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P1.25 LED display

Is Investing in P1.25 LED Display with Fine Pixel Technology Worth the Hype?

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Why Invest in P1.25 LED Display with Fine Pixel Technology

A fine pixel technology display might soon become the talk of the town. There is already a great hype about this technology. It could be your best option if need a high-resolution display for digital signage having an exceptional image quality. The P1.25 LED display is currently the thing that most marketers are talking about. These screens do not only come with a digital advantage but also offer all traditional LED display benefits. In our today’s post, we will help you learn whether or not you should invest in this LED display for your project. Going through this article should help you make an informed decision.

P1.25 LED display

What is a Fine Pixel P1.25 LED Display?

It is a direct-view LED display screen, known as the 2.0 version. You would already be familiar with ole LED screens that you use for huge installation. The fine pixel P1.25 LED display uses a similar type of technology, but better. LEDs create the magic that you want to display your great content in these LEDs, similar to direct-view LED displays. A pixel pitch display provides you more fun and more quality. What is this technology all about? Precisely, light-emitting diodes are small semiconductors. They convert the electricity moving through the display and convert them into light.

Every diode contains a particular chemical that creates the blue, green, or red colors to create images colorful and so colorful to seem lifelike. There is a cluster of blue, green, and red LEDs and together they create a color pixel. This is where the magic exists when we talk about the fine pixel LED displays. More pixels mean better digital signage display, such as images or videos. The content will look extremely stunning when someone is close to the screen. If the screen pixels are not close together, we will have an awful display effect on the screen.

Mainly, the fine pixel is how close display pixels are, in millimeters. A fine pixel P1.25 LED display has the slightest space between its pixels. Because pixels are so close within the screen, so we will have more pixels. As a result, the resolution of the screen will be higher. It means that the image quality will be remarkable even if you are watching the screen from very near. Therefore, you can imagine how rocking your signage content can be.

Fine Pixel LED vs. Traditional LED Screens

It all depends on the use case that which display you need. Knowing this thing is so important because you don’t require fine pixel displays everywhere. Sometimes, you can opt for a display with a bigger pixel distance. Take an example of gigantic digital signage in places, such as Times Square or stadiums. You can use a traditional LED screen because these installations do not require higher resolutions. The reason behind it is that no one would be watching these displays from too close. Therefore, you can consider traditional displays in such scenarios.

Remember that a fine pixel P1.25 LED display will cost much more than conventional LED displays. Therefore, you must make sure that it is the requirement according to your use case. In the same way, you don’t require fine pixel displays for the university campuses that focus on students because students walking around will not be watching the screen too closely. Therefore, you must decide whether or not you need these displays.

How to Decide About Fine Pixel Pitch for Your Project?

Surprisingly, there are different ways that different manufacturers use for calculating fine pixel pitch a customer requires for different viewing distances. There is a big range, from the 0.8mm super fine pitch LED to up to 16mm. The display you require depends on from what distance viewers will be watching the screen. One popular method of calculating the pixel pitch according to the viewing space is that you should multiply one millimeter of the pixel pitch with ten to receive the viewing space in feet. Therefore, if the viewing space is approximately twenty feet, you will require a 2mm pixel pitch.

Other manufacturers may claim that you need to multiply every millimeter of the pixel by eight for getting the viewing space in feet. Moreover, a few companies also take calculations for pixel pitch on the 3.5 feet. Without any doubt, methods vary. The most ideal method is to test the pixel pitch P1.25 LED display in a showroom. It will provide a great idea about what display you need.

Another reliable way to calculate pixel pitch is relying on the retina viewing space. If you have 20/20 vision, it is ideal to calculate pixels by multiplying every millimeter by ten. It means that you will get ten feet for a one-millimeter pixel pitch. Most pixel pitch light-emitting diode screens begin at 1.5 millimeters. However, you can go lower or lower, according to your budget.

Does a Fine Pixel LED Display Offer Benefits over a Traditional LED Display?

Fine pixel LED screens come at a higher price than traditional LED displays. Therefore, there must be things that make fine pixel LED displays costlier. First of all, fine pixel LEDs come with much higher screen resolution along with exceptional picture quality. These displays come without noticeable blocky pixels that we usually notice in traditional LED displays.

Other additional benefits of pixel pitch LEDs include better brightness, smooth video walls with no borders, and energy efficiency. Your shows, tickers, videos, and images will look exceptional. It will take the content of digital signage to a whole new level. Even if someone is watching your video content from a couple of feet away, the display quality would look just amazing.

Keep in mind that high contrast and extra brightness mean that you can such displays anywhere. Outdoors and indoors, regardless of how lit your environment is, you will find your P1.25 LED display working perfectly. Additionally, these displays are available in various sizes like direct-view screens. Therefore, you have the luxury to deploy all kinds of electronic signage you require. If you require top-notch display quality at a couple of feet of distance, you should opt for these displays.

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