Spherical LED Screens

From Curves to Transparency: Discovering 11 Creative LED Display Screens

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In today’s digital age, LED display screens have become an essential part of our lives. As display technology continues to advance and become more widespread, LED display screens are gradually entering the high-end display market with the help of AR/VR, XR virtual technology, and metaverse, presenting a more diverse range of applications.

From curved LED screens to transparent LED screens, these innovative LED displays, which are packed with advanced display technology and leading the industry trend, are widely used in today’s display market, creating a fresh viewing experience for the audience. This article will explore different types of LED display screens available in the market and their unique features.


Curved LED Screens


Curved LED screens, also known as flexible LED screens, combine traditional LED display technology with bending technology to create a display screen that can be curved or arched at different angles to adapt to various shapes and structures, resulting in innovative effects.

Curved LED Screens

Curved LED displays have a sophisticated structure that allows for customized content and ensures high resolution and vibrant colors to enhance visual appeal. Moreover, curved LED display screens offer high flexibility, enabling them to be shaped into various forms and angles, thereby creating different ambient atmospheres in different spaces. Curved LED screens are increasingly used in commercial advertising and indoor/outdoor decorations to meet diverse customer demands.

One popular innovative application of curved LED screens is the naked-eye 3D effect. By utilizing the characteristics of building corners, curved LED displays can be bent into right-angle screens and, when combined with 3D display technology, create a sense of three-dimensional scenes, providing users with a visually impactful experience. 3D LED screens allow consumers to witness the breakthrough innovations in display technology and experience a refreshing visual impact. They are not only the future of advertising displays but also a groundbreaking innovation that combines public art and modern display technology. Click here to learn more about 3D LED screens.

Spherical LED Screens 

The spherical LED screen is an innovative application of flexible LED screens, offering a 360° viewing angle. Viewers can see the displayed content clearly from any angle.

One famous application of spherical LED displays is the MSG Sphere, conceived and built by Madison Square Garden Company in Las Vegas. The MSG Sphere is made up of 1.2 million LED panels, forming a 54,000-square-meter spherical LED display. It is the largest spherical building and the largest spherical LED display in the world, boasting the highest display resolution globally. The massive spherical LED screen extends 250 feet high from the ground and can host movies, music, and sports events, immersing the audience in a vibrant and visually captivating world. Click here to learn more about the MSG Sphere spherical LED screen.

Spherical LED Screens

Small Pitch LED Screens

Small pitch LED screens typically refer to LED displays with a pixel pitch of less than 2.5 millimeters, designed specifically for indoor ultra-high-definition displays. With a small pixel pitch, more pixels can be accommodated in a given display area, resulting in finer and clearer images. Additionally, small pitch LED displays typically have a high refresh rate, ensuring smooth video playback without motion blur.

Small pitch LED screens are known for their vivid colors, high contrast, and wide viewing angles. They are typically made up of specific LED modules using surface-mount device (SMD) LED packaging technology or chip-on-board (COB) packaging technology, achieving seamless and uniform image reproduction. Therefore, small pitch LED display screens are particularly suitable for applications where the viewing distance is close, such as indoor advertising, control rooms, conference rooms, command centers, monitoring centers, exhibition halls, shopping malls, and more. Click here to learn more about small pitch LED screen.

LED Cube Display Screens

LED cube display screens are typically made up of six LED panels combined to form a cube. The panels of LED cube displays can seamlessly connect to create a perfect and smooth image and animation effect. Like spherical LED screens, LED cube display screens can be viewed from any angle, breaking away from the traditional flat screen experience.

LED Cube Display Screens

LED cube display screens are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, showcasing the perfect blend of technology and art. They can not only play advertisements, promote brand awareness, and convey promotional messages but also add a touch of fashion and become a new attraction for store traffic.

LED tunnel Displays

LED tunnel Displays

LED tunnel displays are usually composed of multiple LED panels or modules arranged in an arc to form a continuous display surface. These panels or modules are seamlessly connected, transforming the originally dull and monotonous tunnel environment into an engaging and visually stunning space. The delicate display images combined with carefully crafted multimedia videos undergo artistic changes within the LED tunnel display, greatly enhancing the visual and interactive experience.

