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Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Screen Dual Power and Signal Backup Solution

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1. Overview of dual power backup solution

With the rapid development of the LED display industry, more and more LED displays are used in stage performances, and exhibition occasions, and the requirements for stability of the display is getting higher and higher, especially in some important occasions. When black screens are caused by power failures, major LED Display manufacturers are also thinking about various ways to improve stability. Based on customer needs, we have launched a dual power backup solution. When the main power supply in the cabinet is broken, the backup power supply is still working normally, which greatly improves the stability of on-site use. The following are some classic cases of using dual power backup.

2. Rigard LED Screen Dual power supply backup solution

The system connection structure diagram of dual power backup is as follows: Two power outputs with current-share function are directly connected in parallel to supply power to the cabinet, and each power supply will output a PG signal separately (high level represents normal power supply, low level represents power supply Fault) to the receiving card to detect. When power failure is detected, the fault alarm information can be displayed on the software, and the brightness of the cabinet can be automatically reduced.

2.1 System Diagram

2.2 Solution Composition Description
2.2.1 Power Supply Selection
A-Support Dual Power Supply Parallel redundancy, current sharing function
B-The power supply has a detection signal output for the control system to detect(High level represents the normal operation of the power supply, low level represents the power failure)

2.2.2 Receiving card and detection circuit
The Novastar Armor Series Receiving Card(A5s Plus/A7s Plus/A8s Plus/A10s Plus) can support dual power backup function, the related interface definition and peripheral circuit are as follows:

2.2.3 Software Description
1. Open the Novastar LCD Software

2. Setups
A. Configuration in Monitoring Page, Type Power Supply Quantity

B. In the backup power supply settings, enable power backup and set the value to which the brightness is reduced. And check the application to full screen according to the situation.(Which one of the power supplies fails, the brightness of the screen will be reduced to the set value)

C. After the setting is completed, you can view the voltage values of the two power supplies in the cabinet on the monitoring interface. If the power supply is broken, it can be displayed in the information.

3. Solution equipment Selection
Equipment selection should be decided according to the actual situation of the project.

4. Features and advantages

1. The control system supports the detection of each power status and displays it on the software. When a power failure is detected, it can display alarm information on the software and can automatically send an alarm email to the screen manager.

2. When a power transmission failure is detected, it can be set to automatically reduce the brightness of the screen and reduce the power of the screen to ensure that there is no overload and damage to other power supplies due toonly one power supply in the cabinet.

3. The dual power outputs are directly connected in parallel, and with current sharing output function to ensure the stable output of the dual power supplies.

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