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3 Best Perimeter LED Board Mediums for Advertising

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Follow the article below to have an overview, comparison of Perimeter LED board and LED screen advertising, which advertising medium is more suitable for your business?

Perimeter LED Board


What is Billboard Advertising?

Perimeter LED board is a form of outdoor advertising, using large billboards to convey the advertising message of the business. The message here is easy to express in words, we can say in pictures. With the aim of attracting as much attention as possible.

Billboard billboards often come at crowded intersections, along highways, along busy roads, on high-rise buildings… The size of the billboard is not fixed but depends on the structure of the billboard. each location put it.

What is Perimeter LED board?

Advertising Perimeter LED board is a form of advertising using an electronic screen (Electronic screen here is composed of a type of light called Light Emitting Diode). Electronic screens can play dynamic advertisements such as videos, or static advertisements such as displaying porters.

LED advertising screens are extremely diverse in sizes and types, depending on whether they come indoors or outdoors.

The common points of Perimeter LED board and LED screen advertising

Compare LED advertising and Billboard advertising

  1. The biggest common point of these two types of advertising is the ability to increase awareness for products, brands and promote brand images extremely well. Because they are all displayed on a large screen with attractive condensed content images so that viewers can perceive in a short period of time.
  2. The ability to cover many different audiences, capable of attracting future customers, or those who could influence target customers of the business.
  3. Another common point of Perimeter LED board and LED screen advertising is that it is impossible to capture the reactions and interactions of viewers, so it is difficult to accurately measure the effectiveness of these two media.

The difference between Billboard advertising and LED screen advertising

Level of public attraction

Talking about the ability to attract the target audience, LED screen advertising has an advantage over Billboard advertising. Because this is a media that can play advertising clips, moving images, not just playing porters like Perimeter LED board. Moreover, thanks to the LED light, the advertising display is extremely bright, highlighting an area.

Perimeter LED board cost in the market

Regarding the cost factor, Billboard advertising has an advantage when compared to LED screen advertising. The same size display board, Billboard advertising is cheaper. Because the investment cost for an LED screen is much higher than that of a conventional printed billboard. Therefore, the cost of rent broadcast time on LED screens is also very high.

Fixed level in Perimeter LED board display

Regarding the degree of fixation in display, Billboard advertising has the upper hand. Because when you rent a billboard location, that billboard is yours for a few months, that Perimeter LED board only shows your ad.

Choosing the right bus route plays a very important role in the advertising campaign. Lcd screen advertising on the right route will determine whether the ad reaches the right target audience and affects the effectiveness of the campaign.

As for LED screen advertising, on the same board, your ad will play with many other brands’ ads. It will be more difficult for viewers to want to see that ad again because when your ad complete, another business’s ad will appear.

Perimeter LED board has an advantage in fixed display

Billboard advertising has an advantage in fixed display

The time to implement a Billboard advertising project will be longer than that of LED screen advertising. Because when you want to set up a Perimeter LED board, it will take time to design, print, and hire a contractor to build that billboard. In case there are unexpected errors in design or information, it is necessary to disassemble and rebuild from scratch.

Perimeter LED Display 2021

When compared to LED screen advertising, it is very different, just design the content, then pass the data in to play on the screen immediately. When information or design has errors, it is also very easy to correct. The time to implement a project is extremely fast

The ability to avoid much, the Perimeter LED board has the advantage

In terms of noise avoidance, LED advertising has a slight advantage over Perimeter LED board. Because the broadcaster can choose the best time of the day to display ads, such as when people go to work in the morning, when people are in a good mood, easy to receive information.

So that the process of receiving information is not affected by personal emotions, environmental factors. In addition, LED advertising is not affected by extreme weather like Billboard advertising, there is no sign of tearing or fading…

Environmental Protection Perimeter LED board

Talking about environmental protection factors, Perimeter LED board ads consume a lot of electricity to display. But the issue of energy saving and environmental pollution is now becoming more and more important. So, in this criterion, LED screen advertising is somewhat inferior to Billboard advertising

Other differences with Perimeter LED board

Currently, in some parts of the world, at important intersections, people have banned the installation of billboards with LED screens, which can distract pedestrians and cause traffic accidents. In addition, the lighting of this type of advertising contributes greatly to the phenomenon of light pollution in cities causing some discomfort to the residents.

Conclusion Perimeter LED board

It is impossible to conclude which is the more effective means of Perimeter LED board advertising. Each means of solving different problems of businesses, depending on the problem of the business, what is it? What are the budget requirements?

To be able to choose the right media quickly, economically and effectively, businesses should choose a good agency with many years of experience in the industry.