Stadium LED Screens in the World Cup

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Stadium LED screens and display control systems have become the primary display solution for many international stadiums as a result of the change and improvement of display technology and stadiums. From the Olympic Games and World Cup to the Super Bowl, stadium LED screens are the main means for fans to acquire information and interact with the game. They are also an essential window for international businesses to present their image on the field.

The role played by stadium LED displays in major sports events is self-evident. But do you already know where LED display screens will be applied to sports events? We are going to take the Qatar World Cup as an example to talk about the application and technical specifications of the stadium LED screens in this article.

LED Screens in the Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony, which is often held in the major stadium, is an integral feature of many international events. Two large LED screens with a combined area of 70.78 m² were unveiled on the 190,000 square meter Lusail Stadium for the Qatar World Cup opening ceremony. These two stadium LED screens provide an immersive live music atmosphere with ultra-high-definition visuals and bright soft hues, complementing the performances of Bollywood’s most popular vocalist Sunidhi Chauhan and other superstars, delivering a passionate creative feast to the audience.

Due to the large footprint of the main stadium, the stadium LED display for the World Cup opening ceremony must have high definition, high resolution, high brightness, high refresh rate, and wide angle in order to allow more viewers to clearly see the content on the screen from multiple angles.

LED Scoreboard

The LED scoreboard is usually made up of multiple small LED panels stitched together to record information such as the time remaining in the game, the scores of both teams, and slow-motion replays. LED scoreboard is a type of stadium LED screen with the advantages of self-illumination, high brightness, wide viewing angle and high definition. To guarantee that viewers in any position won’t miss every thrilling shot of the live game, it can either broadcast the entire image or divide it into different windows. At the same time, with high contrast ratio, high refresh rate and high color reproduction, the LED scoreboard can really synchronize the game and attract potential sponsors.

The LED scoreboard used at Qatar World Cup must have improved heat dissipation and increased brightness due to the country’s high temperatures and intense sunlight. The stadium LED displays used for the LED scoreboard also need built-in driver ICs and chips to achieve intelligent remote control of playback, replay, interactive, and other display systems during the event.

Perimeter LED Display

The stadium LED screen around the stadium is a perimeter LED display, mostly used to play back game highlights and broadcast commercial advertisements. Considering the powerful impact during the game, the stadium perimeter LED display must be impact resistant, shock resistant and cut resistant.

However, there are many specifications for the stadium LED screens that are employed because of the uniqueness of the location and the environment of the tournament venue. The stadium perimeter LED display must also have a high heat dissipation and high brightness features due to Qatar’s extremely dry climate and high temperatures.

LED Screen in TV & Broadcasting

The coverage of all the thrilling Qatar World Cup activities relies heavily on the TV studio. A massive curved LED screen made out of 23 sets of rectangular LED modules serves as a backdrop adapted to the semi-ring-shaped studio walls. There are other three curved LED screens that can be moved and combined presenting in the TV studio. To increase filming versatility, staff can make the three curved LED screens move along the ground track and seamlessly splice into a complete LED screen wall.

The TV studio LED display screens must have high dynamic range characteristics and strong consistency in terms of brightness and color in order to fully meet the picture display requirements of the TV studio. This can make the details in the program’s bright and dark areas stay vivid after more than 10 hours of live broadcasting. In addition, the phenomenon of scan lines can no longer appear when filming with a HD camera on LED TV screens with high refresh rates of up to 3840Hz.

LED screens for TV & broadcasting typically employ narrow-pitch LED screens since the televised visuals of large sporting events must match the technical quality criteria of high-definition program recording. In order to provide viewers in front of the TV with the finest possible viewing of film and television effects, high-density LED beads are positioned such that there is no sense of grain when looking at close range.

Outdoor LED Display Board

Sporting events include a huge number of people, making an outdoor digital LED display a necessary piece of equipment. Outdoor LED display boards can be erected at the ticketing center, audience entrance channel, VIP service area, athlete life service area, etc. to show race schedules and other announcements.

High definition, wide angle, high brightness, waterproof, and high temperature resistance are required of outdoor digital LED display panels. Additionally, it ought to feature a built-in driver chip that would enable remote control of the content at any time, improving the experience for the audience as they entered, rested, and left.

