The Ultimate Guide to Curved LED Screens

The Ultimate Guide to Curved LED Screens

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In the realm of dazzling digital signage and advertising, creative LED displays such as fine-pitch LED screens, transparent LED screens, and curved LED screens have become a popular choice, revolutionizing the way businesses and creators communicate information. Among these innovative LED displays leading the industry trend, curved LED screens are gaining momentum. Curved LED screens offer a unique viewing experience, enhancing everything from gaming and entertainment to advertising and presentations.

Within this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the definition, advantages, and applications of curved LED display screens, providing you with all the information you need to understand and appreciate this cutting-edge display technology.

The Ultimate Guide to Curved LED Screens

What is a Curved LED Screen?

A curved LED screen, also known as a curved LED video wall or flexible LED screen, is a display technology that features a curved shape instead of a flat surface. Curved LED display screens consist of individual LED modules arranged in a curved or concave/convex structure to create a seamless, non-planar screen surface, such as curved sections at pillars, circular rings, or corners.

The design of curved LED screens aims to mimic the natural curvature of the human eye, offering a more immersive and lifelike viewing experience. By enveloping the screen around the viewer’s field of vision, curved LED screens can create a sense of depth and dimension that traditional flat screens cannot achieve.

What is a Curved LED Screen

The Advantages of Curved LED Screens

1. Immersive Viewing Experience

Since curved LED display screens have a certain curvature that conforms to the physiology of the human eye, one of their main advantages is the immersive viewing experience they provide. The curved shape of the screen helps wrap images around the viewer, creating a sense of depth and dimension that draws viewers into the content. This is particularly effective for gaming and entertainment applications where a more immersive experience enhances the overall enjoyment of the content.

2. Enhanced Contrast and Color

Curved LED screens aim to provide a more uniform viewing experience by reducing glare and reflections. The curved shape helps reduce edge distortion and color shifts, directing light towards the viewer to improve contrast and color accuracy across the entire screen. This is especially useful in environments with poor lighting conditions, as curved LED screens can minimize distractions and offer clearer, more vibrant images.

3. Wide Viewing Angles

Viewing angle is an important factor in the viewing experience, and another advantage of curved LED display screens is the wider viewing angles they offer. The curvature of the flexible LED screen helps maintain consistent image quality from various angles, ensuring viewers can enjoy clear images from almost any position. This makes curved LED screens ideal for applications where multiple viewers need to watch the screen simultaneously, such as in meeting rooms or public spaces.

4. Aesthetic Design

Curved LED screens not only offer functionality but also high flexibility and versatility in design. The curved shape of the screen can adapt to various creative styles, adding elegance and sophistication to any space, making them a popular choice for interior designers and architects. Whether used in home theaters, retail displays, or corporate meeting rooms, flexible LED screens can enhance the overall look and feel of the environment while providing a high-quality viewing experience.

5. Space Efficiency

Curved LED displays are adaptable to various environments, both indoor and outdoor. Their curved design can better fit the structure of the installation building, effectively reducing space wastage and installation costs.

6. Optimal Naked Eye 3D Effects

One of the creative advantages curved LED displays offer is the naked eye 3D effect, which flat LED displays cannot achieve. Curved screens are the best choice for achieving naked eye 3D effects, using the curvature to create a three-dimensional scene that provides users with a visually impactful experience. Curved LED display screens can also be combined with virtual reality (VR) and other technologies to create unprecedented virtual spaces, allowing consumers to witness breakthrough innovations in display technology and experience a fresh visual impact. Curved LED displays are not just the future of advertising displays but also a groundbreaking innovation combining public art with modern display technology.

The Applications of Curved LED Screens

The application fields of curved LED displays are diverse and expanding. Traditional flat LED screens, while widely used and holding a large market share, may not be suitable for certain special occasions. Curved screens are gradually becoming the trend in future display technology development. The popularity of outdoor naked-eye 3D LED displays and immersive LED screens supports this notion. However, the applications of curved LED screens go beyond these examples, showcasing their creative roles in various fields.

The Applications of Curved LED Screens

1. Gaming

Curved LED screens are increasingly favored by gamers for their immersive viewing experience. The curved shape of the screen helps draw players into the game, creating a more engaging and realistic experience. The enhanced contrast and color accuracy of curved LED screens improve gameplay by providing clearer, more detailed images.

2. Entertainment Venues

Curved LED screens are widely used in home theaters, cinemas, and other entertainment venues. While curved screens currently represent a minority in cinemas, their advantages are becoming more widespread, suggesting a future where more curved screens will enter theaters. The immersive viewing experience of curved screens enhances the enjoyment of movies, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment by creating a more attractive cinema experience. Furthermore, the wide viewing angle of curved LED screens ensures that everyone in the room can enjoy clear, vibrant images.

3. Advertising and Marketing

Compared to traditional flat screens, curved LED screens attract more attention from target users. More and more businesses are using flexible LED displays for advertising and marketing activities because they can perfectly fit building structures, enabling unique designs that make advertisements more memorable and impactful. They also exert great influence on increasing brand awareness and engagement. Whether used in retail environments, trade shows, or outdoor advertising, curved LED display screens can help businesses stand out and attract customers.

4. Presentations

Curved LED screens are also well-suited for presentations in corporate and educational environments. The immersive viewing experience of curved screens helps engage the audience and keep them focused throughout the presentation. The enhanced contrast and color accuracy of curved LED screens also ensure that visual content is displayed clearly and effectively, making it easier for viewers to understand and remember information.

5. Virtual Studios

Virtual photography is a popular emerging filming technique. Curved LED displays can be used to create large curved virtual video walls to simulate real scenes for filming, reducing post-production steps and costs. Moreover, large curved LED screens combined with VR technology can quickly immerse actors and creators in the on-set atmosphere, improving the quality of filming.

6. Aircraft Flight Simulators

Some large and heavy mechanical and professional driving simulators require a high level of immersion. Curved LED displays can be used in simulators for trainees to conduct simulation exercises. With the support of virtual technology, curved LED display screens can simulate real flight scenarios, while also supporting training on challenging aspects of normal flight such as simulating engine failures and forced landings to enhance pilots’ crisis management abilities.


Curved LED screens represent cutting-edge display technology, offering a range of advantages and applications across various industries. From gaming and entertainment to flight simulation, curved LED screens provide a unique immersive viewing experience and advanced virtual technology that enhances our interaction with digital content. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of curved LED screens, you can make informed decisions on integrating this innovative technology into your own projects and experiences.

offer custom curved LED display services

Currently, most LED display manufacturers offer custom curved LED display services. RIGARD LED has successfully completed numerous creative projects involving curved LED display walls for satisfied customers. Our team specializes in tailoring exclusive display solutions for you and delivering high-end display products that meet your expectations.

