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Why is Virtual Production LED Wall Better than Green Screen

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Virtual production LED wall has revolutionized the whole mechanism for effective film production. Nowadays, people use virtual production LED wall even for a small video clip. Due to its utmost benefits in film production, directors of various famous movies keep their eyes on virtual production LED walls behind the scenes instead of the green screen.


Past methods for science fiction movies include a green screen that would be edited later on, and background effects are added professionally. To simplify such tedious procedures and produce great movies, virtual LED displays are favored by directors to dominate the green screen and save shooting costs.


For a normal person, they may be familiar with the green screen, but the virtual production LED wall. However, we will walk you through this article to figure out what is a virtual LED display and why it is better than the green screen.


What is a virtual LED display?

Green screen and virtual LED display are both auxiliary tools to produce a virtual and high-resolution video. The main difference between them lies in that the green screen needs you to use various tools to matting later and replace the green part with the virtual image you expect, while this is not applicable to virtual production LED wall. With virtual LED displays, images taken are very sharp and produce high-quality portraits. Nowadays, virtual LED displays are being used in film shooting.


Virtual production LED wall is over green screen

LED walls have various points in their favor when compared to the green screen. These provide the video editors with many features to organize effects, coordinate them step by step, and produce high standards of video. All the fabricated scenes look like they are real and taken from the region of the world. Virtual production LED wall gained significance when it was first implemented in video making.


To observe the effects of virtual production LED wall, we can take the example of the famous TV Series – The Mandalorian. In The Mandalorian Season 1, you might have perceived various scenes that might look like they are real. As a matter of fact, over 50 percent of The Mandalorian Season 1 was filmed using virtual production LED wall. With this new methodology, filmmakers save costs and create a groundbreaking fragment. Compared to the green screen, the virtual production LED wall saves actresses’ and directors’ efforts to visit various locations and shoot the scenes.


Not only Mandalorian TV series but also other science fiction movies are made with virtual production LED walls instead of the green screen due to the convenience and surprising it brings.


Years ago, supervisors directed movies based on actual effects such as real jumping from the trains. It was very risky for the actors and other film casts. Virtual LED displays empower them to create realistic scenes without post-production and prevent dangerous actions to overcome the issue.


If you are an eager film watcher, you can better apprehend this situation. As we all know, decades ago, movie quality was not so good. You might have seen blurred or low-quality images in the movies produced by the green screen. But virtual LED displays to resolve this issue, and all the movies procure high resolution.


RIGARD narrow pixel LED display

Are you looking to implement virtual production by an LED wall? We have come up with a highly popular one. RIGARD narrow pixel LED display can help you achieve the target. It procures a perfect screen ratio of 16:9 that can be available for high-resolution video in the virtual production LED wall. Some of the famous screen formats include 4:3 and 16:9 that are easily accessible in RIGARD narrow pixel LED display. Moreover, RIGARD LED allows high-quality video production even under low brightness compared to a green screen and no need for a cable to carry along with yourself. If you are looking for a complete video production configuration, you should have to determine the quality features of the virtual LED display, like RIGARD, and go for it.