LED Light Pole Display Screen

Street lighting has also become an option for major international brands to showcase their brands at international events. 130 of the 320 sets of intelligent street light poles on the 5 km route encircling the main venue of the Qatar World Cup have LED displays installed. The typical dimensions of an LED light pole display screen are 960mm by 1440mm. They have qualities like high definition, high brightness, intelligent remote control, low power consumption, energy conservation, high temperature resistance, waterproof and windproof, etc. LED light pole display screens can integrate the location, the needs of advertising, and add value to the entire project.


LED display screens present high-definition soccer matches for the global fans and insert great influence on the smooth holding of the World Cup. Chinese LED display manufacturers also play a significant role in the Qatar World Cup, undertaking the manufacture and construction of LED stadium screens with a total area of nearly 2,000 square meters. Growing together with the sports industry, Chinese LED display technology has taken a leading position in the world of display technology, continuing to create diverse applications and value for international events.

If you are seeking high-quality stadium LED display solutions for sporting events, RIGARD, a Chinese LED display manufacturer, has a wealth of expertise in this field. We are dedicated to being the top supplier of stadium LED screens around the world.

With a unique structure design, RIGARD Stadium LED display is suitable for a variety of applications, including stadium LED scoreboards, stadium perimeter LED display, TV & broadcasting, and outdoor LED display. By having high definition, high brightness, high refresh rate, intelligent remote control, energy saving, high temperature resistance, waterproof, shock resistance and other characteristics of the stadium LED display, RIGARD saves you more on installation and maintenance costs, thus adding more added value.

Perimeter LED Display

7 reasons why businesses use Perimeter LED Display Screens

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Here are the reasons why businesses are now constantly using Perimeter LED Display by deploying advertising campaigns across the country.

Perimeter LED Display

Perimeter LED Display ads can be targeted

  1. Billboard ads help increase exposure
  2. Pano ads are suitable for all types of businesses
  3. Today’s Billboard advertising is very easy to implement
  4. When should businesses consider using Billboard advertising?

What is Perimeter LED Display advertising?

Perimeter LED Display is a form of outdoor advertising, using large billboards to convey the advertising message of the business. The message here can be expressed in words, slogans, can be expressed in vivid and impressive images to suit that billboard, with the aim of attracting as much attention. the better.

Billboard billboards often come at crowded intersections, along highways, along busy roads, on high-rise buildings… The size of the billboard does not fix but depends on the structure of the billboard.

What are the characteristics of Perimeter LED Display advertising?

The effectiveness of Billboard advertising for marketing campaigns is undisputed. This is one of the reasons for the existence and strong development of billboards to this day, when digital advertising forms are widely common. So, what is the difference between Billboard advertising and other forms of advertising?

What are the characteristics of Billboard advertising?

Placement: Perimeter LED Display often fixes on the overhead, in prime locations such as dense traffic intersections, arterial highways, etc. These locations have space. Moreover, they are attracting the attention of the public at many different angles and distances.

Common sizes of the Perimeter LED Display

Each billboard will have a different size but usually has a width x length ranging at 4mx14m. The large area helps businesses to freely create advertising messages, and at the same time, customers can easily observe and remember the content on the sea even at a distance.

Placement time: This will depend on your ad campaign’s goals and budget. Normally, a billboard should be common for 3 months to make consumers aware of the product or brand.

Perimeter LED Display is cost savings

We can say that this is an extremely economical advertising medium compared to the cost and what this medium can bring. This is also the reason why this form of advertising appeared centuries ago and can still exist today.

The cost to deploy is extremely expensive and seems to have no end. With the same audience reach for advertising, Billboard advertising is 30% to 50% cheaper than the above mediums.

Perimeter LED Display advertising can reach a wide audience

Because each Perimeter LED Display is a crowded place, the heavy traffic means that there are many people seen to advertising. This can include the target audience that the business is targeting and potential customers in the future.

This makes a lot of sense for businesses when reaching out to people who are not target customers but they may be future buyers or word of mouth to other potential buyers.