LED tunnel displays ensure high brightness, vibrant colors, and excellent contrast, even in environments with ambient lighting. Due to their ability to provide a lively visual experience, attract the attention of people passing through the tunnel, and increase engagement, LED display screens can be applied in various transportation tunnels, pedestrian tunnels, and even underground passageways in commercial spaces.

Floor LED Screens

Floor LED screen is a type of LED display that is designed to be installed on the floor, creating a dynamic and interactive visual experience for viewers. These screens are typically made up of multiple LED panels or tiles that are seamlessly connected to create a continuous display surface.

Floor LED screens are often used in commercial spaces, such as shopping malls, airports, and exhibition centers, to showcase advertisements, product promotions, or other types of content. They can also be used in entertainment venues, such as nightclubs or concert halls, to create immersive and engaging visuals for the audience.

One of the main advantages of floor LED screens is their ability to create a unique and interactive experience. The screens can be designed to respond to movement or touch, allowing viewers to interact with the content in a fun and engaging way. For example, a floor LED screen in a shopping mall might display an advertisement for a sports brand, and when viewers step on the screen, a virtual soccer ball might appear, encouraging them to kick the ball and engage with the brand.

Floor LED screens can also be used to create a sense of depth and perspective, making the content appear as if it is floating or emerging from the floor. This effect can be used to create a visually stunning and immersive experience for viewers.

For example, the British architectural studio Stufish brought the world’s largest kaleidoscope, LEAP The Kaleidoscope, to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for the LEAP Technology Conference 2022. Made of floor LED screens and tensile mirrored foils, the installation takes visitors on a journey from the bottom of the ocean to the skies above the Arabian Peninsula.

Floor LED Screens

Another advantage of floor LED screens is their durability and reliability. These screens are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, spills, and other environmental factors that might damage other types of displays. They are also energy-efficient and can be programmed to turn on and off automatically, reducing operational costs. Click here to learn more about floor LED screens.

Strip LED Displays

Strip LED displays are a new type of LED screen, often referred to as light strip screens. They consist of a series of LED light strips that can adjust color, brightness, and frequency through control signals to achieve various graphic, text, and animation effects. Strip LED displays are particularly innovative when applied to stairs, creating a layered and creative look. They can also be used on supermarket shelves to display product information or promotional messages.

Tree-shaped LED Displays

Tree-shaped LED displays are designed to resemble trees. They are made up of multiple LED panels arranged in a tree-like structure, with the branches and leaves made of LED screens. Tree-shaped LED displays are typically used in indoor environments such as hotels, commercial centers, or city squares, creating a stunning visual effect and an immersive experience for viewers. They can be used to display various content, including promotional information, artistic visual effects, and even interactive elements. 

Tree-shaped LED displays can create a sense of natural beauty and wonder. They can be programmed to display images and videos of rustling leaves, flying birds, and even seasonal changes like blooming flowers in spring or falling leaves in autumn.

Tree-shaped LED Displays

Ceiling LED Screens

Ceiling LED screens are specifically installed on the ceiling of relatively enclosed spaces to create an immersive atmosphere. They are commonly used in various indoor environments such as shopping malls, airports, conference centers, and even entertainment venues like music halls or theaters. Placing LED display screens on the ceiling allows for a unique and unexpected perspective, making it easier to catch the attention of passersby. This is particularly effective in crowded areas where traditional wall-mounted displays may not be as eye-catching. Click here to learn more about ceiling LED screen.

Transparent LED Screens

A transparent LED screen is a display technology that allows light to pass through the screen, making it translucent or transparent. It consists of an LED pixel grid that emits light when powered on. Transparency is achieved by using transparent materials such as glass or acrylic to create the display panel.

Due to its transparent and invisible characteristics, transparent LED screens create a strong 3D floating effect when playing 3D videos. Therefore, they can be used in various art exhibitions such as retail stores, museums, airports, and commercial buildings. Transparent LED display screens can also be used for advertising purposes as they can be placed on shop windows or glass surfaces, providing eye-catching interactive display effects. Click here to learn more about transparent LED screen.

