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Which is the best conference LED display in 2021?

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What is outdoor advertising?

Conference LED Display Outdoor advertising, also known as Out of Home (OOH) advertising, is a form of visual advertising that reaches consumers while they are outside their homes. Moreover, this can be anything from billboards to street furniture to the brand’s point of sale on the street as well as a form of outdoor advertising.

conference LED display

The core objective of Conference LED Display

Financially, outdoor advertising is one of the most expensive marketing strategies. However, the average customer in the US spends nearly 70% of their time outside. (According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America). However, that is why outdoor advertising has great potential to attract attention from the target audience.

Essentially, out-of-home advertising is a small segment of an online advertising strategy that focuses on a broader reach. Conference LED Display focuses on creating brand awareness or increasing brand engagement without much consideration for conversion rates.

Why are Conference LED Display ads so popular with advertisers?

Online advertising sometimes makes viewers feel uncomfortable and bothered. Online users or business customers tend to use ad blockers to prevent these ads from showing. Also, In addition, online advertising is widely used, making the competition to show fierce.

Outdoor ads are different, they are unlockable and have the highest level of message visibility. Also, Outdoor advertising does not create a feeling of being disturbed with the audience receiving the advertising message.

Popular forms of Conference LED Display

There are 5 most common types of outdoor advertising, including:

Billboard Conference LED Display

Billboard billboards are one of the oldest and most popular advertising mediums. Customers must be familiar with large billboards with advertisements from different companies. Popular places for Billboard billboards include stadiums, shopping malls, highways, roadside, etc.

One very useful thing about Billboard billboards Conference LED Display is that they can reach many target audiences. Billboard billboards have three types as follows:

Also, Static/Stationary Billboards (Static, fixed advertising): usually placed on the roadside, highway, etc.

Mobile Billboards: appear on buses, trucks and many other vehicles

Digital Billboards: Modern electronic billboards installed by large companies.

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Point of sale (POS) – Advertising at the point of sale

Point-of-sale (POS) advertising is a type of outdoor advertising in which a brand reaches out to customers at a cash register or checkout. However, POS can be very effective in prompting customers to make a last-minute purchase by promoting additional products. For example, displaying belts at the checkout in an apparel store is also a form of Conference LED Display because belts are accessories for pants.


There are two main types of Conference LED Display:

Checkout Counter Display (Advertising at the checkout): includes the display counters around the checkout counter to advertise a certain product.

Visual Aids: Many retailers place posters around product shelves or racks to advertise.

Transit Advertising: Advertising on transport

This is a form of “in motion” advertising. In this form, companies place ads on buses, trucks, taxis or other means of transportation to promote their products or services.

There are three main types of media advertising:

Subway advertising: A very large percentage of people in the United States and European countries travel by train. That is why the subway is a suitable location for outdoor advertising.

Taxi advertising: Placing or wrapping Conference LED Display in taxis is also a very popular and highly accessible form of outdoor advertising.

Bus advertising: Bus advertising can work in a variety of ways. Companies place their ads both inside and outside the bus body. This way, they can reach the occupants of the vehicle as well as other road users around.

Advertise in public places

Just like Billboard advertising, this type can be used to connect with customers remotely. However, it is important for advertisers to install these ads near pedestrians to create brand awareness.

Popular places for public advertising off the street include display ads on kiosks, benches, sidewalks, bus stops, newsstands, and more.

Advertise at other locations

This is an effective way to reach a large number of customers. Suitable Conference LED Display locations include shopping malls, airports, cinemas, theaters, stadiums, bars, clubs, etc.

Characteristics of outdoor Conference LED Display

5.1. Advantages of outdoor advertising

Cost effective

However, Some people may think that outdoor advertising is very expensive because companies often spend huge budgets on billboards, posters, etc. However, if we compare the forms of advertising, we will have a different view.

For example, outdoor advertising has a much broader reach than many other types of marketing. The ability to reach the target audience of this type is extremely large.

What are the advantages of outdoor Conference LED Display?

Furthermore, the CPM (cost-per-impression) of outdoor advertising is more economical than many online branding strategies. For a small business looking to advertise to the local community, outdoor advertising is a cost-effective way to promote.

conference LED display 2021

Attract customers with attractive design

If your business has a creative marketing team that knows how to attract potential customers through images and design, then outdoor advertising is a great choice. Also, the design of the ad will play an important role in attracting attention.

A beautiful and eye-catching video or image of the product will leave an indelible impression in the audience’s mind. That’s why outdoor advertising is more effective at speaking up for the brand.

Encourage immediate purchases

The sole purpose of outdoor advertising is to encourage potential customers to buy what your business has to offer because that’s what they need. However, Ads are placed strategically by targeting the emotions and current state of the customer.

Hotels advertise on billboards along highways because people feel tired after driving all night and are most likely looking for a place to stay.

Furthermore, this form of advertising is used to reinforce the positive aspects of a brand message while creating a valuable promise that one’s needs will be met immediately.

Conclusion Conference LED Display

According to a study, customers tend to pay more attention to online advertisements if they have had prior visual contact with that product or service. That means, if you see an ad on a Conference LED Display, you are more likely to click on an online ad for that same product. Also, that is why online marketing campaigns yield better results when combined with outdoor advertising.