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Ultimate Purchase Guide for Transparent LED Screens

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As a business owner, you have finally taken the first step towards expansion — you identified that you need to create awareness. Yet you begin to wonder — how do I go about it? You want to be able to reach the potential customers around your vicinity with personalized messages.


Let us save you the turmoil and tell you that the solution to your visibility problem lies in the use of an outdoor advertisement screen. Since this type of display is of various kinds, we want to make a valid case for why your business needs a transparent LED screen.


But, another problem comes up again. You do not know much about transparent LED screens. Don’t fret. In this post, we have compiled a thorough guide on all you need to know when buying a transparent LED screen.



What is a transparent LED screen?

To understand what a transparent LED screen is, you need to get the concept of LED screens and how they work. An LED screen is basically a flat-screen with several Light Emitting Diodes (LED) that are semiconductors, working together to produce images and videos.


Next, let us define what a transparent LED screen is.


Well, it is primarily just an LED screen that is transparent.


So, you may be wondering about the difference between a transparent LED screen and a traditional LED screen. To keep it simple, while the ordinary LED screen has a sort of filter to block light from passing, a transparent LED is permeable since it does not have a filter that blocks light from passing through it. This makes it suitable for use on glass surfaces like on the walls buildings and skyscrapers, a storefront window, etc.


Factors to consider when buying a transparent LED screen 

It is not sufficient to say you need a transparent LED screen, a couple of deliberations need to be considered before you proceed to make a purchase.

Let us take a look at some of these factors.


  • High transparency: This is a primary factor that determines its end-use. A transparent LED display screen of between 30% to 80% transparency is necessary to display content that would be sharp, crisp, and easy to view, especially under daylight conditions where the ordinary LED screen struggles.


  • High Energy-savings and environment friendly: The technology an LED transparent displayutilizes should be one that does not consume too much energy. This is achieved by the use of a superconducting thermal material. Otherwise, the business owner would incur additional costs trying to cool the equipment.


  • Easy installation and operation: The ease at which a transparent LED screen is installed and operated is crucial because it determines the level of adaptability of personalized messages. Easy operation ensures that the right advert campaigns are done at the right time.


  • DurabilityOnly durable products have longevity. With that in mind, it is mandatory to only consider a product that is made up of premium materials that can withstand the elements. Be on the lookout for a transparent LED display screen with an Ingress Protection rating (IP 65 or IP 68 preferably).


  • It is also worthy to get an LED screen that is lightweight and does not occupy too much space, as it goes hand in hand with the ease of installation and operation.


In conclusion, the features of an LED transparent display enumerated above are a primary reason why any business looking to boost its visibility should consider a transparent LED display screen.

The LED curtain mesh from RIGARD is a fantastic option for anyone looking to tow this route due to its extreme lightweight, IP68 protection rating, and high transparency. All these features make it a safe and affordable option for any business owner who is considering a transparent LED screen.


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