Billboard ads can increase awareness well

Compared with other outdoor media such as banner advertising, taxi advertising, the billboard advertising display area is much larger. Due to its very large area, it will not happen that the text or images are too small, making it difficult for readers.

In addition, the message content on Billboard billboards also design to be concise, images will select to make passers-by recognize the message that the business wants to convey with just a glance. Therefore, outdoor Perimeter LED Display advertising will do a great job of increasing public awareness of products and businesses.

Billboard Advertising potentially targeting selected targets

The use of Billboard advertising also makes it easy for businesses to target the information they want to communicate. Just define who you want to target? Where do they usually go? And then put big billboards there to attract them.

For example, when wanting to reach a student audience, large billboards are placed across from universities to ensure that all students see the billboard. If you want to attract mothers with young children, Billboard billboards can be placed in places near kindergartens, preschools, etc.

Perimeter LED Display ads help increase exposure

Perimeter LED Display are placed in a permanent place, usually placed there for a few months, not as mobile as advertising on taxis. This gives an advantage that every time passing through that section, the passerby is exposed to the ad once, leading to an increase in the frequency of the ad’s exposure.

Billboard advertising is an effective means of communication for businesses of many different industries and sizes. Businesses in all fields such as: building materials, special products, common consumer products, services… Almost Billboard advertising can advertise for all fields, this Not all media can do it.

Perimeter LED Display ads are suitable for all types of businesses

In addition, outdoor advertising billboards are suitable for large, medium and small-scale businesses. For small and medium-sized businesses, deploying Perimeter LED Display advertising helps to increase product and brand awareness very well.

Stadium perimeter led screen 2021

As for large enterprises, which already have a position in the market, the implementation of outdoor billboards helps remind and recall the image of brands and products in the minds of customers, making customers feel uncomfortable. can be forgotten.

Today’s Billboard advertising is very easy to implement

Billboard advertising is now very easy to deploy with the help of advertising agencies. Almost businesses only need to describe the message they want to convey and provide the cost, the agency will take care of the rest.

The agency will choose the most suitable places to place Perimeter LED Display; the procedures for placing billboards will take care of by the Agency from A to Z.

When should businesses consider using Billboard advertising?

This form of advertising is not only suitable for large corporations, all businesses in different fields should consider using Billboard. Because Billboard owns a lot of options in terms of size, price, location and above all, the benefits that Billboard advertising brings are not only valid for large corporations.


Perimeter LED Display advertising is especially effective when you are a start-up business or a new product or service is launch in the public. Besides, with the goal of maintaining and improving brand awareness, large companies and corporations also use this form of advertising as an effective and transparent tool during their operations.

Perimeter LED Display 2021

How much Stadium perimeter led screen marketing cost?

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Outstanding outdoor stage led screen brings exciting experiences

With the great development of led technology, Stadium perimeter led screen is widely common. Display technology far exceeds other display technologies and is gradually dominating the market. It is trusted by the whole world because of its outstanding advantages over traditional technologies.

Perimeter LED Display

They are present in nearly every sector of the television entertainment business. It provides users with extremely interesting utilities. For events that require a large space to convey. Or widely promote the content to maximize the effectiveness of the program, outdoor stage led screens are necessary.

What is Stadium perimeter led screen?

Is a stage led screen of quite large size? However, Stadium perimeter led screen use is to display images or related effects according to the user’s wishes. In terms of picture quality, this device cannot be compared to TV.

This device is made up of correspondingly arranged backlight bulbs. Those modules form a color pixel matrix. With such a structure, you can easily adjust the brightness of the entire screen. The adjustment makes it accurate down to the smallest detail. Therefore, it brings the benefits desired by the organizer.

The benefits of Stadium perimeter led screen

Outdoor stage led screen is a product that is highly appreciated for its superiority. This device can go beyond other display products. They bring practical benefits for outdoor events.

Ensure easy access to content for viewers

The Stadium perimeter led screen possesses a strong light stream, helping viewers even at a great distance but still be able to see it. This device has an extremely large number of colors displayed on this product with a full range of colors.

