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How much Stadium perimeter led screen marketing cost?

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Outstanding outdoor stage led screen brings exciting experiences

With the great development of led technology, Stadium perimeter led screen is widely common. Display technology far exceeds other display technologies and is gradually dominating the market. It is trusted by the whole world because of its outstanding advantages over traditional technologies.

Perimeter LED Display

They are present in nearly every sector of the television entertainment business. It provides users with extremely interesting utilities. For events that require a large space to convey. Or widely promote the content to maximize the effectiveness of the program, outdoor stage led screens are necessary.

What is Stadium perimeter led screen?

Is a stage led screen of quite large size? However, Stadium perimeter led screen use is to display images or related effects according to the user’s wishes. In terms of picture quality, this device cannot be compared to TV.

This device is made up of correspondingly arranged backlight bulbs. Those modules form a color pixel matrix. With such a structure, you can easily adjust the brightness of the entire screen. The adjustment makes it accurate down to the smallest detail. Therefore, it brings the benefits desired by the organizer.

The benefits of Stadium perimeter led screen

Outdoor stage led screen is a product that is highly appreciated for its superiority. This device can go beyond other display products. They bring practical benefits for outdoor events.

Ensure easy access to content for viewers

The Stadium perimeter led screen possesses a strong light stream, helping viewers even at a great distance but still be able to see it. This device has an extremely large number of colors displayed on this product with a full range of colors.

Stadium perimeter led screen Energy saving, environmentally friendly

Stadium perimeter led screen uses a very small amount of power. It is 50% less than LCD monitors on the market. Besides, the LED bulbs in the screen do not use mercury, so it is very friendly and environmentally friendly.

It does not produce the amount of yellow light that heats the environment, instead it uses white light to stimulate the user’s vision. However, it still ensures the transmission signal to produce clear images and sharp videos.

Stadium perimeter led screen are Durable

From those images, Stadium perimeter led screen brings endless emotions to the user. With sharp images, it helps viewers clearly grasp the content they want to convey through that screen. Besides, the outdoor LED color display screen uses light-emitting diode technology. It has the advantages of brightness and longevity. It has a long service life of up to millions of hours.

Stadium perimeter led screen Show program size

The outdoor stage led screen brings a level of grandeur to the show. It brings viewers vivid, beautiful images just like in the house. The screen has a fairly high light intensity, extremely low heat capacity, making viewers feel no discomfort. They make the viewer’s eyes pain-free, thereby bringing the highest efficiency.


With the preeminent features of the perimeter led screen. You will not be able to ignore it when you need to make a large-scale outdoor event. Realistic images and vivid videos will give viewers the best feeling. In addition, it also has the effect of raising the level of your programs.

Stadium perimeter led screen Cost savings

You often think that installing outdoor stage led screens is often extremely expensive. In fact, the cost of a monitor is not high compared to the benefits it brings. This makes it easy for you to choose without worrying too much.

New idea for small led screen

We can use it to decorate interior products such as industrial wood kitchen cabinets. It is also possible to integrate a led screen for displaying warnings about hygiene problems in some appliances common in the kitchen.

Practical benefits, Stadium perimeter led screen deserves your trust.

To implement a brand promotion campaign at the football field with the highest communication effect, businesses should note a few points as follows:

Note about the form of advertising implementation: To have a campaign to promote the brand at the football field with high communication efficiency, the form of deployment is also an extremely important factor. Each implementation method will help reach a different audience.

Perimeter LED Board

Easily accessible to every audience coming to the field

With the form of Pano advertising and LED screens inside the football field, the image of the business’ products and services will be accessible to every audience coming to the field.

In many models of industrial wood kitchen cabinets, the mounting of the Stadium perimeter led screen also requires a rather meticulous circuit design. But the easiest to install are the large wing models and waterproof wood material.

The form of advertising implementation plays a very important role

Notes on football pitches deploying communication campaigns: With advertising campaigns deployed at large stadiums with high capacity in the country will help the image of Products and services of the business are accessible to many customers.

Moreover, with brand promotion campaigns deployed at major tournaments around the world, it also brings the image of the business to many international friends.

Advertising at the football field

In football fields with a large capacity, the perimeter led screen will reach many customers

Note when designing advertising images: With media campaigns at the football field, the images and messages that businesses want to convey will only have an area. It is not too large at the partitions between the stadium and the stadium as on the live match screens.

Therefore, Stadium perimeter led screen need to design extremely reasonably so that customers can absorb product images in the best way. According to experience, we recommend that the simpler the image design, the better the image of the business will be.

Stadium perimeter led screen advertising at the football field

With each campaign to promote the brand at the football field, businesses will receive a different price quote. Moreover, the deployment time also plays an extremely important role in deciding the price of advertising communication services at the football field.

An advertising campaign that is deployed for a long time will have a higher quote but also provide superior communication efficiency.


Stadium perimeter led screen advertising campaigns deployed in stadiums with key matches will also have relatively high prices, but the number of customers who can see images of our services and products. The price of advertising at the football field depends on many different factors. Therefore, you have a need to promote your brand at the football field.