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Top 5 Practical Benefits of Stadium LED Display for Football Field

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Like any other sport, football demands particular skillsets from the teams participating in it for entertaining the fans. There are dedicated venues for hosting these sports to accommodate the fans and players and create a vibe of entertainment and enjoyment. Besides amenities such as cafes, toilets, and seats, a stadium LED display is necessary for every soccer game hosted in a stadium.


Sports events can take place at any time of the day, and thus, stadium owners should have sufficient lightings at the venue to enhance visibility. After the sunset, the artificial lighting of the stadium should imitate the natural lighting of the day hours to ensure the smooth continuation of the game. The stadium LED display is the most popular option because it is durable and offers an enhanced audience experience.


Why do you need a stadium LED display? 

If you are the owner of a football stadium, you must be well aware of the bright lighting’s importance when the game is on. However, if you feel what why should you pick the stadium LED display over a traditional metal halide, then check out these benefits:


  • Longer lifespan

Since your stadium would not be used 365 days a year because soccer is a seasonal sport, you can consider a stadium LED display that will last 25X longer than traditional lightings. This would allow you to save on replacing the lights and the workforce you need to install the lights. In most cases, changing lighting in a stadium can prove quite dangerous if you don’t have all the safety facilities. Although LED bulbs might appear costlier than other traditional bulbs, you would not have to change it often as it has got an average lifespan of about 25,000 hours.


  • Power saver

Although metal halides are cheaper than advanced lighting technologies like the stadium LED display, they consume tons of electrical power, resulting in thousand-dollar power bills every month. With the Led stadium lightings saving up to 75 % power, you can cut costs and invest the extra amount for other facilities of your stadium. Apart from saving power and reducing your utility bills, you will also reduce your carbon footprints. The lesser the power your stadium will consume, the lesser the carbon emission will be. You can attract the appreciation of all the fans with this environmentally friendly way of running your stadium.


  • Programmable lighting control

A stadium LED display offers you greater control of operating the lights the way you want to improve the audience’s experience. You can choose the color and intensity of the lighting as well as its glaring direction. With the help of programmable lighting, you can trigger the fans’ excitement or celebrate the winning team. You can even adjust the light’s brightness as the day progresses or reduce its intensity when you feel the need.


  • More presentable and professional

If you want the media reporters to broadcast soccer matches from your stadium, then installing the stadium LED display is a must. The clearness and intensity of the LED lights will make the entire event clearer and lifelike. Even in the recording of the broadcast, the ball would stand out more; the faces of the players and fans would be visible only if the venue is equipped with the football LED display. There is no doubt that a football field with a LED screen will attract more audiences to come.


  • An extra way to do advertising

At halftime during a football game, football LED display can play the biggest role in advertising. The LED display screen surrounds the whole stadium with high resolution and clear brightness so that it will cover all the audience during the intermission if doing advertisement. It’s a profitable choice for both football field owners and advertisers.


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