RIGARD’s curved LED display screens boast impressive features that offer limitless possibilities for your visual experience and business development. Easy maintenance and magnetic design make installation a breeze, while its lightweight nature facilitates transportation and upkeep. The smooth surface and excellent flatness provide your users with clear images and immersive visual enjoyment. Moreover, the flexible panel design grants you creative freedom to meet various artistic needs.

RIGARD LED screens not only deliver outstanding performance for your content but also offer convenience and flexibility for your operation and maintenance. If you have any further inquiries about curved LED displays, feel free to consult our LED experts anytime. We are dedicated to supporting your business development with the best curved screens.

P1.25 LED display

What is Screen Refresh Rate in LED Display Screen?

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There are high requirements for smooth picture quality, whether it is in the fierce action film or game competition, since it plays a pivotal role in the user experience. It is no coincidence that for those enterprises applying advertising LED screens for product and brand promotion, they have even higher requirements for the image quality presented because the lagging and low-quality images are not only detrimental to the promotion and even additional negative impact on the brand.

What is Screen Refresh Rate

Given that, an increasing number of enterprises prefer to choose advertising LED screens that can display smooth pictures. Nevertheless, the screen refresh rate, a vital factor in fast motion processing, has a great relationship with the smooth picture whether the LED display can provide. In most cases, a higher display refresh rate means a more stable screen display with smoother and natural motion.

What is Screen Refresh Rate in LED Display Screen?

Refresh rate can be divided into vertical refresh rate and horizontal refresh rate. The screen refresh rate generally refers to the vertical refresh rate, that is, the number of times the electronic beam repeatedly scanned the image on the LED screen. In layman’s terms, it is the number of times that the LED display screen redraws the image per second. The screen refresh rate is measured in Hertz, usually abbreviated as “Hz”. For example, a screen refresh rate of 1920Hz means that the image is refreshed 1920 times in one second.

What you see on an LED video wall are actually still and slightly different pictures, while the motion you see is because the LED display screen constantly refreshes to give you the illusion of natural motion. Since the human eye has the effect of visual dwell, the next picture follows before the impression of the previous picture in the brain disappeared, coupled with that these images are only in slight differences, the still images are connected to form a smooth, natural movement as long as the screen refresh frequency is fast enough.

A higher screen refresh rate is the guarantee of high-quality images and smoother video playback, which facilitates you better to communicate brand and product information to your target audience and leave a deep impression on them. On the contrary, if the display refresh rate is low, the image transmission of the LED display screen will become unnatural. There will also be flickering “black scan lines”, torn and trailing images, as well as “mosaic” or “ghost effect” displayed in different colors. A low screen refresh rate tends to make viewers visually tired and leaves a bad impression on your brand image.

Industry Requirements for LED Screen Refresh Rate

Generally, in order to present a high-quality picture, LED screen manufacturers provide LED display screens with a refresh rate higher than 1000Hz, and for a high-performance LED display, its screen refresh rate should reach at least 3840Hz. Among the several core components of a LED display screen – LED power supply, LED driver chip, and LED lamp beads, LED driver chip exerts great influence on the screen refresh rate. In the current LED display market, some LED display manufacturers, such as RIGARD, are committed to improving the led refresh rate by integrating S-PWM technology into the LED driver chip. S-PWM technology is the latest technology that improves on the traditional Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology by breaking down the original once-per-frame count (LED die ON→LED die OFF) into multiple counts on average. By integrating S-PWM technology into the small pixel pitch LED display, the screen refresh rate is increased up to 64 times to 3840Hz and effectively eliminates horizontal black scan lines and uneven color block distribution during high-speed digital camera shooting.

Although high screen refresh rate is highly related to smooth and high-quality images, it does not mean that a LED display screen with a higher display refresh rate will necessarily produce high-quality images, as both the refresh rate and frame rate can affect what you see on your LED video wall. Especially when the frame rate and refresh rate are not in sync, tearing images may occur. Therefore, the screen refresh rate and frame rate are two key factors for enterprises looking for a high-performance LED display.

Hz vs. FPS

The motion is shown by displaying many consecutive still but slightly different images that are called “frames”, and frame per second (FPS) refers to the rate at which new frames are displayed, i.e. how many of these images are displayed in a second. For example, 24fps means that the screen displays 24 images a second.

Frame rate and screen refresh rate are two different things, but people often confuse them. In fact, FPS is determined by the combination of the software or media you use, the central processing unit (CPU), and the graphics card, while the refresh rate is determined by the display screen itself. The screen refresh rate (Hz) does not affect the frame rate of your equipment output, but if your output FPS is higher than the refresh rate, your LED display screen is not able to display all the frames generated by your equipment. That is to say, 60 frames per second source should have an LED display screen that supports a display refresh rate of 60 times per second; otherwise, the action will be blurry and incoherent.

For companies seeking a high-quality LED display, choosing an LED display screen with a screen refresh rate higher than the frame rate is a perfect solution as a high screen refresh rate LED display will refresh the same frame many times over to match the frame rate. For example, if your LED screen with a refresh rate of 3840 Hz is playing a video with a frame rate of 24 fps, the processor will refresh the images 160 times per frame to match the overall occupied 24 frames per second. At such a high LED refresh rate, the human eye cannot perceive flicker in the screen, so the fast action displayed will be very smooth and clear.
What is Screen Refresh Rate


Whether you want to use an indoor or outdoor advertising LED screen for branding, video presentations, broadcasting, or virtual filming, you should always choose an LED display screen that offers a high screen refresh rate and synchronizes with the frame rate recorded by your camera if you want to get high-quality images from the screen. The narrow pixel pitch LED display of RIGARD is able to boost the overall screen refresh rate up to 7680 Hz depending on the pixels and size of the screen by building in the latest S-PWM technology. If you are looking for a LED display screen with a high refresh rate, RIGARD LED can be one of your choices.

What is 3D LED Screen and How Does 3D LED Screen Work?

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The use of outdoor advertising LED screens for promotion and branding is not something new and unique anymore. It has proven to have an immediate and long-lasting influence on enhancing the brand impact and product insight over the past decade or so. But recently, the display technology industry has been brought to a boil again by some innovative ideas to present stunning naked-eye 3D visual effects on outdoor LED screens. The 3D LED display brings viewers a visual effect that is more impactful and aesthetically pleasing than the static images presented by any traditional LEDs, making it the next focal point of display technology.

What is 3D LED Screen?

