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Sports & Arenas LED Display

How to buy cheap price Sports & Arenas LED Display in 2021?

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Sports & Arenas LED Display
What are Sports & Arenas LED Display?

The Sports & Arenas LED Display and the video wall are digital signage (digital signage) solutions common by companies that seek, on digital screens, to attract their audience and promote their brand/product. The LED panels are the evolution of traditional billboards.

Which technology is common in Sports & Arenas LED Display?

In the case of Sports & Arenas LED Display, there is still the option of using the indoor model (for indoors) and the outdoor model (for outdoors). The video wall, on the other hand, is a solution that unites several monitors, forming a large screen. These screens can be LCD, LFD or LED technology.

The video wall is commonly common by companies that bet on digital screens for advertising, marketing strategy, or internal marketing, information display and/or entertainment content. Images can be random or form a single view.

What is the function of led display video wall?

But, the most frequent use – and the great difference of the video wall – is that each one of the screens can reproduce a part of the content, in a synchronized way, forming a single video that together form a super-screen.

For this type of project, professional Sports & Arenas LED Display with super thin edges and high quality of brightness and contrast are indicated.

Video Wall or Led Panel: Which to choose?

Regarding the result of capturing and loyalty of the public, the strategy with the video wall is usually more efficient if the installation site is indoors. The explanation for the results may lie in its cost-effectiveness, as its value is more economical, and its image quality is superior to that of Sports & Arenas LED Display.

However, if the installation location is outdoors, LED panels are more suitable. Furthermore, the outdoor models are prepared to face the elements without the need for “protection boxes” and their useful life is longer compared to monitors. In addition, they can have large formats, ensuring that their visibility is superior and that it can be observed from a distance.

Inviron system common in Sports & Arenas LED Display for control brightness

The LED panel also stands out for allowing brightness control by time band, with the help of the Inviron system. That is, during the daytime content transmission, its brightness level is high, however, at night; similarly, its brightness level is lower.

Moreover, it does not blur the vision of drivers, for example, avoiding accidents. Thus, to choose one type over another, it is essential to analyze the company’s strategy, the available space for installation, the campaign budget and the content to be displayed.

Innovations in Sports & Arenas LED Display

With continuous innovation and the development of advertising technology, the diversified outdoor Sports & Arenas LED Display rental screen has become a beautiful landscape in the city at night. Colorful, flickering light advertising adds colorful colors to the city’s night.

However, compared to the indoor environment, the outdoor environment is even worse, which also makes the situation of outdoor LED display rental screen frequent.

Perfect resolution for led display

For indoor screen, Outdoor LED screen rental screen should have higher resolution. It is to meet the display effect of various long-distance or high environments. Traditional LCD resolution can only reach 1024 × 768. According to the actual test data, the external application’s resolution requirement for display equipment must finally reach 1920 × 1200.

Outdoor Sports & Arenas LED Display should have intelligent constant temperature

Outdoor advertising screen will have heating from three main aspects:

  1. solar radiation
  2. air convection and
  3. Moreover, indoor electronic component heating

According to the regional difference of temperature and equipment location, the Arenas LED Display should have a defined temperature control scheme.

Some have air conditioning cooling, and some are forced air cooling. But no matter what type of cooling scheme, the merchandise generally meets the operational requirements of temperature: – 30 ℃ – 55 ℃, humidity: 10% – 90%.

Outdoor Sports & Arenas LED Display should be dustproof and waterproof

If you want to use everything outdoors, waterproof and dustproof is the first thing to tackle. The protection level of the display equipment housing must be waterproof. Generally, the waterproof level reaches ipx5, which can operate normally under heavy rain.

Dust is an important factor in reducing the efficiency of goods and accelerating the aging of goods. The Sports & Arenas LED Display equipment must have a specially designed dustproof structure and dustproof filtration products, and the dustproof level reaches IP65.

Outdoor Sports & Arenas LED Display for lightening protection screen rental:

In order to complete the all-weather outdoor transmission performance, the outdoor display equipment must have reliable lightning protection. Moreover, it should have an electrical control design to provide security assurance for the equipment in stormy days.

In outdoor environment, the display interface is clear and visible, and anti-reflection is also an important aspect to be considered. It is necessary to use special coated glass to improve the visual point of view and image resolution and reduce screen glare.

Anti-electromagnetic interference outdoor LED screen rental screen:

The uncontrollability of the external environment makes the anti-electromagnetic interference function of the Sports & Arenas LED Display very important. We cannot transform the external environment.

Similarly, we can protect the internal electrical parts of the equipment. In addition, it can effectively prevent the interference of internal devices and cables in the signal. Moreover, it can prevent external electromagnetic interference in LED products.

Outdoor LED display rental screen must be riot-proof and anti-theft:
Sports & Arenas LED Display 2021

Outdoor led display advertising price

In general, the cost of advertising outdoor LED screens depends on many factors. Here are some of the top factors that govern the cost of advertising on Arenas LED Display.

  • The number of advertising spots:Depending on the advertising campaign and the needs of the customer, the number is different. Small campaigns need small quantities and vice versa.
  • Advertising time: It usually ranges from a few seconds to tens of seconds for an ad depending on how long or short the ad content is.
  • Projection frequency:On the same LED screen, advertisements can be played many times or fewer times. Moreover, it depends on each campaign, the frequency of projection will not be the same.
  • Advertising form: Advertisingcontent can appear in the form of posters, videos, images, audio, etc. Each form has a certain difference in price.
  • Book location:The more favorable the location, the higher the advertising cost. However, when deploying LED screen advertising at golden locations, the efficiency will be higher. 
  • Advertising time frame:Just like book placement, the higher the price, the higher the cost when the ad is broadcast in the prime time frames.
  • Screen size:Depending on the location where the Sports & Arenas LED Display install, the size varies quite a bit.


we can protect the internal electrical parts of the equipment, which can effectively prevent the interference of internal devices. And cables in the signal, and prevent external electromagnetic interference in Sports & Arenas LED Display.