Interactive LED Screens

An interactive LED screen is a display technology that allows users to interact with the content displayed on the screen. It combines LED display panels with touch sensing capabilities, allowing users to interact with the content through touch gestures such as tapping, swiping, or pinching. These display screens come equipped with touch sensors that detect user touch inputs and convert them into commands or actions on the screen. It allows users to browse menus, interact with multimedia content, play games, write or draw on the screen, and perform other interactive tasks.

Interactive LED displays are commonly used in various settings, including educational institutions, corporate environments, retail stores, museums, and public places. Compared to traditional static displays, interactive LED displays offer a more attractive and immersive experience, increasing interactivity and fun, and making the audience more engaged.

LED displays offer endless possibilities for creativity and technological innovation, adding more ingenuity to various settings. They can be combined with various technologies to create cool, futuristic, and immersive effects, transforming traditional static displays into dynamic technological showcases.

RIGARD is a leading manufacturer of LED displays in the industry. We constantly push the boundaries of innovation and have developed a variety of creative LED display screens. RIGARD LED displays are widely used due to their high energy efficiency, long lifespan, vibrant colors, high resolution, and strong flexibility. Whether it’s advertising LED screens, outdoor LED billboards, transparent LED screens, or 3D LED screens, RIGARD has the perfect LED display solutions for you to change the way your target audience interacts with visual content.


How to Choose the Best LED Display Manufacturer?

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LED display technology has matured to become the display solution of choice for a variety of industries including entertainment, sports, education, broadcasting and advertising. If deployed properly, LED display screens will attract a steady stream of target audiences for you and serve as an effective tool to drive your business forward. But all of this is possible only if you find the best LED display manufacturer.

Choosing the best LED display manufacturer is challenging because it requires you to spend more time on the quality of the product and the professionalism of the manufacturer. We will cover the most comprehensive guide on how to choose the best LED screen manufacturer in this article, and hopefully you will get substantial help in this matter.

How to Choose the Best LED Display Manufacturer?

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing the best LED screen manufacturer.

1. Focus on the Quality of LED Display Screens

Product quality, from the aesthetics of the LED screen to the technical requirements for a safe display, is the primary consideration when you choose an LED display supplier. Visual effect is often one of the important indicators of the quality of LED displays. Regardless of the application of LED display screens, you should visit the factory or request samples to ensure they have high brightness, high gray level, high refresh rate, high definition and wide angle. This is all to provide the ultimate visual experience to your target users.

It is especially important to ensure that the LED screen manufacturer uses quality materials and components so that the longevity and reliability of the LED display panels can be guaranteed. Therefore, to avoid falling into every little technical flaw, you should choose a professional LED display manufacturer whose expertise can ensure product quality and safe display while meeting aesthetic needs.

2. Compliance with Specific Safety Standards

A good way to determine whether to include an LED display manufacturer on your shortlist is to know if they meet specific safety standards for the LED display industry. Some of the safety standards for LED displays include, but are not limited to, EMC, ETL, CCC, CE, FCC, RoHS, etc. When an LED display supplier strictly meets these production standards, the quality and safety of the LED display panels they produce are guaranteed. It can go a long way in helping you reduce uncertainties such as product technical failures and defects.

3. Extensive LED Display Manufacturing Experience

Another way to know if an LED display supplier is the best is to research whether the company has years of LED display manufacturing experience, which can be done by looking at the time of establishment and successful project experience.

A manufacturer with extensive display manufacturing experience must have a successful project history and display expertise. Experience and expertise are particularly important requirements when your digital display project requires specialized design. This is because an LED screen manufacturer with specialized display knowledge can critically analyze your project and can provide creative LED solutions based on your individual needs.

In addition, a manufacturer with extensive experience in display manufacturing is bound to have a good reputation in the industry. Asking industry professionals about the experience and reputation of your candidate LED display supplier can help you avoid the safety concerns and functional risks associated with inferior products and poor design.

4. Consider the LED Display Screen Cost

LED displays are not simply a one-time purchase; they involve customization, design, manufacturing, testing, shipping, installation and other aspects. Therefore, the cost of a high quality LED display that can contribute to the growth of your business will not be very low.

When choosing a LED display supplier, it is recommended to know the display market in advance and not to sacrifice quality for lower cost. Low-priced LED displays sacrifice the quality and performance of LED screen panels, and will be much less bright in terms of display brightness, clarity and contrast. Instead, it is wise of you to set the budget and choose an LED display manufacturer that balances affordability and quality.