We generally wear special 3D glasses to achieve true 3D visual effects when we go to the cinema for a 3D film. In contrast, a 3D LED screen is a LED display that allows viewers to enjoy real three-dimensional images with bare eyes. It is installed outdoors, like traditional LED displays, usually on building facades, to attract potential customers passing by to stop and watch 3D brand stories or product details so as to leave a deep impression.

Recently, an increasing number of brands are foreseeing the unexpected branding effects of 3D outdoor advertising LED display screens as a novel approach. For example, on the landmark Piccadilly light screen in central London, Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen showcased details of 3D watches on a 3D LED screen; in Chengdu, China, a giant spaceship broke through a 3D LED screen, and actress Rosamund Pike filmed 3D content to promote the Wheel of Time in Paris, New York, Madrid and Tokyo. All of them created widespread interest and discussion on social media. The buzz about 3D LED screens has consumers witnessing innovative breakthroughs in display technology and a refreshing visual impact that is not only the future of advertising displays but also a breakthrough innovation in the modern combination of public art and display technology.

How Does 3D LED Screen Work?

Without the aid of 3D glasses, how is this immersive naked-eye 3D visual display created? 3D LED screen is actually a combination of 3D digital display technology and traditional flexible LED screen to produce 3D images. People can enjoy the naked-eye 3D image or video is because the 3D LED display shows a different depth of the images so that the human eye has the visual illusion of perceiving the displayed 2D image as a 3D image.

We are born with 3D spatial sense. When our eyes see an object, two different tiny pictures appear due to the small distance between the two eyeballs, which enables the brain to calculate the spatial coordinates between the objects, thus presenting a three-dimensional effect. The 3D display technology of eyeglasses also adopts the same principle by separating images and sending them to the left and right eyes of the viewer respectively to achieve the 3D effect.

The 3D LED screen takes a flexible LED screen that can be bent to a certain arc or 90 degrees as the hardware to present two images taken from different angles that have been combined in one lens. When we view these images with our left and right eyes, parallax occurs, resulting in creating the depth observed in 3D technology.

Rather than creating a 3D effect with a distinct structure, 3D LED display utilizes digital technology and naked-eye imaging to achieve a three-dimensional effect on the billboard display, which is its biggest difference from 2D display screens. With the increasing consumer expectations for 3D LED screen and the advertising effect it brings to brands, 3D LED screen is increasingly favored by viewers and brands.

Advantages of 3D LED Screen over Traditional Outdoor LED Screen

Consumers and brands are giving 3D displays more focus as 3D LED displays are more commercially viable in the future than traditional outdoor advertising screens. 3D outdoor advertising display screens present a more realistic and convincing 3D image than 2D ones because of the larger area, greater pixel density, and the absence of physical elements with edges that make the image look unrealistic. Therefore, with 3D LED screens, your brand images and product displays will become lifelike. Moreover, 3D images leave viewers a novel visual experience that cannot be found in 2D images, which stimulates customers to spend more time exploring your brand and products. 3D technology adds depth to your content and makes your advertising more impactful. It not only promotes the brand to the public but also increases customer retention rate and creates more possibilities of business value for your brand.

Technical Requirements for 3D LED Screen

Compared with traditional LED screens, 3D LED screen has high requirements for both software and hardware configuration in order to present the best naked-eye 3-dimensional display effect.

In terms of hardware, conventional flat LED display is hard to present 3D effects because the rendered images cannot be made to enter the human left and right eyes through the optical structure to produce parallax. Therefore, the 3D LED display requires a flexible LED display that can be installed with a 90° right-angle or circular arc. In addition, naked-eye 3D display technology pays more attention to the details of the image. In order to achieve a better display effect, the display hardware needs to achieve better contrast and HDR high dynamic range, so the outdoor LED screen used for 3D display technology should have high brightness and high refresh rate.

In terms of software, 3D outdoor advertising LED display screen should support HD and high color depth video encoding and be able to adapt to multiple video import and playback software.

RIGARD outdoor advertising LED screen is one of the perfect solutions applicable to 3D display technology. As a professional LED display manufacturer, RIGARD provides high-quality outdoor LED displays and key technical support for the naked-eye 3D display. High brightness and high resolution are the main features of RIGARD’s outdoor LED display board, and thanks to the industry-leading narrow pixel pitch technology, they can present clearer and more natural images, bringing the audience an immersive feeling. RIGARD LED also meets the requirements of 3D display technology for flexibility of the display screen, allowing for 90-degree bending to maximize the best effects of aesthetics and technology integration. Furthermore, RIGARD outdoor LED display can be remotely controlled through 4G, and WIFI connection and 3D images and video can be saved in the cloud, which is available to make timely adjustments to unexpected situations and greatly reduce operating costs.

The 3D LED display breaks through the traditional two-dimensional display technology to capture the audience’s attention by providing a novel visual experience. It is the future direction of outdoor advertising display and one of the best solutions for you to achieve brand promotion and advertising display.

P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

Most popular P2.97 Indoor LED Screen in 2021 for Advertisement

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Introduction of P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

P2.97 Indoor LED Screen is always highly aesthetic and creative. Because the ceiling advertising is always hung in eye-catching, easy-to-see positions. So, this type has relatively many requirements and aesthetic qualities.

And especially ads can be creative unlimitedly. Because the ideas are not affected by many legal regulations such as Billboard, Pano, etc., the ideas can be freely creative, not constrained by the framework. From there, it is possible to create breakthrough advertising ideas that bring extremely high efficiency.

Reach a variety of audiences through P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

Almost the shopping mall attracts all audiences through P2.97 Indoor LED Screen. Regardless of gender and age from children to adults, people with high and low incomes, etc. Also, regardless of geographical location from people in that area or outside that area. You can go in and out of the mall at any time.

What are the advantages of ceiling advertising to convince businesses to choose?

Therefore, advertising in the shopping mall will be seen by all audiences. It can be said, how is the diversity of objects entering and leaving the shopping mall? Then the level of reaching the diverse audience of the ceiling advertising is like that.

P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

Help raise brand awareness

Usually, the level of persuasion of the advertising to the ceiling is equivalent to that of the shopping mall. And often deployed advertising at famous shopping centers. The famous shopping centers are all places that can attract tourists. It can also be said to be the face of that land.

Therefore, it is possible to deploy advertising to drop the ceiling in the shopping mall. It is an affirmation of value for the P2.97 Indoor LED Screen products, services and brands. As well as helping to enhance the brand for the business.

Reach large numbers of people with the help of P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

In general, advertising is always the first point of contact when people enter the shopping mall. For some shopping centers there are special designs. Then everyone can see the ad right when standing on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor. And can always see the ad when moving in the shopping mall.

The ceiling advertising can reach all customers of the shopping mall

From there, the number of people who can see the ad is very large. And the number of sightings is also relatively high. On average, shopping malls can attract from a few hundred to several thousand people in a day.

