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LED Poster Display Screen Helps Retail Stores Upgrade

In recent years, with the progress of technology and the diversification of market demand, the extension of LED poster display to all kinds of market segments is increasing. The birth of LED poster display screen aims at the application requirements of traditional static posters, with replaceable main contents and strong visual impact of dynamic display. […]

Why Mini 4 in 1 LED Display is the Future Trend

In recent years, following the industry’s technological improvement, LED display market demand has increased exponentially. The development of smaller pitch with seamless high-definition display has brought innovation and comfort to its customer base. The way how we watch the screen has changed radically over time. Mini 4 in 1 LED display is the future trend that […]

How To Make Your LED Screens More Clear ?

Nowadays, most of people are satisfied with the resolution quality and video quality of the full color LED screens. BUT there are still some of them think it is not clear enough especially when you get more closer to look at the LED screen and for some special applications. And today, we are going to […]


BRIGHTNESS Broadcast TV studios are special environments that require LED screens to operate at their lowest brightness mode while maintaining the highest image quality. However, reducing displays’ brightness even to 5-10% could lead to various image distortions, such as poor color reproduction, unsmooth gradient, and horizontal stripes across the image. RIGARD LED’s cutting-edge LED video […]

LED Poster LED Advertising Display Launched in the Airport

It is obvious to see HD LED posters in many airports when people go through the hall to boards, or just walk around in the departure lounge to kill the time,etc. Many advertisers unveiled their advertising campaign in the airports with new weapons which they found and bought from RIGARD LED. Thirty even fifty more […]

What is pixel pitch? How is it related to resolution?

What is pixel pitch? How is it related to resolution? The resolution of a screen is determined by the total number of pixels in a display. The higher number of pixels renders higher resolution, which means better picture quality. On an LED screen, pixel pitch and viewing distance are very important factors that affect the […]

The Guide To Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

       1, Packaging technology: Above P2 led display screen generally uses SMD 1515, 2020, 3528 of the lamp, LED pin shape using J or L package. Side welding pin, welding area will be reflective, ink color effect is poor, it is necessary to increase the mask to improve contrast. The density further increases, […]