5. Availability of Customization Options

You will always have display projects that require different design requirements. Whether it is an outdoor 3D LED display or an indoor interactive floor LED display, you will need to customize the design for different scenarios and display purposes. When looking for the best LED display manufacturer, advance the priority of the manufacturer who can offer customization possibilities to meet your needs. This will allow you to design the LED display that best suits your brand, message and target market.

6. Availability of After-sales Support

After-sales support is one of the key factors to consider when choosing the best LED display manufacturer. Check if they have a dedicated technical support team to provide adequate support for the installation, training and maintenance of the LED display screens.

Why Should You Choose RIGARD LED?

RIGARD LED is an international LED screen manufacturer offering design, production and distribution services for all types of LED displays and visualization products. We have gained significant market share in the field of narrow pixel pitch LED displays. RIGARD has always known that high quality and unparalleled customer service is the key to turning short-term contacts into long-term partnerships. Our LED display screens give you an overwhelming competitive advantage and promote your business for life by working together.

1. High Quality and Versatile LED Displays

RIGARD refuses to compromise on low quality LED display screens, but takes every possible step to exceed your expectations. Our LED display solutions include full color indoor LED displays, outdoor LED displays, digital LED display boards, flexible LED screens, transparent LED screens, stadium LED screens, etc.

RIGARD insists on using die-cast aluminum as the main material of LED panels to ensure the high quality and superior performance of each LED screen. Even in intense outdoor sports, RIGARD LED displays are crash-proof, waterproof and heat resistant.

Rather than being your one-time purchase, RIGARD LED displays offer an industry standard of 100,000 hour half-life, which means you can run your LED display screen at full brightness 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for over a decade. Not only that, but the ultimate 0.9mm pixel pitch, refresh rate of up to 3840 Hz and brightness of 1000 nits provide your target audiences with ultra high definition content display.

2. Rich Experience in LED Display Manufacturing

Since entering the LED display industry in 2013, RIGARD has been dedicated to the production and manufacturing of LED display panels in a very professional manner. RIGARD LED displays have been all over the world, completing several LED display projects that have been highly recognized by our customers.

For example, in South Africa, we provided 1.8 pixel pitch indoor LED displays for TV studios to enable high definition TV transmissions. In Oman Stadium, our stadium perimeter LED display for the stadium contributed to the smooth running of the game due to its excellent anti-collision and waterproof performance. In the US, RIGARD’s church LED display screens deliver superior detailed visuals due to industry-leading small pixel pitch technology.

After several successful LED display projects, RIGARD has accumulated a wealth of experience and display expertise in LED display manufacturing to provide you with incredible custom LED displays.

3. Passed Professional Certification Inspection

As a trusted LED display supplier, RIGARD is an industry leader in compliance with TUV, EMC, CE, RoHS standard certifications to ensure that the LED display solutions you invest in are safe and reliable. We strictly enforce IQC, IPQC, QC, CFQC, QA in every aspect of our process quality control engineering and supply chain management. Due to the strict requirements on product quality, RIGARD has already enjoyed high customer satisfaction and loyalty worldwide.

4. Customized Display Solutions Available

RIGARD not only provides LED displays that balance affordability and high quality, but also offers custom LED display solutions to meet your needs. With several successful LED display projects around the world, we are able to provide one-stop customization services for simple to complex LED display projects. With years of experience in LED display manufacturing, RIGARD is able to analyze your display project with a professional perspective and give useful suggestions to your LED display designs that go beyond the status quo.

5. Perfect After-sales Service

RIGARD has an independent LED display manufacturing team, design team, and is equipped with efficient inventory management and perfect logistics service. In addition to guaranteeing the delivery time of our LED displays, we also provide you with extensive support, such as after-sales maintenance, free technical resources, 24/7 remote online service and even on-site support. When you need it, we are always ready to provide you with an excellent customer experience.

RIGARD can meet all your LED display needs with a customization service no matter how big or small your display projects are. With our creativity, innovative spirit and constant research into new technology opportunities in the LED display industry, we know we are the right LED display supplier for you.

