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Top 4 Points You Need to Know About Ceiling LED Screen

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They say that magic is impossible to achieve but have you been in a place with a ceiling LED screen? If you believe that magic is not possible, you probably have not been in one.


What is the Ceiling LED Screen?

A ceiling LED screen is used as a video display with a multicolored and vibrant exhibit that is usually installed on an indoor wall or ceiling of a commercial street. This video display includes an assimilating sound and amazing and gigantic lights and designs that will bring you into a fantasy-like world.


Features of a Ceiling LED Screen

  • Ceiling LED screen can be easily extended in a wide space unlike LCD.
  • The ceiling LED wall is lightweight and has an easy installation.
  • It has a curving capability. Aside from easy installation, ceiling LED wall can also be installed with either concave or convex configurations.
  • Ceiling LED screen has an anti-collision system feature. Its edge conscious tile design assures top-notch panel protection.


Application of the Ceiling LED Screen

Ceiling LED screens are usually installed in different types of places. One of the most famous places where LED screen is installed is in shopping malls. Known brands love to use the LED screen to attract customers with the product they are selling. A big LED screen with a multicolored picture captivates their attention, which increases the chance to be seen and raise sales.

High-end hotels around the world also love to be creative by using ceiling LED screens. They want to draw the guest’s attention using big screens to learn more about the hotel.

Ceiling LED screens are also found on commercial pedestrian streets or central squares to use as social communication media. They also love to make it available at night to give entertainment to people.


Benefits of the Ceiling LED Screen

They Are Adjustable

Ceiling LED walls are far better than monitors because they are slim, and they have a sleek design, which makes them adjustable whenever and wherever you want to adjust them because they are thin and lightweight.


Consume Less Energy and Has a Long Lifespan

Ceiling LED screens consume less energy than monitors, which helps in saving much power! Comparing to LCD, LED screens are long-lasting. LCD commonly has a general operation that lasts about one year and a half; after that, it is usually replaced. However, the ceiling LED wall can last up to five years. They are eco-friendly than LCD who usually uses bulbs. With LED screens, you can save more money and have lesser time for maintenance!


High-Quality Image

Ceiling LED screens unarguably display a high-quality image and videos. It can either be moving like a movie or static like a painting, depending on what you like. The contrast is enhanced to the maximum level while having an enriched range of colors. It is claimed that LED ceilings are far better than traditional billboards.


They Attract Customers

If there’s one thing that will surely benefit you as a business owner by purchasing a ceiling LED screen, it is getting more sales! Ceiling LED screens are used for advertisement and entertainment, in short, to attract the potential customer’s attention. The common goal of ceiling LED walls or screens is to create a fantasy effect that customers will surely enjoy. Being inside a room with ceiling LED screens is like standing beneath a different world with a futuristic dimension.


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