Equivalent to an hour can reach from a few dozen to more than a hundred people in and out of the shopping center. Therefore, ceiling advertising has an extremely large level of reaching many people.

Easy to deploy, implement

For this type of P2.97 Indoor LED Screen, it does not take too much time to deploy and implement like other types. Unaffected by the provisions of the law, legal issues are easy to pass. Creative ideas can be freely promoted, so in terms of design, it will not take too much time to edit and perfect.

Materials are simple, printing time is not much. And hanging ads in shopping centers does not take much time and labor. In general, ceiling advertising can be implemented in a short time. Businesses that need to deploy campaigns urgently, ceiling advertising is an extremely optimal choice.

Disadvantages of P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

1. The number of visitors depends on the “hot” of the shopping mall

Because the advertisement is placed inside the shopping mall. The objects that can see the ad are also the objects entering and exiting the shopping mall. Therefore, the amount of advertising exposure to the ceiling always depends on the “hot” of the shopping mall. That is, the bigger the shopping mall, the more customers it attracts. Then the P2.97 Indoor LED Screen at that shopping center reaches more audiences.

2. The reputation of the shopping mall greatly affects the brands advertising in the shopping mall

It can be said that, no matter how reputable the shopping center is, so is the level of persuasion of the ads that drop the ceiling. Just like the trust of customers in that shopping mall, so is the advertising in that shopping mall.

Regulations on the categories of products that can advertise

If you deploy P2.97 Indoor LED Screen at a shopping mall with low reputation. Even with a bad reputation being bogged down by consumers. Then the ads deployed there will be directly affected and suffer many negative problems. On the contrary, if the shopping mall has a good reputation, consumers trust it. Then the ads at that shopping center will enjoy positive effects.

For different shopping centers, there will be different regulations on products, services and 4.3. Some shopping malls have regulations on the categories of products that can advertise.

How to measure P2.97 Indoor LED Screen in escalators

The P2.97 Indoor LED Screen deployed in the shopping mall should be governed by the regulations of that shopping mall. For a variety of reasons, there are certain categories that are prioritized. Also, there are some airlines that are not allowed to advertise in that shopping mall.

We all know advertising measurement is one of the very important steps in the implementation process and after the end of the advertising campaign. However, many businesses do not take this action seriously or measure it incorrectly, leading to unable to optimize subsequent ads.

P2.97 Indoor LED Screen 2021

Take the survey about P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

The customer’s perception after being exposed to the ad is the first factor that reflects the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Does the ad make customers remember, feel excited to see or does the ad make customers feel uncomfortable? After seeing the customer intend to buy?

Although it takes a lot of time and effort to conduct a survey to get each person’s opinion, if businesses skip this step, the measurement of effectiveness will no longer be accurate. On the contrary, if customers receive feedback, businesses will have points to change and improve.

Conclusion P2.97 Indoor LED Screen

As such, drop-ceiling P2.97 Indoor LED Screen advertising has certain advantages and disadvantages. However, this model has more advantages than disadvantages. In general, ceiling advertising is suitable for all businesses from small to large. Any business can deploy advertising at the mall.

P2.6 Indoor LED Screen

Which is the best P2.6 Indoor LED Screen to promote business?

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P2.6 Indoor LED Screen is often encountered in shopping centers or high-rise buildings of various sizes, continuously broadcasting clips and images to promote businesses. However, there are caveats when advertising LED screens that advertisers need to consider. Refer to the following article to clarify this issue.

1. Note the duration of a spot

An average spot is only from 15 seconds to 30 seconds, just enough for viewers to understand the message that the business is trying to convey without being too wordy.

If a spot is too short, only 3-5 seconds, viewers will definitely not be able to read all the content in the spot, but the ad has disappeared before. Especially for P2.6 Indoor LED Screen where there are traffic lights.

P2.6 Indoor LED Screen

On the contrary, if a spot is too long, passersby will not be able to see all the ads, especially for participants who drive vehicles such as motorbikes and cars. They won’t have enough time to see all the ads for a spot.

2. Note about the number of P2.6 Indoor LED Screen in the ad campaign

Not just advertising more screens, appearing more on the street is an effective advertising campaign. Sometimes the advertising appears too much will cause financial waste, but it is unlikely that it will reach potential customers.

The number of screens is just enough for customers to remember the message of their business, without being suffocated or bored. In addition, many ads but not hitting the right campaign focus will make it difficult for businesses to reach the right customers they are targeting.

On the contrary, if the number of P2.6 Indoor LED Screen is too small, the coverage is not high, then the customer reach will be narrowed. Customers cannot remember the message of the business if the frequency appears too little for a spot with large transmission content.

3. Notice about the frequency of ads appearing on the P2.6 Indoor LED Screen

On an LED screen, the recommended number of spots is 120. This number is just enough for LED screen advertising to reach people who visit that route or shopping mall.

According to statistics, an average person can commute on the same route 2-3 times. Therefore, the frequency of ad appearance plays a very important part in an advertising campaign.

An effective LED screen advertising campaign can reach the maximum audience they are targeting, while helping businesses optimize their budget effectively.

On an P2.6 Indoor LED Screen the recommended number of spots is 120.

If you abuse LED ads, letting them appear too much on the roads close together can waste funds and bring little effect, because it is unlikely that LED screens can reach potential customers but spend too much money on them. Or if the campaign is not on point, the advertising can cause serious losses to the business.

On the contrary, if LED advertising has too little frequency, the first time visitors do not have time to remember all the content conveyed by the business, if there are no additional appearances, customers can easily forget all the content. used before without remembering them at all.

4. Design Notes

Do not cram too many messages because time is limited

P2.6 Indoor LED Screen advertising duration is only from 15-30 seconds, if crammed with too many redundant messages, not for the right purpose will cause the advertising campaign to fail. Moreover, customers are always attracted by beautiful visual content.

So, it is advisable to optimize the number of words and sentences as concisely as possible, while making it easier for designers in their creation. while making customers satisfied with a short and concise message.

The design needs to fit the area of ​​the P2.6 Indoor LED Screen

LED screens come in a variety of sizes. Creators need to design them to fit the size of the screen. If the image is too large for the LED screen, the message may be cut or lost when displayed on the screen.

In addition, the color scheme also needs to be carefully selected. The eye-catching image is the foundation to attract potential customers who want to find the P2.6 Indoor LED Screen advertising of each business.

If the color is too faint, or the message is drowned in the image too colorful, it will make viewers uncomfortable, not wanting to continue watching that ad.