New Trend of Transparent LED Screen for The Debut of The World’s First 3D Dome

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On January 24, 2022, the crystal ball of Metro City, Xujiahui, Shanghai has launched a renewal and upgrade that 3,888 high-definition 4K screens replaced the original light band particles, becoming the world’s first naked eye 3D dome. 3D dome as a landmark in Xujiahui Shanghai, adds dynamism for the night landscape of the downtown with a fantastic 3D image and helps boost the tourism consumption of the business district.

The crystal ball of Metro City started out as a composition of LED lighting particles and was later upgraded several times to become the UHD 4K screen it is today. Since the crystal ball of Metro City is spherical, different from the traditional flat and large folding corner screens, it is a tough and challenging job no matter the design and installation of LED display module or 3D visual presentation. To present the naked eye 3D effect perfectly, 3,888 pieces of glass facets form the main frame of the whole 3D dome to create a subtle refraction halo for the dome. In addition, a high-definition 4K screen was installed behind each cutout for high-definition and high-contrast images. What is certain is that the upgraded 3D dome is 20 times sharper and has more features than traditional screens could ever hope to offer. By importing pre-made UHD 3D video modeling, 3D dome of Metro City can present a holographic 3D image with a technological and futuristic feel.

The 3D visual presentation on the dome is the first of its kind in the world, which fully demonstrates China’s outstanding achievement in LED display technology. LED displays were initially in the public eye in the form of a flat screen with their initial function of being placed outside buildings and shopping centers for merchants to advertise. But with the development of the Internet and the progress of the times, this functional attribute is being weakened continuously. On the basis of technology-based genes, LED screens have been derived from a variety of screen types, such as narrow pixel pitch LED screens, flexible LED screens and transparent LED screens, and so on, which have expanded more application possibilities for users. For example, flexible LED screens can provide merchants with different shapes of screen displays due to their flexibility in shape and size; while transparent LED screens are an innovative LED display solution that can achieve 55-90% transparent display through hollow design structure and side light-emitting technology without damaging and obscuring the original structural features and aesthetics of the building.

Under the trend of the rise of new media forces in the market, the combination of outdoor advertising industry with LED display screen as the main medium and urban landmark aesthetics has provided multi-dimensional new ideas and enthusiastic practices for the diversified market demands of brand customers. The new generation of transparent LED display technology, as the new direction of LED display, will be the biggest driving force of this innovative development due to its easy installation and maintenance, and suitable for both flat and curved surfaces. According to forecast data, the market value of transparent LED screens is about $87.2 billion by 2025. There is no doubt that transparent LED screens will become increasingly popular worldwide, and this growth will undoubtedly lead to unprecedented opportunities.

The successful upgrade of Metro City’s 3D LED ball is the result of the combined effect of flexible LED screens and transparent LED screens. The transparent LED screen with 55%-90% transparency can be easily installed behind glass windows and can even replace glass to achieve a wonderful and stunning visual display. With the unique feature of transparent LED screen, 3D LED ball is being explored in an innovative way to create a new “Metro Universe” by combining various IPs loved by young people, thus enabling its surrounding merchants to achieve rapid growth of economic benefits and brand promotion. Moreover, with the integration of 5G+8K+AI technology, 3D dome, as the future trend of transparent LED screen, will also be applied to virtual interactive experience, i.e. merchants can replicate consumers’ characters to the dome surface in real time for interaction with the help of holographic projection and portrait capture technology. At the same time more topical interactive game experience will also be realized online and offline linkage through smart phones.

The truth is also moving in its established direction. LED displays are moving towards high definition, intelligence and diversity and will no longer be limited to traditional advertising displays. With HD display technology, 5G communication technology, AI technology, 3D display technology, etc., transparent LED displays will be applied to interactive experiences that are closer to the consumer group so that potential customers can interact with the brand to learn more.

If you are stuck in an innovation bottleneck and have no ideas on how to get closer to your potential customers, then you may want to try using transparent LED displays as an innovative solution to break the tradition and achieve absolutely superior business growth and brand promotion by increasing user interaction with the screen. With the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China presented a feast of technology and aesthetics to the world with the world’s largest 8K LED display. It has to be said that China’s LED display technology has taken a new step forward and it also fully demonstrates China’s superior LED display technology and the strength of Chinese LED screen manufacturers. RIGARD is one of the leading LED screen manufacturers in China, dedicated to breakthroughs in innovative LED display technology, offering a lot of types of LED screens, including transparent LED screens, flexible LED screens, 3D LED screens, 4K screens and 8K screens for indoor and outdoor applications.

