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How to use Stadium Led Display as ad screen?

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Stadium Led Screen

You are interested in stadium LED screen advertising, let’s follow and find out in the article below.

1. What is stadium led display advertising?

Stadium LED display advertising

This is a high-level stadium advertising and is applied with modern LED technology. Led advertising is not only easy to attract viewers but also very environmentally friendly.

Stadium Led Display often appears in squares, parks, commercial quarters, etc. With diverse advertising content from animation, static images or in the form of videos. This form of advertising can bring great effects.

2. LED display advertising trends in the future

2.1. Advertising mobile LED screen

Advertising mobile LED screen

Mobile Stadium Led Display advertising is a type of LED screen advertising that can be moved in many places.

It can be said that this is an extremely wonderful type of advertising that is combined by many factors. When implementing advertisingmobile LED screens can reach audiences from many different angles. Moreover, it helps to improve communication efficiency for businesses’ advertising campaigns.

2.2. Advertising screens increase interaction with customers

This is a form of Stadium Led Display. This type of advertising allows any audience to interact directly with the advertised content. Recipients can interact in many ways such as touching, controlling, moving, scanning codes, etc.

However, this type of advertising can appeal to engaged audiences. Similarly, it provides audiences with the most authentic experience of the advertised products, services, and brands. For businesses, the data obtained from interactive advertising will greatly support the development of overall strategies.

2.3. Ads Personalization

Personalize ads with LED screen ads

In the current 4.0 technology era, the trend of Stadium Led Display is almost the choice of many businesses.

Stadium Led Display can easily personalize advertising to a high degree. By analyzing display appropriate content, the system will give the most optimal information, thereby attracting attention and creating excitement for customers and consumers. .

3. Forms of advertising using led screens

3.1. Stadium large billboard advertising

Stadium large Stadium Led Display advertising

Large stadium billboard advertising usually has a relatively large screen size. Furthermore, it depends on the needs of the customer and the placement of the advertising screen. Similarly, the screen size must be within a certain range for the advertising content.

Also, the operating time of LED screens is relatively flexible. A screen can work 24 hours a day or less or every time frame depending on different advertising campaigns.

How to set Stadium Led Display brightness?

With the brightness of led screen can reach 8000cd/m2. Along with IP65 technology, the screen does not affect by weather factors. Therefore, whether it is during the day or at night, everyone can see the advertising content played on the LED screen.

Stadium led screen advertising in the form of large billboards often come in locations with wide visibility such as major roads, squares, parks.

3.2. Billboard Stadium Led Display at the airport, shopping mall

LED screen advertising at airports and shopping malls enhances communication value and is an entertainment tool for customers. Products, services, brands or movie trailers, music videos are the objects that often appear on LED screens at these locations.

Advertising LED screens at airports and commercial centers come in locations such as large lobby, and check-in counters.

3.3. Elevator advertisement

Elevator LED display advertising

Among many forms of elevator advertising, advertising by Stadium Led Display is relatively popular. Elevator advertising usually has 2 main forms: Frame and LCD screen.

When deploying LED screen advertising in the elevator, the advertising area is relatively limited. Therefore, to ensure that the screen size is not too large or too small to limit visibility, the screen size is usually in the mid-range range of only 19 – 32 inches.

The operating time of the advertising screen may depend on each advertising campaign and customer requirements. However, the operating time limit is usually 12 hours/day.

3.4. Stadium Led Display Advertising on means of transport

Advertising on vehicles by LED screen is also known as mobile Stadium Led Display. This type of advertising is usually deployed by installing on trucks, passenger cars, etc. with a screen area from medium to large size. 

Therefore, depending on the area of ​​the vehicle with the LED screen, the screen size varies depending on the installation location.

Advertising on mobile stadium led screen

For mobile stadium led screen advertising campaigns, the deployment time is relatively flexible. Similarly, it can reach from about 10-15 hours/day (lower or higher depending on the vehicle’s operating route). The type of screen commonly common for these mobile advertising campaigns is Led or Led Display. 

The placement of LED screens on vehicles is very diverse, from inside the car to the outside of the vehicle. At positions such as: behind the seat, hanging overhead, on both sides of the body of the car, etc. Therefore, when advertising with LED screens, the advertising content will reach the audience sitting inside and outside the car. vehicle, thereby increasing communication efficiency.

4. Advantages of Stadium Led Display advertising

Advantages of stadium led screen advertising

  • Attract viewers with motion technology

Also, compared with other types, Stadium Led Display advertising can attract more viewers thanks to its vivid and outstanding motion effects.

Led screen advertising attracts viewers thanks to motion technology

  • Image quality, color, vivid sound, high message transmission efficiency

With flexible moving advertising content, vivid, realistic images and sounds, creating viewers’ excitement and interest in the advertised products, services and brands. As a result, the audience can easily absorb the advertised content, as well as being more persuasive than other types of advertising.

Stadium Led Display Easy to manage and operate

The time of construction and implementation of advertising is relatively short. Businesses can completely deploy led screen advertising in a short time without spending much time.

The management and operation are easy to control remotely. Similarly, in the same campaign, advertisers can deploy multiple ads on the same Stadium Display or different LED screens at the same time.

  • Ability to measure effectiveness

By using face recognition technology and installing cameras, LED advertising will help advertisers’ measure audience response. Moreover, they can measure actual viewership, etc., and many other metrics.

Therefore, when implementing Stadium Led Display advertising, the optimal level of the advertising campaign is always guaranteed and risks is easy to minimize.

  • Nice ad placement

LED screen ads often appear in places such as arterial traffic locations, commercial streets, squares, airports, etc. Furthermore, these are all places with prime locations, attracting the attention of any person.

5. Disadvantages of advertising using Stadium Led Display

Disadvantages of advertising using led screens

  • Legal issue 

All types of stadium advertising in Vietnam must comply with the provisions of the law on advertising content, advertising forms, advertising time, etc. therefore, the issue of advertising licenses must have a lot of requirements. lots of paperwork and lots of procedures. However, applying for a license and waiting for it to be granted takes a long time.
Stadium Led Display 2021

  • Short display time

The characteristic of Stadium Led Display advertising is fast motion, so the time to display the advertisement is very short, only from a few seconds to a few tens of seconds.


Therefore, advertising content for Stadium Led Display has very high requirements. Moreover, it  must be concise, concise and full of necessary information. Attracting and ensuring viewers understand the message that the advertising conveys is a relatively challenging issue.