General Introduction to P2.6 Indoor LED Screen Advertising

Thus, to implement an P2.6 Indoor LED Screen advertising project, there are many notes that need to be read and understood before starting a campaign. To be able to implement an effective advertising project, it is necessary to monitor the advertising campaign for a period of time, then make a decision whether to continue long-term for this campaign or not.

Ceiling advertising is a prominent type of advertising in shopping malls. With this type, it is common to print advertising content on tarpaulins, banners, and banners. Advertising content will be printed on one side or two sides. And hung from the ceiling.
P2.6 Indoor LED Screen 2021

Advertisement on the ceiling at the shopping mall

Drop-ceiling ads can be deployed in large quantities and in different sizes. Billboards will be hung inside the shopping mall. At prominent locations, it is easy to fall into the view of people when moving in the shopping mall.

How famous are drop-ceiling ads?

For advertising at shopping malls, there are many types of ads. Types of advertising such as elevators, escalators, P2.6 Indoor LED Screen, screens, drop ceilings, etc. The ceiling advertising is an outstanding type of advertising that possesses many advantages.

What are the highlights of the P2.6 Indoor LED Screen advertising?

In fact, there are quite a few businesses that choose to advertise at the ceiling. Ceiling advertising can be extremely effective.

It has the ability to reach the target audience and reach the frequency at a high level. And especially, there is a relatively large rate of attracting the attention of the subjects with the advertised products, services or brands. As well as being able to create trust of the audience for advertising.

Conclusion P2.6 Indoor LED Screen

It can be said that advertising on the ceiling in recent years receive a lot of attention from businesses. And always a potential investment exploitation category of agencies. It expects that in the future this form of advertising will occupy a lot of market share in the advertising market.

5 Reasons to Buy P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

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Introduction of P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

P3.91 Indoor LED Screen are an exemplary type of modern advertising. The devices come in a wide range of models. Renting LED screens will allow you to organize any festive event at a high level and with minimal costs.

LED technologies are becoming more and more popular and in demand in the advertising industry. All new solutions appear on the modern market in the process of development and improvement of the field of LED technology. One of these innovations is LED screens. Moreover, they are stylish, creative and effective.


LED screens are installations that display graphical information using LEDs. The word “LED” is the name of the technology itself, through which content is broadcast in video mode. However, The LEDs are here come into clusters or matrices, which together form large screens.

The screens themselves are innovative modular designs, consisting of three main components:

  • These are the smallest components of an P3.91 Indoor LED Screen, on which the picture quality depends.
  • The smaller the pixel pitch is, the higher and better the broadcast contrast will be;

Modules are special boards equipped with LEDs

  • Cabinet – several modules folded into one whole.
  • Separate power supplies are common to supply each of them.
  • Also, Collectively, several cabinets form a common large screen.

The LED screen is a stylish and profitable solution for posting video ads, posters and other information. Regardless of weather conditions and in any light, it broadcasts the necessary information brightly and expressively. Moreover, Renting an P3.91 Indoor LED Screen will be an impeccable choice for those who want to demonstrate their services or goods to consumers with ease and dynamism.

Relevance of P3.91 Indoor LED Screen application

The scope of application of LED electronic screens is very wide due to their high information power.

Renting LED screens will be a good solution for decorating venues for public events.


Also, depending on the purpose, screens consisting of LED modules are divided into the following main types:

  • Media facades. Already from the name it is easy to understand that such structures are common on buildings. They simultaneously perform informational and aesthetic functions;
  • However, Flexible screens and specific LED grids. They are easy to install both indoors and outdoors. Such options may differ in the frequency of pixels come in them, the saturation of the pictures, dimensions and other operational features;
  • LED panels. For any purpose and condition, you can use such models.

Positive and negative quality of P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

Electronic screens based on P3.91 Indoor LED Screen are in many ways superior to traditional types of advertising media. Among the predominant differences:

Uncompromising brightness

The clarity and expressiveness of pictures is preserved in conditions of any complexity: when sunlight hits the screen, in the evening, in bright light and in rainy weather;


However, the screens are protected from moisture, dust and mechanical damage. They are resistant to temperature changes, the range of withstand temperatures is from -30 ° C to + 50 ° C;

Wide viewing angle

The transmitted information is easy to see from a distance of up to 200 meters even at a high angle;

Durability Without the need for service

the minimum operating period of the LED screen is at least 50 thousand hours, the average service life is 100 thousand hours.

As for the shortcomings, this is easy to attribute to the rather high cost of the screens, as well as the fact that they do not look as impressive at close range as at a long distance.


The effectiveness of advertising of individual establishments and the services or goods they provide using P3.91 Indoor LED Screen has been proven many times. But what does the uninterrupted functioning of the screens depend on?

Regardless of the type of screen, internal purpose or external

P3.91 Indoor LED Screen work is impossible without the following components:


The most microscopic part of a video broadcast by a video screen is important. Furthermore, Pixel parameters can be different, the smallest is 19 mm and the largest is 80 mm. One pixel can contain from 1 to 8 color LEDs. Elements with red, green and blue shades are mainly used;

  1. Pixel pitch. Furthermore, it is determined by the interval between two adjacent pixels, more precisely between their midpoints. At the same time, a smaller step provides a higher quality;
  2. LED per pixel – a place where LEDs of different shades of the color palette are located on one pixel;
  3. Several pixels combined into one solid element;
  4. Also, Offices. This is the name of an element in which several modules collect, while the parameters of the cabinet are like the parameters of the modules;
  5. Observation angle. The brightness of the 91 Indoor LED Screen depends on these characteristics with a significant deviation to the side, and, accordingly, the contrast of the perceived image;
  6. Furthermore, Graphic resolution. This indicator depends on how many pixels are inside the module per 1 m².

Each of these elements ensures the quality of the LED screen and when choosing it, all indicators must be considered.

P3.91 Indoor LED Screen 2021

Characteristics properties of P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

Among the main features of LED screens, it should be noted:

  • the surface of the screen is a kind of light source that acts as a modulator. This is their main difference from a projector or video cube;
  • However, LED structures is easy to install in any conditions: with high humidity, high air pollution and constant noise;

P3.91 Indoor LED Screen plays a huge role in modern life. They allow a person to find out a variety of news, both advertising and informational.

Considering that the LED screen belongs to the category of expensive products, rent (the price in this case is much lower) is in great demand in comparison with the purchase.

Rental of P3.91 Indoor LED Screen from event technologies

An excellent and cost-effective solution for the audiovisual accompaniment of advertising events, sporting events, concerts and other social events would be to rent a modern high-quality LED screen.

However, Event Technologies has been operating in the field of LED equipment for more than 9 years and is quite rightfully the leader in this direction not only in the European market, but also in the CIS countries.