Stadium perimeter led screen Energy saving, environmentally friendly

Stadium perimeter led screen uses a very small amount of power. It is 50% less than LCD monitors on the market. Besides, the LED bulbs in the screen do not use mercury, so it is very friendly and environmentally friendly.

It does not produce the amount of yellow light that heats the environment, instead it uses white light to stimulate the user’s vision. However, it still ensures the transmission signal to produce clear images and sharp videos.

Stadium perimeter led screen are Durable

From those images, Stadium perimeter led screen brings endless emotions to the user. With sharp images, it helps viewers clearly grasp the content they want to convey through that screen. Besides, the outdoor LED color display screen uses light-emitting diode technology. It has the advantages of brightness and longevity. It has a long service life of up to millions of hours.

Stadium perimeter led screen Show program size

The outdoor stage led screen brings a level of grandeur to the show. It brings viewers vivid, beautiful images just like in the house. The screen has a fairly high light intensity, extremely low heat capacity, making viewers feel no discomfort. They make the viewer’s eyes pain-free, thereby bringing the highest efficiency.


With the preeminent features of the perimeter led screen. You will not be able to ignore it when you need to make a large-scale outdoor event. Realistic images and vivid videos will give viewers the best feeling. In addition, it also has the effect of raising the level of your programs.

Stadium perimeter led screen Cost savings

You often think that installing outdoor stage led screens is often extremely expensive. In fact, the cost of a monitor is not high compared to the benefits it brings. This makes it easy for you to choose without worrying too much.

New idea for small led screen

We can use it to decorate interior products such as industrial wood kitchen cabinets. It is also possible to integrate a led screen for displaying warnings about hygiene problems in some appliances common in the kitchen.

Practical benefits, Stadium perimeter led screen deserves your trust.

To implement a brand promotion campaign at the football field with the highest communication effect, businesses should note a few points as follows:

Note about the form of advertising implementation: To have a campaign to promote the brand at the football field with high communication efficiency, the form of deployment is also an extremely important factor. Each implementation method will help reach a different audience.

Perimeter LED Board

Easily accessible to every audience coming to the field

With the form of Pano advertising and LED screens inside the football field, the image of the business’ products and services will be accessible to every audience coming to the field.

In many models of industrial wood kitchen cabinets, the mounting of the Stadium perimeter led screen also requires a rather meticulous circuit design. But the easiest to install are the large wing models and waterproof wood material.

The form of advertising implementation plays a very important role

Notes on football pitches deploying communication campaigns: With advertising campaigns deployed at large stadiums with high capacity in the country will help the image of Products and services of the business are accessible to many customers.

Moreover, with brand promotion campaigns deployed at major tournaments around the world, it also brings the image of the business to many international friends.

Advertising at the football field

In football fields with a large capacity, the perimeter led screen will reach many customers

Note when designing advertising images: With media campaigns at the football field, the images and messages that businesses want to convey will only have an area. It is not too large at the partitions between the stadium and the stadium as on the live match screens.

Therefore, Stadium perimeter led screen need to design extremely reasonably so that customers can absorb product images in the best way. According to experience, we recommend that the simpler the image design, the better the image of the business will be.

Stadium perimeter led screen advertising at the football field

With each campaign to promote the brand at the football field, businesses will receive a different price quote. Moreover, the deployment time also plays an extremely important role in deciding the price of advertising communication services at the football field.

An advertising campaign that is deployed for a long time will have a higher quote but also provide superior communication efficiency.


Stadium perimeter led screen advertising campaigns deployed in stadiums with key matches will also have relatively high prices, but the number of customers who can see images of our services and products. The price of advertising at the football field depends on many different factors. Therefore, you have a need to promote your brand at the football field.

Perimeter LED Board

3 Best Perimeter LED Board Mediums for Advertising

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Follow the article below to have an overview, comparison of Perimeter LED board and LED screen advertising, which advertising medium is more suitable for your business?

Perimeter LED Board


What is Billboard Advertising?

Perimeter LED board is a form of outdoor advertising, using large billboards to convey the advertising message of the business. The message here is easy to express in words, we can say in pictures. With the aim of attracting as much attention as possible.

