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Perimeter LED Display

7 reasons why businesses use Perimeter LED Display Screens

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Here are the reasons why businesses are now constantly using Perimeter LED Display by deploying advertising campaigns across the country.

Perimeter LED Display

Perimeter LED Display ads can be targeted

  1. Billboard ads help increase exposure
  2. Pano ads are suitable for all types of businesses
  3. Today’s Billboard advertising is very easy to implement
  4. When should businesses consider using Billboard advertising?

What is Perimeter LED Display advertising?

Perimeter LED Display is a form of outdoor advertising, using large billboards to convey the advertising message of the business. The message here can be expressed in words, slogans, can be expressed in vivid and impressive images to suit that billboard, with the aim of attracting as much attention. the better.

Billboard billboards often come at crowded intersections, along highways, along busy roads, on high-rise buildings… The size of the billboard does not fix but depends on the structure of the billboard.

What are the characteristics of Perimeter LED Display advertising?

The effectiveness of Billboard advertising for marketing campaigns is undisputed. This is one of the reasons for the existence and strong development of billboards to this day, when digital advertising forms are widely common. So, what is the difference between Billboard advertising and other forms of advertising?

What are the characteristics of Billboard advertising?

Placement: Perimeter LED Display often fixes on the overhead, in prime locations such as dense traffic intersections, arterial highways, etc. These locations have space. Moreover, they are attracting the attention of the public at many different angles and distances.

Common sizes of the Perimeter LED Display

Each billboard will have a different size but usually has a width x length ranging at 4mx14m. The large area helps businesses to freely create advertising messages, and at the same time, customers can easily observe and remember the content on the sea even at a distance.

Placement time: This will depend on your ad campaign’s goals and budget. Normally, a billboard should be common for 3 months to make consumers aware of the product or brand.

Perimeter LED Display is cost savings

We can say that this is an extremely economical advertising medium compared to the cost and what this medium can bring. This is also the reason why this form of advertising appeared centuries ago and can still exist today.

The cost to deploy is extremely expensive and seems to have no end. With the same audience reach for advertising, Billboard advertising is 30% to 50% cheaper than the above mediums.

Perimeter LED Display advertising can reach a wide audience

Because each Perimeter LED Display is a crowded place, the heavy traffic means that there are many people seen to advertising. This can include the target audience that the business is targeting and potential customers in the future.

This makes a lot of sense for businesses when reaching out to people who are not target customers but they may be future buyers or word of mouth to other potential buyers.

Billboard ads can increase awareness well

Compared with other outdoor media such as banner advertising, taxi advertising, the billboard advertising display area is much larger. Due to its very large area, it will not happen that the text or images are too small, making it difficult for readers.

In addition, the message content on Billboard billboards also design to be concise, images will select to make passers-by recognize the message that the business wants to convey with just a glance. Therefore, outdoor Perimeter LED Display advertising will do a great job of increasing public awareness of products and businesses.

Billboard Advertising potentially targeting selected targets

The use of Billboard advertising also makes it easy for businesses to target the information they want to communicate. Just define who you want to target? Where do they usually go? And then put big billboards there to attract them.

For example, when wanting to reach a student audience, large billboards are placed across from universities to ensure that all students see the billboard. If you want to attract mothers with young children, Billboard billboards can be placed in places near kindergartens, preschools, etc.

Perimeter LED Display ads help increase exposure

Perimeter LED Display are placed in a permanent place, usually placed there for a few months, not as mobile as advertising on taxis. This gives an advantage that every time passing through that section, the passerby is exposed to the ad once, leading to an increase in the frequency of the ad’s exposure.

Billboard advertising is an effective means of communication for businesses of many different industries and sizes. Businesses in all fields such as: building materials, special products, common consumer products, services… Almost Billboard advertising can advertise for all fields, this Not all media can do it.

Perimeter LED Display ads are suitable for all types of businesses

In addition, outdoor advertising billboards are suitable for large, medium and small-scale businesses. For small and medium-sized businesses, deploying Perimeter LED Display advertising helps to increase product and brand awareness very well.

Stadium perimeter led screen 2021

As for large enterprises, which already have a position in the market, the implementation of outdoor billboards helps remind and recall the image of brands and products in the minds of customers, making customers feel uncomfortable. can be forgotten.

Today’s Billboard advertising is very easy to implement

Billboard advertising is now very easy to deploy with the help of advertising agencies. Almost businesses only need to describe the message they want to convey and provide the cost, the agency will take care of the rest.

The agency will choose the most suitable places to place Perimeter LED Display; the procedures for placing billboards will take care of by the Agency from A to Z.

When should businesses consider using Billboard advertising?

This form of advertising is not only suitable for large corporations, all businesses in different fields should consider using Billboard. Because Billboard owns a lot of options in terms of size, price, location and above all, the benefits that Billboard advertising brings are not only valid for large corporations.


Perimeter LED Display advertising is especially effective when you are a start-up business or a new product or service is launch in the public. Besides, with the goal of maintaining and improving brand awareness, large companies and corporations also use this form of advertising as an effective and transparent tool during their operations.