Renting an P3.91 Indoor LED Screen will allow you to solve problems of any complexity in terms of displaying multimedia information with minimal financial costs.

Using the services of the company, you get:

  • equipment of exceptional quality;
  • professional advice on choosing a screen suitable for a particular case and qualified technical support;
  • the rental price is relatively low and includes equipment delivery, installation and connection

Conclusion P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

P3.91 Indoor LED Screen rental is possible both long-term and short-term. Depending on the needs, customers offer a wide range of LED-screens with ideal clarity of images and colors. For the rental period, the company provides full technical support for the provided LED screens, which allows you to organize any event brightly, creatively and unforgettably.

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

How to target customer with P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display?

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P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display campaign, using large billboards come in heavy traffic areas. Before starting a campaign, advertisers need to determine the right audience Billboard advertising is aimed at.

The importance of identifying target customers

Determine the audience Billboard advertising is targeting

In the steps to implement a P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display, determining the target audience is extremely important. Every brand and business when embarking on a Billboard advertising campaign needs to accurately determine the target customer that they are targeting, because many of them will directly spend money to buy products.

Determining the right audience that the ad is targeting will ensure the correct placement of Billboard advertising, while optimizing advertising costs while ensuring maximum effectiveness for the campaign.

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

The audience that P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display is aimed at

Depending on the placement of the billboard, the target audience is also different. Businesses and brands need to identify each position corresponding to each customer to choose the most optimal advertising solutions. Besides, Billboard ads at shopping centers will almost always be aimed at areas with medium and high population.

Billboard advertising at the mall

In commercial centers, the main recipients of advertising content may be young people, popular between the ages of 18 and 35. People in this age group have a high demand for entertainment and shopping. so, they are often present at the mall. These people can be students, students, office workers, business people, etc.

High-altitude P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display at highways

The highway is also one of the locations often chosen to place Advertising LED Display. Here, vehicles pass a lot, especially cars, passenger cars, trucks. Many vehicles as well as customers move through the highway according to a fixed schedule. People exposed to billboards on highways can be drivers, traders, workers in industrial parks, etc., between the ages of 25 and 50.

Project implemented for ABIC – Agricultural Insurance Joint Stock Company on highways

Most of the expressways are in the inner-city areas, bordering areas between provinces and cities, the population density is not high, the educational level as well as the income of the people are at a good average level. In addition, tourists traveling to other provinces and cities or moving to the airport often have to go through highways. Therefore, at this location, it is appropriate to place billboards on insurance, banking, building materials or travel services and ticket offices.

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display at intersections, intersections 4

The junctions 3 and 4 are the places where the traffic concentrates with many passersby. Therefore, the target audience of Outdoor Advertising LED Display advertising campaigns located here is also very large and diverse, especially at intersections in big cities.

Customers that often appear here can be students, students, employees, intellectuals, business people, housewives, etc. Their income level and education level are also different. ranging from moderate to good. These customers may take interest in essential household items, food, beverage, etc. – products in the mid-range price range.

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display at the divider

Outdoor advertising billboards on medians are often we see on wide, beautiful and open roads or national highways. The customers who meet the Billboard here can be small businesses, workers, people who work far away, with a decent average income. This is suitable for advertisements about insurance services, banking, credit, building materials, etc.

Billboards on the wall

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display wall-mounted billboards often appear on the walls of houses located near overpasses and highways so that passers-by can easily see them. Therefore, wall billboards are easy to place in both densely populated areas in the inner city and suburban areas.

The target audience for advertising is therefore also very diverse, popular between the ages of 20 and 50, working in many different professions, with moderate to good income. Billboards on the walls of houses can be for products such as courses, household appliances, refrigeration-electronics, etc.

How to reach audiences when they leave their homes?

Outdoor Advertising LED Display, also famous as out-of-home advertising, abbreviated as OOH advertising is a type of advertising that can reach audiences when they leave their homes. And often appear in public places and many people pass by such as: bus stations, airports, junctions, intersections,

With various types of advertising such as: Bus advertising, LED screen advertising, Pano advertising, market advertising, etc., outdoor advertising can appear in the eyes of the target audience anytime, anywhere.

Promotional message is printed on P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display is one of the forms of outdoor advertising, also famous as advertising panels. This is a form of advertising where the content of the promotional message prints on billboards come of canvas material on a metal frame.

Outdoor billboards are one of the types of advertising that many businesses choose to deploy and are very popular in Vietnam.

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display 2021

Main features of outdoor P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

1. Placement position

Outdoor advertising panels often appear within the inner city with many forms such as single-sided and double-sided panels, etc. And often come with solid concrete columns or walled in high-rise buildings. Billboard advertising can reach a variety of audiences with a large number and very high frequency.

2. Advertising Panel Size

The size of outdoor billboards is quite strict. Different sizes are suitable for different Pano advertising locations. For the inner-city area, the height must reach from 5.0m and the highest is 10m or more. Measured from the road surface to the bottom edge of the billboard.

2. The texture of a complete advertising billboard

For suburban areas, namely positions on national highways, district roads and provincial roads, the advertising area must be from 40 to 200m 2 and the height from the road surface to the bottom edge of the billboard must be from 8 to less than or equal to 15m.

Conclusion P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

In terms of structure, mainly P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display comes to the wall by concrete columns. Materials for advertising Pano often common are Hiflex (tarpaulin material), iron, steel, aluminum, etc. Some ads also come with additional lights at night.

COB LED Display

What is COB LED Display? Simple Guide to Rent Led 2021

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Usual time for placing advertising panels

COB LED Display need to be implemented within a certain period. Based on the contract signed with the enterprise application ad units time of construction and deployment would be no fixed rate. In the case of no obstacles and favorable conditions, the construction time can be within 2 weeks.

Implementation time can last from 1 month to 3 months or more. The usual time to place advertising panels should be before or more than 1 month when the advertising campaign takes place. To ensure that there is time to resolve the risk to avoid affecting the outdoor Pano advertising campaign.

COB LED Display

2. What are the benefits of COB LED Display?

2.1. Increase brand awareness

Because COB LED Display often appear within the inner city, they have a relatively high level of aesthetic requirements. Beautiful advertising panels can always attract the eye and actively remember the brand, thereby helping the audience easily identify the brand appearing on the ad.

2.2. Introducing new products

Pano ads always appear in locations with a lot of people and with relatively high frequency, the level of advertising reach to the audience is extremely large. Therefore, advertising panels are very suitable for campaigns to introduce new products.

2.3. Engage customers and increase conversions

Due to its relatively large size and COB LED Display, a beautiful advertising billboard is easy to appear in everyone’s eyes. From there, it is easy to create excitement for customers and drive them to increase conversions for the brand advertised on the Pano.