Billboard billboards often come at crowded intersections, along highways, along busy roads, on high-rise buildings… The size of the billboard is not fixed but depends on the structure of the billboard. each location put it.

What is Perimeter LED board?

Advertising Perimeter LED board is a form of advertising using an electronic screen (Electronic screen here is composed of a type of light called Light Emitting Diode). Electronic screens can play dynamic advertisements such as videos, or static advertisements such as displaying porters.

LED advertising screens are extremely diverse in sizes and types, depending on whether they come indoors or outdoors.

The common points of Perimeter LED board and LED screen advertising

Compare LED advertising and Billboard advertising

  1. The biggest common point of these two types of advertising is the ability to increase awareness for products, brands and promote brand images extremely well. Because they are all displayed on a large screen with attractive condensed content images so that viewers can perceive in a short period of time.
  2. The ability to cover many different audiences, capable of attracting future customers, or those who could influence target customers of the business.
  3. Another common point of Perimeter LED board and LED screen advertising is that it is impossible to capture the reactions and interactions of viewers, so it is difficult to accurately measure the effectiveness of these two media.

The difference between Billboard advertising and LED screen advertising

Level of public attraction

Talking about the ability to attract the target audience, LED screen advertising has an advantage over Billboard advertising. Because this is a media that can play advertising clips, moving images, not just playing porters like Perimeter LED board. Moreover, thanks to the LED light, the advertising display is extremely bright, highlighting an area.

Perimeter LED board cost in the market

Regarding the cost factor, Billboard advertising has an advantage when compared to LED screen advertising. The same size display board, Billboard advertising is cheaper. Because the investment cost for an LED screen is much higher than that of a conventional printed billboard. Therefore, the cost of rent broadcast time on LED screens is also very high.

Fixed level in Perimeter LED board display

Regarding the degree of fixation in display, Billboard advertising has the upper hand. Because when you rent a billboard location, that billboard is yours for a few months, that Perimeter LED board only shows your ad.

Choosing the right bus route plays a very important role in the advertising campaign. Lcd screen advertising on the right route will determine whether the ad reaches the right target audience and affects the effectiveness of the campaign.

As for LED screen advertising, on the same board, your ad will play with many other brands’ ads. It will be more difficult for viewers to want to see that ad again because when your ad complete, another business’s ad will appear.

Perimeter LED board has an advantage in fixed display

Billboard advertising has an advantage in fixed display

The time to implement a Billboard advertising project will be longer than that of LED screen advertising. Because when you want to set up a Perimeter LED board, it will take time to design, print, and hire a contractor to build that billboard. In case there are unexpected errors in design or information, it is necessary to disassemble and rebuild from scratch.

Perimeter LED Display 2021

When compared to LED screen advertising, it is very different, just design the content, then pass the data in to play on the screen immediately. When information or design has errors, it is also very easy to correct. The time to implement a project is extremely fast

The ability to avoid much, the Perimeter LED board has the advantage

In terms of noise avoidance, LED advertising has a slight advantage over Perimeter LED board. Because the broadcaster can choose the best time of the day to display ads, such as when people go to work in the morning, when people are in a good mood, easy to receive information.

So that the process of receiving information is not affected by personal emotions, environmental factors. In addition, LED advertising is not affected by extreme weather like Billboard advertising, there is no sign of tearing or fading…

Environmental Protection Perimeter LED board

Talking about environmental protection factors, Perimeter LED board ads consume a lot of electricity to display. But the issue of energy saving and environmental pollution is now becoming more and more important. So, in this criterion, LED screen advertising is somewhat inferior to Billboard advertising

Other differences with Perimeter LED board

Currently, in some parts of the world, at important intersections, people have banned the installation of billboards with LED screens, which can distract pedestrians and cause traffic accidents. In addition, the lighting of this type of advertising contributes greatly to the phenomenon of light pollution in cities causing some discomfort to the residents.

Conclusion Perimeter LED board

It is impossible to conclude which is the more effective means of Perimeter LED board advertising. Each means of solving different problems of businesses, depending on the problem of the business, what is it? What are the budget requirements?

To be able to choose the right media quickly, economically and effectively, businesses should choose a good agency with many years of experience in the industry.