If you are considering investing in transparent LED screens, RIGARD is a great choice for you. This is not only because RIGARD is committed to providing customized LED module designs to suit your brand style according to your individual needs, but also offers transparent LED screens with ultra-high density pixel pitch to ensure your images are more vivid and beautiful. In addition, the transparent LED screen of RIGARD has a reputation for 55% to 93% transparency, industry-leading brightness adjustment, and heat dissipation technology. IP68 protection rating allows RIGARD’s transparent LED displays to operate trouble-free in temperatures from -40°C to 60°C, and its pneumatic windproof design makes it resistant to storms and typhoons.

Transparent LED displays are gradually transforming the advertising and signage industry, and intangible features such as artificial intelligence and enhanced interactivity are additional benefits of the technology. So, whether it’s from reducing energy costs, boosting business, or enhancing innovative displays, there’s a reason to consider upgrading to a transparent LED screen solution.

Transparent LED Screen: An Innovative Solution of Dynamic Advertisement Display for You

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Using LED screens as advertising displays or branding has become the primary choice for most companies. By continuously playing dynamic images or even 3D images, advertising LED screens bring great visual impact to the audience, thus leaving a deep memory about the brand in their mind. However, with the continuous improvement of user needs, the traditional LED display gradually reveals its drawbacks in terms of size flexibility, architectural beauty, and perspective of the field of view, stimulating the LED display manufacturers to launch a more innovative solution – transparent LED screen.

A transparent LED screen is an innovative LED display solution that maximizes perspective by reducing structural components to achieve a 55-90% transparent display. The image on its screen is created by programming the LEDs and displaying the relevant pixel colors on the mapped LEDs, where the lights converge to create the image. A transparent LED screen not only maximizes user needs mentioned above but also achieves visual effects that outperform those provided by the traditional LED screen.

Compared with traditional LED screens that block the field of view completely, transparent LED walls use stunning transparent glass display technology to transform locations with advertising value in urban commercial environments, such as glass windows, glass curtain walls, and large indoor spaces, into unique visual impacts that quickly and accurately draw traffic. In addition, it has more practical advertising value of commercial Internet media, maintaining the original look and permeability of the venue. This is why transparent LED display is gradually becoming the trend in the industry. In addition, as an innovative dynamic display solution, transparent LED window display possesses more overwhelming advantages than traditional LED display, assisting you in driving more business into your stores.

Top Features of Transparent LED Screen

1. Transparent display technology

The see-through effect is the biggest feature that distinguishes transparent LED displays from other types of LED displays, thanks to the hollow design structure and side lighting technology. When users put the advertisement display outdoors, the room allows normal lighting because of high permeability and is transparent when viewed from inside. When viewed from any angle outdoors, in addition to a clear view of the overall interior environment, images can be seen suspended on the glass curtain wall, enhancing the advertising and artistic effect to attract potential consumers. Transparent LED window displays are a great choice for stores that want to display content stylishly without blocking light or views from either side.

2. Enhancing the aesthetics of building facades

Due to the unique transparent display technology of the transparent LED screen, the image appears to be suspended on the glass wall no matter what angle the user views it from. Moreover, it enhances the aesthetics of the building facade without affecting the overall presentation of the building’s appearance as the traditional LED screen does. This kind of display technology opens up new creative options that are not possible with LCD screens and other LED screens, allowing designers to focus on the glass building without detracting from the overall design.

3. Lightweight and ultra-thin

Because of the hollow design structure to achieve the effect of transparent display and no steel supporting, the transparent LED screen is lighter and thinner than traditional LED displays, weighing only 12kg/m², with a panel thickness of only 10mm. Even in the absence of glass as a background, the transparent LED screen can be installed vertically and independently or supported behind a glass curtain wall. In addition, you can greatly reduce the background pressure and installation costs with whichever installation method you choose.

4. Energy saving

The part without picture display of transparent LED display is not heat, so power consumption is lower than that of a traditional LED display, making businesses save unnecessary cost expenditure.