Outdoor advertising billboards can bring a lot of benefits

3.4. Contributing to revenue growth

In general, the cost of making high-level billboards is not too great, so advertising is easy to deploty from long-term to short-term. COB LED Display possesses many outstanding advantages that contribute to the creation of successful advertising campaigns.

Therefore, when implementing Pano advertising, it will bring many benefits to businesses and especially can contribute to revenue growth.

3.5. COB LED Display Integration with many other tools

Outdoor billboards can be easily integrated with other tools and media. It is possible to deploy many forms of outdoor advertising at the same time such as: Bus advertising, Taxi advertising, etc. Especially ads can easily appear in videos and images of many people and then spread on the Internet.

From there, it is possible to improve the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

3. Advertisement Panel Quotes

Advertisement Panel Quotes

COB LED Display costs are influenced by many factors such as:

  • Location:

Depending on the location where advertising Pano is deployed, the cost will vary. Deploying Pano ads in large cities will cost more than small cities. Placing COB LED Display at people’s homes will cost less than when placed in businesses or businesses.

  • Advertising design:

This factor is based on the requirements of businesses or the qualifications and experience of the construction units. For outdoor Pano ads with breakthrough ideas, new creations, the cost for the design will be higher than that of conventional designs.

COB LED Display Material and printing:

The cost of materials and printing is quite different between Pano advertising campaigns, because each campaign will use different materials and printing, so the cost will be different. In addition, the supply of materials and printing for each unit will have different prices.

  • Construction:

In terms of construction, the more reputable the construction company, the higher the price will be. However, it depends on the construction unit to calculate the costs and then offer the most optimal price for that advertising campaign.

Construction factors when deploying COB LED Display

  • License for advertising and construction:

For some COB LED Display campaigns, advertising and construction permits are delayed due to cumbersome procedures. And sometimes it is for many reasons that a license cannot be obtained, or the cost of applying for a license is inflated compared to the calculation. These problems are easy to solve quickly for some businesses and construction units with many relationships.

  • Time:

Depending on the long-term or short-term implementation of outdoor advertising, the cost as well as the cost will fluctuate. The longer the ad implementation time, the more favorable the cost.

Therefore, advertising Pano prices do not have a fixed level. The normal fluctuation is from 250$. Depending on the requirements of businesses and the capabilities of the construction units, the cost is different for each advertising campaign and for each construction unit; it is possible to give a cost for advertising.

COB LED Display 2021

4. Notes when implementing COB LED Display

4.1. Design advertising panels

Pano advertising is subject to many regulations. Especially in terms of design always requires quite high aesthetics. Therefore, advertising billboard design must be given careful attention.

In addition to avoiding violations of regulations and ensuring aesthetics, advertisers must also create highly creative advertising ideas. Thereby increasing the effectiveness of the outdoor advertising campaign.

4.2. Apply for a license to hang outdoor advertising billboards

It is necessary to apply for a license in accordance with regulations when implementing Pano ads

Applying for a license to hang COB LED Display is an important factor to pay special attention to. Must strictly follow the procedures and regulations and avoid the case of irregularities affecting the advertising campaign.

5. Construction of COB LED Display panels

A successful Pano advertising campaign, the construction unit occupies a relatively large part of the decision. A reputable construction unit with a lot of professional experience will know how to create great advertising ideas, as well as know how to get the best advertising effect.

Conclusion COB LED Display

A professional COB LED Display advertising construction unit needs to weigh the factors that help businesses have price benefits and proactively report and solve problems that arise without affecting the advertising campaign.

Renting LED screens will be a good solution for decorating venues for public events. The weather, current exchange rates, breaking news – all information of this kind and others can be broadcast by an LED display, which is a highly effective modern source of mass information, is considered very important information for the townspeople.

Perimeter LED Display

7 reasons why businesses use Perimeter LED Display Screens

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Here are the reasons why businesses are now constantly using Perimeter LED Display by deploying advertising campaigns across the country.

Perimeter LED Display

Perimeter LED Display ads can be targeted

  1. Billboard ads help increase exposure
  2. Pano ads are suitable for all types of businesses
  3. Today’s Billboard advertising is very easy to implement
  4. When should businesses consider using Billboard advertising?

What is Perimeter LED Display advertising?

Perimeter LED Display is a form of outdoor advertising, using large billboards to convey the advertising message of the business. The message here can be expressed in words, slogans, can be expressed in vivid and impressive images to suit that billboard, with the aim of attracting as much attention. the better.

Billboard billboards often come at crowded intersections, along highways, along busy roads, on high-rise buildings… The size of the billboard does not fix but depends on the structure of the billboard.

What are the characteristics of Perimeter LED Display advertising?

The effectiveness of Billboard advertising for marketing campaigns is undisputed. This is one of the reasons for the existence and strong development of billboards to this day, when digital advertising forms are widely common. So, what is the difference between Billboard advertising and other forms of advertising?

What are the characteristics of Billboard advertising?

Placement: Perimeter LED Display often fixes on the overhead, in prime locations such as dense traffic intersections, arterial highways, etc. These locations have space. Moreover, they are attracting the attention of the public at many different angles and distances.

Common sizes of the Perimeter LED Display

Each billboard will have a different size but usually has a width x length ranging at 4mx14m. The large area helps businesses to freely create advertising messages, and at the same time, customers can easily observe and remember the content on the sea even at a distance.

Placement time: This will depend on your ad campaign’s goals and budget. Normally, a billboard should be common for 3 months to make consumers aware of the product or brand.

Perimeter LED Display is cost savings

We can say that this is an extremely economical advertising medium compared to the cost and what this medium can bring. This is also the reason why this form of advertising appeared centuries ago and can still exist today.

The cost to deploy is extremely expensive and seems to have no end. With the same audience reach for advertising, Billboard advertising is 30% to 50% cheaper than the above mediums.

Perimeter LED Display advertising can reach a wide audience

Because each Perimeter LED Display is a crowded place, the heavy traffic means that there are many people seen to advertising. This can include the target audience that the business is targeting and potential customers in the future.

This makes a lot of sense for businesses when reaching out to people who are not target customers but they may be future buyers or word of mouth to other potential buyers.

Billboard ads can increase awareness well

Compared with other outdoor media such as banner advertising, taxi advertising, the billboard advertising display area is much larger. Due to its very large area, it will not happen that the text or images are too small, making it difficult for readers.

In addition, the message content on Billboard billboards also design to be concise, images will select to make passers-by recognize the message that the business wants to convey with just a glance. Therefore, outdoor Perimeter LED Display advertising will do a great job of increasing public awareness of products and businesses.

