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Application of Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display in Interactive Game System and VR System

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You have a night out with your friends. What’s a better way to make it memorable than playing video games? And don’t feel awkward; you are not alone. More than 700 million game consoles have been sold worldwide. New and better technology continues to make our gaming experience more exciting. One such technology is Virtual Reality. Basically, it is a three-dimensional simulation in which a person interacts with an artificial environment through sensory stimuli. Lately, this technology has got some real pace.


There are more than 170 million active virtual reality users in the world. For a fabulous experience, everything from display to sound to game control must be of high quality while playing within the interactive game system. Narrow pixel pitch LED display helps to fulfill the exact purpose of high-quality display, making our interactive gaming experience better.

As we all know, LED stands for the light emitting diode. The main advantage of an LED display screen is that lighting is of higher quality, high color contrast, and displays are thinner. Pixel pitch in Led is the distance from one center of a pixel to the next center of a pixel, usually measured in millimeters.

In interactive games and virtual reality systems, the main purpose is to immerse the user with the technology. The quality is of the essence. Narrow pixel pitch LED display fulfills that purpose by integrating the micro LED display with its narrow pixel pitch, making the experience different. The narrow pixel pitch means that the distance between the center of two adjacent pixels is very small. That means displaying a particular image has been made using more pixels, thereby improving the resolution and optimal viewing distance. The smaller the pixel pitch is, the closer a viewer can stand to the display and still get a high resolution. This is crucial for VR, where a user has to wear a set that is close to the eyes.


There are a lot of advantages to Narrow Pixel Pitch LED display. The small-pitch LED screen can realize seamless spicing better than LCD. The display effect of the Narrow Pixel Pitch LED display is also very good, especially in grayscale, contrast, and refresh rate. Due to its small pitch, the Narrow Pixel Pitch LED display does a great job in providing a high resolution when the user’s distance from the display is very small.

There is one big problem while using VR systems in interactive gaming systems, i.e., the lack of synchronization between the electronic gadgets. With a narrow pixel pitch LED display, you will never face this problem as there are enough pixels to make an adjustment hence giving you better synchronization in the VR systems. You will not have to worry about the distorted picture anymore in your gaming experience, which will ultimately transform your experience.


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