5. Flexible shape

A transparent LED screen has more possibilities in shape and size than a traditional LED display, including column, pillar, circle, triangle, etc., to enhance the aesthetic effect and give potential target groups a refreshing feeling. Therefore, transparent LED displays can also be stylish decorations for outdoor and indoor glass walls to attract more potential users.

6. Wide range of applications

Through the breakthrough of technical knowledge, transparent LED screen has made a breakthrough in LED display application on glass, in addition to the value of advertising display. Transparent LED display is widely used in outdoor and indoor areas, such as an outdoor transparent LED display for stage, square, park, etc., and indoor transparent LED screen for large shopping malls, chain stores, science and technology museums, and glass window.

How to Choose the Right Transparent LED Screen?

Due to the innovation of technology and the advantages of transparent LED screens gradually highlighted, the global demand for this kind of LED screen is increasing. Then, in the face of increasing transparent LED screen manufacturers in the market, how can we ensure that we choose the right screen? Listed below are some tips that can help you understand what the best transparent LED screen is.

1. Coordinated consideration of pixel pitch and transparency

This factor will involve pixel pitch and viewing distance. The higher the pixel pitch, the clearer the image; conversely, more pixel dots always mean lower permeability because of higher pixel density. Choosing the right pixel spacing based on consideration of the appropriate visualization is crucial to balance clarity with some loss of permeability.

2. Brightness adjustment

Brightness adjustable technology allows for greater possibilities of content enrichment and innovation. The best transparent LED screen should ensure that the screen works stably under different climatic conditions with maximum energy saving.

3. Protection level

If installed outdoors, a transparent LED screen should have sufficient resistance to UV, water, and dust because protection is the most critical factor affecting the working life and transparent LED screen price.

4. Heat dissipation capability

The best transparent LED screen needs a proper heat dissipation system and makes sure there is aluminum that helps reduce heat because a collapsing heat sink will ultimately affect the life of the screen as well as the ability of each component to perform at its best.

5. Reliable service

It is worth emphasizing that the reliability of the LED display manufacturer is crucial when considering shopping for the best transparent LED display. Reliable manufacturers have built up a good reputation among their customer base and are guaranteed in terms of product technology and after-sales service. RIGARD LED is an example in this case, which has gained a solid customer base worldwide with its experience and innovative technology in LED displays.

If you consider investing in transparent LED displays, RIGARD LED could be your great choice as RIGARD’s transparent LED displays meet all the features mentioned above. RIGARD LED is committed to choosing the right pixel pitch for customers – from 2.6 to 31.25 mm pixels. Ultra-high density pixel pitch means a sharper, more attractive image on your transparent LED display. Considering the viewing distance for different projects, RIGARD LED offers customization services to guide choosing the most appropriate pixel pitch.

Moreover, the transparency of 55% to 93%, industry-leading brightness adjustment as well as heat dissipation technology bring a great reputation for RIGARD LED. IP68 protection rating allows RIGARD’s transparent LED display to work trouble-free in temperatures between -40°C and 60°C, and its pneumatic windproof design makes it withstand storms and typhoons.

Combining an ultra-modern blend of art, advertising, and technology, the transparent LED display is undoubtedly an innovative solution for your dynamic advertisement display, and you really should go get one to boost your business and brand presence.

Perimeter LED Display

7 reasons why businesses use Perimeter LED Display Screens

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Here are the reasons why businesses are now constantly using Perimeter LED Display by deploying advertising campaigns across the country.

Perimeter LED Display

Perimeter LED Display ads can be targeted

  1. Billboard ads help increase exposure
  2. Pano ads are suitable for all types of businesses
  3. Today’s Billboard advertising is very easy to implement
  4. When should businesses consider using Billboard advertising?

What is Perimeter LED Display advertising?

Perimeter LED Display is a form of outdoor advertising, using large billboards to convey the advertising message of the business. The message here can be expressed in words, slogans, can be expressed in vivid and impressive images to suit that billboard, with the aim of attracting as much attention. the better.

Billboard billboards often come at crowded intersections, along highways, along busy roads, on high-rise buildings… The size of the billboard does not fix but depends on the structure of the billboard.

