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LED Poster LED Advertising Display Launched in the Airport

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It is obvious to see HD LED posters in many airports when people go through the hall to boards, or just walk around in the departure lounge to kill the time,etc.

Many advertisers unveiled their advertising campaign in the airports with new weapons which they found and bought from RIGARD LED.

Thirty even fifty more led advertising displays in three size of 72”, 80”, and 89” stand alone in different locations but are connected in one controlling Ethernet.

The campaign let users to interactive with the New style LED advertising display, by uploading their selfie of themselves online , which could be pressed on all posters in the whole airports,

by giving their reviews for drinking, eating and hotels as tour tips, and by delivering the brand advertisements as well as the flight information on the backdrops, sides or bottom.

“It is a ideal platform to enhance the travel experiences, get closer relationship between brands and thousands peoples passing by the airports everyday! “ Mike, brand director from a famous world sports products manufacturer and provider said.

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