications.


General advantages

When compared to the traditional SMD 3 in 1 and the LCD, the new Mini 4 in 1 LED display has significant advantages. It is more resistant to bumps than its SMD 3 counterpart. Besides, its LED display is self-illuminating and has a wider color gamut with no border. It can offer higher brightness with enhanced modular seamless splicing.


Screen Quality

Mini 4 in 1 LED display is the future trend when considering the screen picture quality. The resolution can be increased to 6K, in this way the picture quality is more delicate, and more information can be displayed. This will become especially useful in the next 5G big data era.

Narrow pixel pitch LED display has high contrast as well as high gray level processing during broadcasting. With high-density display features, suitable for close viewing it will not produce a sense of granularity. Additionally, the gray level of the narrow pixel pitch LED display is close to perfect even under low brightness.


No Power & Data Cables

Talking about installation, Mini 4 in 1 LED display is the future trend, bringing innovation even in this aspect. The fine pixel pitch LED display and the adapter board are linked in a board-to-board manner, making possible for the modules to be connected wirelessly from top to bottom. Easily installed in the back frame and without relying upon data cables connection, Mini 4 in 1 LED display can save you time, space, and money.



 Mini 4 in 1 LED Display Application

Mini 4 in 1 LED display is the future trend for LED display utilization. Mini 4 in 1 LED display has a wide range of application scenarios, especially in the small pitch rental industry. Easy to transport and assemble can be employed for press conferences and such events.

Broader application scenarios see Mini 4 in 1 LED display to be utilized in churches, small and medium-sized conference rooms, classrooms. We can also find it used for sports broadcasts in stadiums, by advertisement networks, and for large scale events such as exhibitions to provide a digital cultural experience.

These are just a few of the numerous applications. With new Mini 4 in 1 LED display creation, we believe that this kind of technology will become the foundation for future smart cities.




We firmly believe that Mini 4 in 1 LED display is the future trend. Our Company Rigard, is specialized in the design, production, and distribution of LED display screens and indoor and outdoor visualization products.

Our mission hopes to bring innovation changing how people perceive and look at the world. This can be achieved through the development of smart and accessible technology.

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