What are the characteristics of Perimeter LED Display advertising?

The effectiveness of Billboard advertising for marketing campaigns is undisputed. This is one of the reasons for the existence and strong development of billboards to this day, when digital advertising forms are widely common. So, what is the difference between Billboard advertising and other forms of advertising?

What are the characteristics of Billboard advertising?

Placement: Perimeter LED Display often fixes on the overhead, in prime locations such as dense traffic intersections, arterial highways, etc. These locations have space. Moreover, they are attracting the attention of the public at many different angles and distances.

Common sizes of the Perimeter LED Display

Each billboard will have a different size but usually has a width x length ranging at 4mx14m. The large area helps businesses to freely create advertising messages, and at the same time, customers can easily observe and remember the content on the sea even at a distance.

Placement time: This will depend on your ad campaign’s goals and budget. Normally, a billboard should be common for 3 months to make consumers aware of the product or brand.

Perimeter LED Display is cost savings

We can say that this is an extremely economical advertising medium compared to the cost and what this medium can bring. This is also the reason why this form of advertising appeared centuries ago and can still exist today.

The cost to deploy is extremely expensive and seems to have no end. With the same audience reach for advertising, Billboard advertising is 30% to 50% cheaper than the above mediums.

Perimeter LED Display advertising can reach a wide audience

Because each Perimeter LED Display is a crowded place, the heavy traffic means that there are many people seen to advertising. This can include the target audience that the business is targeting and potential customers in the future.

This makes a lot of sense for businesses when reaching out to people who are not target customers but they may be future buyers or word of mouth to other potential buyers.

Billboard ads can increase awareness well

Compared with other outdoor media such as banner advertising, taxi advertising, the billboard advertising display area is much larger. Due to its very large area, it will not happen that the text or images are too small, making it difficult for readers.

In addition, the message content on Billboard billboards also design to be concise, images will select to make passers-by recognize the message that the business wants to convey with just a glance. Therefore, outdoor Perimeter LED Display advertising will do a great job of increasing public awareness of products and businesses.

Billboard Advertising potentially targeting selected targets

The use of Billboard advertising also makes it easy for businesses to target the information they want to communicate. Just define who you want to target? Where do they usually go? And then put big billboards there to attract them.

For example, when wanting to reach a student audience, large billboards are placed across from universities to ensure that all students see the billboard. If you want to attract mothers with young children, Billboard billboards can be placed in places near kindergartens, preschools, etc.

Perimeter LED Display ads help increase exposure

Perimeter LED Display are placed in a permanent place, usually placed there for a few months, not as mobile as advertising on taxis. This gives an advantage that every time passing through that section, the passerby is exposed to the ad once, leading to an increase in the frequency of the ad’s exposure.

Billboard advertising is an effective means of communication for businesses of many different industries and sizes. Businesses in all fields such as: building materials, special products, common consumer products, services… Almost Billboard advertising can advertise for all fields, this Not all media can do it.

Perimeter LED Display ads are suitable for all types of businesses

In addition, outdoor advertising billboards are suitable for large, medium and small-scale businesses. For small and medium-sized businesses, deploying Perimeter LED Display advertising helps to increase product and brand awareness very well.

Stadium perimeter led screen 2021

As for large enterprises, which already have a position in the market, the implementation of outdoor billboards helps remind and recall the image of brands and products in the minds of customers, making customers feel uncomfortable. can be forgotten.

Today’s Billboard advertising is very easy to implement

Billboard advertising is now very easy to deploy with the help of advertising agencies. Almost businesses only need to describe the message they want to convey and provide the cost, the agency will take care of the rest.

The agency will choose the most suitable places to place Perimeter LED Display; the procedures for placing billboards will take care of by the Agency from A to Z.

When should businesses consider using Billboard advertising?

This form of advertising is not only suitable for large corporations, all businesses in different fields should consider using Billboard. Because Billboard owns a lot of options in terms of size, price, location and above all, the benefits that Billboard advertising brings are not only valid for large corporations.


Perimeter LED Display advertising is especially effective when you are a start-up business or a new product or service is launch in the public. Besides, with the goal of maintaining and improving brand awareness, large companies and corporations also use this form of advertising as an effective and transparent tool during their operations.