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Transparent LED Screen: An Innovative Solution of Dynamic Advertisement Display for You

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Using LED screens as advertising displays or branding has become the primary choice for most companies. By continuously playing dynamic images or even 3D images, advertising LED screens bring great visual impact to the audience, thus leaving a deep memory about the brand in their mind. However, with the continuous improvement of user needs, the traditional LED display gradually reveals its drawbacks in terms of size flexibility, architectural beauty, and perspective of the field of view, stimulating the LED display manufacturers to launch a more innovative solution – transparent LED screen.

A transparent LED screen is an innovative LED display solution that maximizes perspective by reducing structural components to achieve a 55-90% transparent display. The image on its screen is created by programming the LEDs and displaying the relevant pixel colors on the mapped LEDs, where the lights converge to create the image. A transparent LED screen not only maximizes user needs mentioned above but also achieves visual effects that outperform those provided by the traditional LED screen.

Compared with traditional LED screens that block the field of view completely, transparent LED walls use stunning transparent glass display technology to transform locations with advertising value in urban commercial environments, such as glass windows, glass curtain walls, and large indoor spaces, into unique visual impacts that quickly and accurately draw traffic. In addition, it has more practical advertising value of commercial Internet media, maintaining the original look and permeability of the venue. This is why transparent LED display is gradually becoming the trend in the industry. In addition, as an innovative dynamic display solution, transparent LED window display possesses more overwhelming advantages than traditional LED display, assisting you in driving more business into your stores.

Top Features of Transparent LED Screen

1. Transparent display technology

The see-through effect is the biggest feature that distinguishes transparent LED displays from other types of LED displays, thanks to the hollow design structure and side lighting technology. When users put the advertisement display outdoors, the room allows normal lighting because of high permeability and is transparent when viewed from inside. When viewed from any angle outdoors, in addition to a clear view of the overall interior environment, images can be seen suspended on the glass curtain wall, enhancing the advertising and artistic effect to attract potential consumers. Transparent LED window displays are a great choice for stores that want to display content stylishly without blocking light or views from either side.

2. Enhancing the aesthetics of building facades

Due to the unique transparent display technology of the transparent LED screen, the image appears to be suspended on the glass wall no matter what angle the user views it from. Moreover, it enhances the aesthetics of the building facade without affecting the overall presentation of the building’s appearance as the traditional LED screen does. This kind of display technology opens up new creative options that are not possible with LCD screens and other LED screens, allowing designers to focus on the glass building without detracting from the overall design.

3. Lightweight and ultra-thin

Because of the hollow design structure to achieve the effect of transparent display and no steel supporting, the transparent LED screen is lighter and thinner than traditional LED displays, weighing only 12kg/m², with a panel thickness of only 10mm. Even in the absence of glass as a background, the transparent LED screen can be installed vertically and independently or supported behind a glass curtain wall. In addition, you can greatly reduce the background pressure and installation costs with whichever installation method you choose.

4. Energy saving

The part without picture display of transparent LED display is not heat, so power consumption is lower than that of a traditional LED display, making businesses save unnecessary cost expenditure.

5. Flexible shape

A transparent LED screen has more possibilities in shape and size than a traditional LED display, including column, pillar, circle, triangle, etc., to enhance the aesthetic effect and give potential target groups a refreshing feeling. Therefore, transparent LED displays can also be stylish decorations for outdoor and indoor glass walls to attract more potential users.

6. Wide range of applications

Through the breakthrough of technical knowledge, transparent LED screen has made a breakthrough in LED display application on glass, in addition to the value of advertising display. Transparent LED display is widely used in outdoor and indoor areas, such as an outdoor transparent LED display for stage, square, park, etc., and indoor transparent LED screen for large shopping malls, chain stores, science and technology museums, and glass window.

How to Choose the Right Transparent LED Screen?

Due to the innovation of technology and the advantages of transparent LED screens gradually highlighted, the global demand for this kind of LED screen is increasing. Then, in the face of increasing transparent LED screen manufacturers in the market, how can we ensure that we choose the right screen? Listed below are some tips that can help you understand what the best transparent LED screen is.

1. Coordinated consideration of pixel pitch and transparency

This factor will involve pixel pitch and viewing distance. The higher the pixel pitch, the clearer the image; conversely, more pixel dots always mean lower permeability because of higher pixel density. Choosing the right pixel spacing based on consideration of the appropriate visualization is crucial to balance clarity with some loss of permeability.

2. Brightness adjustment

Brightness adjustable technology allows for greater possibilities of content enrichment and innovation. The best transparent LED screen should ensure that the screen works stably under different climatic conditions with maximum energy saving.

3. Protection level

If installed outdoors, a transparent LED screen should have sufficient resistance to UV, water, and dust because protection is the most critical factor affecting the working life and transparent LED screen price.

4. Heat dissipation capability

The best transparent LED screen needs a proper heat dissipation system and makes sure there is aluminum that helps reduce heat because a collapsing heat sink will ultimately affect the life of the screen as well as the ability of each component to perform at its best.

5. Reliable service

It is worth emphasizing that the reliability of the LED display manufacturer is crucial when considering shopping for the best transparent LED display. Reliable manufacturers have built up a good reputation among their customer base and are guaranteed in terms of product technology and after-sales service. RIGARD LED is an example in this case, which has gained a solid customer base worldwide with its experience and innovative technology in LED displays.

If you consider investing in transparent LED displays, RIGARD LED could be your great choice as RIGARD’s transparent LED displays meet all the features mentioned above. RIGARD LED is committed to choosing the right pixel pitch for customers – from 2.6 to 31.25 mm pixels. Ultra-high density pixel pitch means a sharper, more attractive image on your transparent LED display. Considering the viewing distance for different projects, RIGARD LED offers customization services to guide choosing the most appropriate pixel pitch.

Moreover, the transparency of 55% to 93%, industry-leading brightness adjustment as well as heat dissipation technology bring a great reputation for RIGARD LED. IP68 protection rating allows RIGARD’s transparent LED display to work trouble-free in temperatures between -40°C and 60°C, and its pneumatic windproof design makes it withstand storms and typhoons.

Combining an ultra-modern blend of art, advertising, and technology, the transparent LED display is undoubtedly an innovative solution for your dynamic advertisement display, and you really should go get one to boost your business and brand presence.