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P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

Most popular P2.97 Indoor LED Screen in 2021 for Advertisement

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Introduction of P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

P2.97 Indoor LED Screen is always highly aesthetic and creative. Because the ceiling advertising is always hung in eye-catching, easy-to-see positions. So, this type has relatively many requirements and aesthetic qualities.

And especially ads can be creative unlimitedly. Because the ideas are not affected by many legal regulations such as Billboard, Pano, etc., the ideas can be freely creative, not constrained by the framework. From there, it is possible to create breakthrough advertising ideas that bring extremely high efficiency.

Reach a variety of audiences through P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

Almost the shopping mall attracts all audiences through P2.97 Indoor LED Screen. Regardless of gender and age from children to adults, people with high and low incomes, etc. Also, regardless of geographical location from people in that area or outside that area. You can go in and out of the mall at any time.

What are the advantages of ceiling advertising to convince businesses to choose?

Therefore, advertising in the shopping mall will be seen by all audiences. It can be said, how is the diversity of objects entering and leaving the shopping mall? Then the level of reaching the diverse audience of the ceiling advertising is like that.

P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

Help raise brand awareness

Usually, the level of persuasion of the advertising to the ceiling is equivalent to that of the shopping mall. And often deployed advertising at famous shopping centers. The famous shopping centers are all places that can attract tourists. It can also be said to be the face of that land.

Therefore, it is possible to deploy advertising to drop the ceiling in the shopping mall. It is an affirmation of value for the P2.97 Indoor LED Screen products, services and brands. As well as helping to enhance the brand for the business.

Reach large numbers of people with the help of P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

In general, advertising is always the first point of contact when people enter the shopping mall. For some shopping centers there are special designs. Then everyone can see the ad right when standing on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor. And can always see the ad when moving in the shopping mall.

The ceiling advertising can reach all customers of the shopping mall

From there, the number of people who can see the ad is very large. And the number of sightings is also relatively high. On average, shopping malls can attract from a few hundred to several thousand people in a day.

Equivalent to an hour can reach from a few dozen to more than a hundred people in and out of the shopping center. Therefore, ceiling advertising has an extremely large level of reaching many people.

Easy to deploy, implement

For this type of P2.97 Indoor LED Screen, it does not take too much time to deploy and implement like other types. Unaffected by the provisions of the law, legal issues are easy to pass. Creative ideas can be freely promoted, so in terms of design, it will not take too much time to edit and perfect.

Materials are simple, printing time is not much. And hanging ads in shopping centers does not take much time and labor. In general, ceiling advertising can be implemented in a short time. Businesses that need to deploy campaigns urgently, ceiling advertising is an extremely optimal choice.

Disadvantages of P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

1. The number of visitors depends on the “hot” of the shopping mall

Because the advertisement is placed inside the shopping mall. The objects that can see the ad are also the objects entering and exiting the shopping mall. Therefore, the amount of advertising exposure to the ceiling always depends on the “hot” of the shopping mall. That is, the bigger the shopping mall, the more customers it attracts. Then the P2.97 Indoor LED Screen at that shopping center reaches more audiences.

2. The reputation of the shopping mall greatly affects the brands advertising in the shopping mall

It can be said that, no matter how reputable the shopping center is, so is the level of persuasion of the ads that drop the ceiling. Just like the trust of customers in that shopping mall, so is the advertising in that shopping mall.

Regulations on the categories of products that can advertise

If you deploy P2.97 Indoor LED Screen at a shopping mall with low reputation. Even with a bad reputation being bogged down by consumers. Then the ads deployed there will be directly affected and suffer many negative problems. On the contrary, if the shopping mall has a good reputation, consumers trust it. Then the ads at that shopping center will enjoy positive effects.

For different shopping centers, there will be different regulations on products, services and 4.3. Some shopping malls have regulations on the categories of products that can advertise.

How to measure P2.97 Indoor LED Screen in escalators

The P2.97 Indoor LED Screen deployed in the shopping mall should be governed by the regulations of that shopping mall. For a variety of reasons, there are certain categories that are prioritized. Also, there are some airlines that are not allowed to advertise in that shopping mall.

We all know advertising measurement is one of the very important steps in the implementation process and after the end of the advertising campaign. However, many businesses do not take this action seriously or measure it incorrectly, leading to unable to optimize subsequent ads.

P2.97 Indoor LED Screen 2021

Take the survey about P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

The customer’s perception after being exposed to the ad is the first factor that reflects the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Does the ad make customers remember, feel excited to see or does the ad make customers feel uncomfortable? After seeing the customer intend to buy?

Although it takes a lot of time and effort to conduct a survey to get each person’s opinion, if businesses skip this step, the measurement of effectiveness will no longer be accurate. On the contrary, if customers receive feedback, businesses will have points to change and improve.

Conclusion P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

As such, drop-ceiling P2.97 Indoor LED Screen advertising has certain advantages and disadvantages. However, this model has more advantages than disadvantages. In general, ceiling advertising is suitable for all businesses from small to large. Any business can deploy advertising at the mall.