Billboard Advertising potentially targeting selected targets

The use of Billboard advertising also makes it easy for businesses to target the information they want to communicate. Just define who you want to target? Where do they usually go? And then put big billboards there to attract them.

For example, when wanting to reach a student audience, large billboards are placed across from universities to ensure that all students see the billboard. If you want to attract mothers with young children, Billboard billboards can be placed in places near kindergartens, preschools, etc.

Perimeter LED Display ads help increase exposure

Perimeter LED Display are placed in a permanent place, usually placed there for a few months, not as mobile as advertising on taxis. This gives an advantage that every time passing through that section, the passerby is exposed to the ad once, leading to an increase in the frequency of the ad’s exposure.

Billboard advertising is an effective means of communication for businesses of many different industries and sizes. Businesses in all fields such as: building materials, special products, common consumer products, services… Almost Billboard advertising can advertise for all fields, this Not all media can do it.

Perimeter LED Display ads are suitable for all types of businesses

In addition, outdoor advertising billboards are suitable for large, medium and small-scale businesses. For small and medium-sized businesses, deploying Perimeter LED Display advertising helps to increase product and brand awareness very well.

Stadium perimeter led screen 2021

As for large enterprises, which already have a position in the market, the implementation of outdoor billboards helps remind and recall the image of brands and products in the minds of customers, making customers feel uncomfortable. can be forgotten.

Today’s Billboard advertising is very easy to implement

Billboard advertising is now very easy to deploy with the help of advertising agencies. Almost businesses only need to describe the message they want to convey and provide the cost, the agency will take care of the rest.

The agency will choose the most suitable places to place Perimeter LED Display; the procedures for placing billboards will take care of by the Agency from A to Z.

When should businesses consider using Billboard advertising?

This form of advertising is not only suitable for large corporations, all businesses in different fields should consider using Billboard. Because Billboard owns a lot of options in terms of size, price, location and above all, the benefits that Billboard advertising brings are not only valid for large corporations.


Perimeter LED Display advertising is especially effective when you are a start-up business or a new product or service is launch in the public. Besides, with the goal of maintaining and improving brand awareness, large companies and corporations also use this form of advertising as an effective and transparent tool during their operations.

Perimeter LED Board

3 Best Perimeter LED Board Mediums for Advertising

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Follow the article below to have an overview, comparison of Perimeter LED board and LED screen advertising, which advertising medium is more suitable for your business?

Perimeter LED Board


What is Billboard Advertising?

Perimeter LED board is a form of outdoor advertising, using large billboards to convey the advertising message of the business. The message here is easy to express in words, we can say in pictures. With the aim of attracting as much attention as possible.

Billboard billboards often come at crowded intersections, along highways, along busy roads, on high-rise buildings… The size of the billboard is not fixed but depends on the structure of the billboard. each location put it.

What is Perimeter LED board?

Advertising Perimeter LED board is a form of advertising using an electronic screen (Electronic screen here is composed of a type of light called Light Emitting Diode). Electronic screens can play dynamic advertisements such as videos, or static advertisements such as displaying porters.

LED advertising screens are extremely diverse in sizes and types, depending on whether they come indoors or outdoors.

The common points of Perimeter LED board and LED screen advertising

Compare LED advertising and Billboard advertising

  1. The biggest common point of these two types of advertising is the ability to increase awareness for products, brands and promote brand images extremely well. Because they are all displayed on a large screen with attractive condensed content images so that viewers can perceive in a short period of time.
  2. The ability to cover many different audiences, capable of attracting future customers, or those who could influence target customers of the business.
  3. Another common point of Perimeter LED board and LED screen advertising is that it is impossible to capture the reactions and interactions of viewers, so it is difficult to accurately measure the effectiveness of these two media.

The difference between Billboard advertising and LED screen advertising

Level of public attraction

Talking about the ability to attract the target audience, LED screen advertising has an advantage over Billboard advertising. Because this is a media that can play advertising clips, moving images, not just playing porters like Perimeter LED board. Moreover, thanks to the LED light, the advertising display is extremely bright, highlighting an area.

Perimeter LED board cost in the market

Regarding the cost factor, Billboard advertising has an advantage when compared to LED screen advertising. The same size display board, Billboard advertising is cheaper. Because the investment cost for an LED screen is much higher than that of a conventional printed billboard. Therefore, the cost of rent broadcast time on LED screens is also very high.

Fixed level in Perimeter LED board display

Regarding the degree of fixation in display, Billboard advertising has the upper hand. Because when you rent a billboard location, that billboard is yours for a few months, that Perimeter LED board only shows your ad.

Choosing the right bus route plays a very important role in the advertising campaign. Lcd screen advertising on the right route will determine whether the ad reaches the right target audience and affects the effectiveness of the campaign.

As for LED screen advertising, on the same board, your ad will play with many other brands’ ads. It will be more difficult for viewers to want to see that ad again because when your ad complete, another business’s ad will appear.

Perimeter LED board has an advantage in fixed display

Billboard advertising has an advantage in fixed display

The time to implement a Billboard advertising project will be longer than that of LED screen advertising. Because when you want to set up a Perimeter LED board, it will take time to design, print, and hire a contractor to build that billboard. In case there are unexpected errors in design or information, it is necessary to disassemble and rebuild from scratch.

Perimeter LED Display 2021

When compared to LED screen advertising, it is very different, just design the content, then pass the data in to play on the screen immediately. When information or design has errors, it is also very easy to correct. The time to implement a project is extremely fast

The ability to avoid much, the Perimeter LED board has the advantage

In terms of noise avoidance, LED advertising has a slight advantage over Perimeter LED board. Because the broadcaster can choose the best time of the day to display ads, such as when people go to work in the morning, when people are in a good mood, easy to receive information.

So that the process of receiving information is not affected by personal emotions, environmental factors. In addition, LED advertising is not affected by extreme weather like Billboard advertising, there is no sign of tearing or fading…

Environmental Protection Perimeter LED board

Talking about environmental protection factors, Perimeter LED board ads consume a lot of electricity to display. But the issue of energy saving and environmental pollution is now becoming more and more important. So, in this criterion, LED screen advertising is somewhat inferior to Billboard advertising

Other differences with Perimeter LED board

Currently, in some parts of the world, at important intersections, people have banned the installation of billboards with LED screens, which can distract pedestrians and cause traffic accidents. In addition, the lighting of this type of advertising contributes greatly to the phenomenon of light pollution in cities causing some discomfort to the residents.

Conclusion Perimeter LED board

It is impossible to conclude which is the more effective means of Perimeter LED board advertising. Each means of solving different problems of businesses, depending on the problem of the business, what is it? What are the budget requirements?

To be able to choose the right media quickly, economically and effectively, businesses should choose a good agency with many years of experience in the industry.