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Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Displays See Its Bright Future in The Market

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The LED display industry has shown a vigorous development trend in recent years. The advertisement and information dissemination form by traditional media no longer meet the needs of people, while the advertisement with the form of LED screen displays has become normal. Actually, LED screen display is used in the advertising industry and sports venues for timing and scoring and stage for background effect. Besides, the demand for LED screen displays in high-end retail, conference rooms, cinemas, and other segments of the commercial display market has been increasing in recent years. It is predicted that with the continuous progress of technology, the future market of the LED screen display, especially narrow pixel pitch LED display, will become brighter.


Current Situation of LED Screen Displays

According to the 2020 Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display White Paper, the global market scale of LED displays reached 45.2 billion yuan in 2019, of which the market scale of narrow pixel pitch LED display (≤ P2.5) is 17.3 billion yuan, accounting for a considerable proportion: 38.23%.


In early 2020, the market scale of LED screen display declined periodically due to the contraction of outdoor and commercial activities caused by the epidemic’s impact. The market scale of global LED screen displays in 2020 is expected to decline by 8% to 41.6 billion, while the decline of narrow pixel pitch LED display is slightly lower, less than 5%.




Bright Future of LED Screen Displays

The good news is that with the negative impact of the epidemic gradually dissipated, the global market size of LED screen display began to recover in the second half of 2020, and will go on the growth track in 2021though there is still uncertainty. The development of mini RGB technology and the continuous penetration of LED screen display into emerging markets (such as cinemas, large-scale TV, enterprise-level conference, education, etc.) will further expand the LED screen display’s global market share. The LED screen display industry is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan of output value in 2025, with a compound growth rate of more than 21% from 2020 to 2025, and the proportion of narrow pixel pitch LED displays will rise from 38.23% to 56.11%.


Composition of LED Screen Display Market

From the classification of 2020 Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display White Paper, the LED screen display market in 2019 is divided into the professional display, commercial display, public display, and civil display. Their market share is 35.84%, 53.76%, 8.67% and 1.16% respectively. Among them, professional display and commercial display are still the pillar application scenarios of the LED screen display, while the civil display represented by large-scale TV is still in the development stage.


The market segmentation of commercial display (mainly in the conference market and education market with more than 100 inches) will continue to be the main force for the growth of LED display in addition to replace the DLP market. Moreover, the LED film screen market is also on a growth track with successful cases at present; but it needs to be verified after the epidemic.


There is no doubt that the development trend of the narrow pixel pitch LED display is the strongest in the future. From the pixel pitch perspective, p2.5 still accounts for the largest proportion of narrow pixel pitch LED displays in 2019, reaching 38.05%, and the proportion of P1.5 and P1.2 is accelerating. After 2020, the trend of narrow pixel pitch LED displays above P1.0 moving to P1.2 is obvious, and the output value of P1.2 is expected to increase from 20.42% to 25%.



Source from Market Intellica


Market Outlook of Narrow Pixel Pitch Led Displays Below P1.0

In 2019, the number of narrow pixel pitch LED displays below P1.0 is less with output value accounting for about 1%. However, under the development of technology and cost optimization, the narrow pixel pitch LED displays of P0.9 will have obvious growth and application in 2020. The screen area of 8K P0.9 is about 30 square meters; if there are 20-30 projects every month, the annual demand for 8K P0.9 will be about 10000 square meters. Suppose the terminal price of P0.9 is 100 thousand yuan, the market scale will be about 1 billion yuan in 2020 or 2021, and the demand is expected to reach 1000 square meters per month.


At present, the pixel pitch of narrow pixel pitch LED displays is basically between P1.2 and P2.5, and the market is gradually saturated. Narrow pixel pitch LED displays have entered the stage of the homogeneous competition. In the future, the market competition of LED industry will be more and more fierce, and the pixel pitch of narrow pixel pitch LED displays will be further reduced towards the direction of “ultra-small pixel pitch “. Simultaneously, striving to develop more high-definition products to improve the competitiveness of products and obtain technical approval has become one of the choices of the LED screen display manufacturer, promoting the development of LED screen displays in the direction of ultra-small pixel pitch.