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5 Reasons to Buy P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

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Introduction of P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

P3.91 Indoor LED Screen are an exemplary type of modern advertising. The devices come in a wide range of models. Renting LED screens will allow you to organize any festive event at a high level and with minimal costs.

LED technologies are becoming more and more popular and in demand in the advertising industry. All new solutions appear on the modern market in the process of development and improvement of the field of LED technology. One of these innovations is LED screens. Moreover, they are stylish, creative and effective.


LED screens are installations that display graphical information using LEDs. The word “LED” is the name of the technology itself, through which content is broadcast in video mode. However, The LEDs are here come into clusters or matrices, which together form large screens.

The screens themselves are innovative modular designs, consisting of three main components:

  • These are the smallest components of an P3.91 Indoor LED Screen, on which the picture quality depends.
  • The smaller the pixel pitch is, the higher and better the broadcast contrast will be;

Modules are special boards equipped with LEDs

  • Cabinet – several modules folded into one whole.
  • Separate power supplies are common to supply each of them.
  • Also, Collectively, several cabinets form a common large screen.

The LED screen is a stylish and profitable solution for posting video ads, posters and other information. Regardless of weather conditions and in any light, it broadcasts the necessary information brightly and expressively. Moreover, Renting an P3.91 Indoor LED Screen will be an impeccable choice for those who want to demonstrate their services or goods to consumers with ease and dynamism.

Relevance of P3.91 Indoor LED Screen application

The scope of application of LED electronic screens is very wide due to their high information power.

Renting LED screens will be a good solution for decorating venues for public events.


Also, depending on the purpose, screens consisting of LED modules are divided into the following main types:

  • Media facades. Already from the name it is easy to understand that such structures are common on buildings. They simultaneously perform informational and aesthetic functions;
  • However, Flexible screens and specific LED grids. They are easy to install both indoors and outdoors. Such options may differ in the frequency of pixels come in them, the saturation of the pictures, dimensions and other operational features;
  • LED panels. For any purpose and condition, you can use such models.

Positive and negative quality of P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

Electronic screens based on P3.91 Indoor LED Screen are in many ways superior to traditional types of advertising media. Among the predominant differences:

Uncompromising brightness

The clarity and expressiveness of pictures is preserved in conditions of any complexity: when sunlight hits the screen, in the evening, in bright light and in rainy weather;


However, the screens are protected from moisture, dust and mechanical damage. They are resistant to temperature changes, the range of withstand temperatures is from -30 ° C to + 50 ° C;

Wide viewing angle

The transmitted information is easy to see from a distance of up to 200 meters even at a high angle;

Durability Without the need for service

the minimum operating period of the LED screen is at least 50 thousand hours, the average service life is 100 thousand hours.

As for the shortcomings, this is easy to attribute to the rather high cost of the screens, as well as the fact that they do not look as impressive at close range as at a long distance.


The effectiveness of advertising of individual establishments and the services or goods they provide using P3.91 Indoor LED Screen has been proven many times. But what does the uninterrupted functioning of the screens depend on?

Regardless of the type of screen, internal purpose or external

P3.91 Indoor LED Screen work is impossible without the following components:


The most microscopic part of a video broadcast by a video screen is important. Furthermore, Pixel parameters can be different, the smallest is 19 mm and the largest is 80 mm. One pixel can contain from 1 to 8 color LEDs. Elements with red, green and blue shades are mainly used;

  1. Pixel pitch. Furthermore, it is determined by the interval between two adjacent pixels, more precisely between their midpoints. At the same time, a smaller step provides a higher quality;
  2. LED per pixel – a place where LEDs of different shades of the color palette are located on one pixel;
  3. Several pixels combined into one solid element;
  4. Also, Offices. This is the name of an element in which several modules collect, while the parameters of the cabinet are like the parameters of the modules;
  5. Observation angle. The brightness of the 91 Indoor LED Screen depends on these characteristics with a significant deviation to the side, and, accordingly, the contrast of the perceived image;
  6. Furthermore, Graphic resolution. This indicator depends on how many pixels are inside the module per 1 m².

Each of these elements ensures the quality of the LED screen and when choosing it, all indicators must be considered.

P3.91 Indoor LED Screen 2021

Characteristics properties of P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

Among the main features of LED screens, it should be noted:

  • the surface of the screen is a kind of light source that acts as a modulator. This is their main difference from a projector or video cube;
  • However, LED structures is easy to install in any conditions: with high humidity, high air pollution and constant noise;

P3.91 Indoor LED Screen plays a huge role in modern life. They allow a person to find out a variety of news, both advertising and informational.

Considering that the LED screen belongs to the category of expensive products, rent (the price in this case is much lower) is in great demand in comparison with the purchase.

Rental of P3.91 Indoor LED Screen from event technologies

An excellent and cost-effective solution for the audiovisual accompaniment of advertising events, sporting events, concerts and other social events would be to rent a modern high-quality LED screen.

However, Event Technologies has been operating in the field of LED equipment for more than 9 years and is quite rightfully the leader in this direction not only in the European market, but also in the CIS countries.

Renting an P3.91 Indoor LED Screen will allow you to solve problems of any complexity in terms of displaying multimedia information with minimal financial costs.

Using the services of the company, you get:

  • equipment of exceptional quality;
  • professional advice on choosing a screen suitable for a particular case and qualified technical support;
  • the rental price is relatively low and includes equipment delivery, installation and connection

Conclusion P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

P3.91 Indoor LED Screen rental is possible both long-term and short-term. Depending on the needs, customers offer a wide range of LED-screens with ideal clarity of images and colors. For the rental period, the company provides full technical support for the provided LED screens, which allows you to organize any event brightly, creatively and unforgettably.