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COB LED Display

What is COB LED Display? Simple Guide to Rent Led 2021

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Usual time for placing advertising panels

COB LED Display need to be implemented within a certain period. Based on the contract signed with the enterprise application ad units time of construction and deployment would be no fixed rate. In the case of no obstacles and favorable conditions, the construction time can be within 2 weeks.

Implementation time can last from 1 month to 3 months or more. The usual time to place advertising panels should be before or more than 1 month when the advertising campaign takes place. To ensure that there is time to resolve the risk to avoid affecting the outdoor Pano advertising campaign.

COB LED Display

2. What are the benefits of COB LED Display?

2.1. Increase brand awareness

Because COB LED Display often appear within the inner city, they have a relatively high level of aesthetic requirements. Beautiful advertising panels can always attract the eye and actively remember the brand, thereby helping the audience easily identify the brand appearing on the ad.

2.2. Introducing new products

Pano ads always appear in locations with a lot of people and with relatively high frequency, the level of advertising reach to the audience is extremely large. Therefore, advertising panels are very suitable for campaigns to introduce new products.

2.3. Engage customers and increase conversions

Due to its relatively large size and COB LED Display, a beautiful advertising billboard is easy to appear in everyone’s eyes. From there, it is easy to create excitement for customers and drive them to increase conversions for the brand advertised on the Pano.

Outdoor advertising billboards can bring a lot of benefits

3.4. Contributing to revenue growth

In general, the cost of making high-level billboards is not too great, so advertising is easy to deploty from long-term to short-term. COB LED Display possesses many outstanding advantages that contribute to the creation of successful advertising campaigns.

Therefore, when implementing Pano advertising, it will bring many benefits to businesses and especially can contribute to revenue growth.

3.5. COB LED Display Integration with many other tools

Outdoor billboards can be easily integrated with other tools and media. It is possible to deploy many forms of outdoor advertising at the same time such as: Bus advertising, Taxi advertising, etc. Especially ads can easily appear in videos and images of many people and then spread on the Internet.

From there, it is possible to improve the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

3. Advertisement Panel Quotes

Advertisement Panel Quotes

COB LED Display costs are influenced by many factors such as:

  • Location:

Depending on the location where advertising Pano is deployed, the cost will vary. Deploying Pano ads in large cities will cost more than small cities. Placing COB LED Display at people’s homes will cost less than when placed in businesses or businesses.

  • Advertising design:

This factor is based on the requirements of businesses or the qualifications and experience of the construction units. For outdoor Pano ads with breakthrough ideas, new creations, the cost for the design will be higher than that of conventional designs.

COB LED Display Material and printing:

The cost of materials and printing is quite different between Pano advertising campaigns, because each campaign will use different materials and printing, so the cost will be different. In addition, the supply of materials and printing for each unit will have different prices.

  • Construction:

In terms of construction, the more reputable the construction company, the higher the price will be. However, it depends on the construction unit to calculate the costs and then offer the most optimal price for that advertising campaign.

Construction factors when deploying COB LED Display

  • License for advertising and construction:

For some COB LED Display campaigns, advertising and construction permits are delayed due to cumbersome procedures. And sometimes it is for many reasons that a license cannot be obtained, or the cost of applying for a license is inflated compared to the calculation. These problems are easy to solve quickly for some businesses and construction units with many relationships.

  • Time:

Depending on the long-term or short-term implementation of outdoor advertising, the cost as well as the cost will fluctuate. The longer the ad implementation time, the more favorable the cost.

Therefore, advertising Pano prices do not have a fixed level. The normal fluctuation is from 250$. Depending on the requirements of businesses and the capabilities of the construction units, the cost is different for each advertising campaign and for each construction unit; it is possible to give a cost for advertising.

COB LED Display 2021

4. Notes when implementing COB LED Display

4.1. Design advertising panels

Pano advertising is subject to many regulations. Especially in terms of design always requires quite high aesthetics. Therefore, advertising billboard design must be given careful attention.

In addition to avoiding violations of regulations and ensuring aesthetics, advertisers must also create highly creative advertising ideas. Thereby increasing the effectiveness of the outdoor advertising campaign.

4.2. Apply for a license to hang outdoor advertising billboards

It is necessary to apply for a license in accordance with regulations when implementing Pano ads

Applying for a license to hang COB LED Display is an important factor to pay special attention to. Must strictly follow the procedures and regulations and avoid the case of irregularities affecting the advertising campaign.

5. Construction of COB LED Display panels

A successful Pano advertising campaign, the construction unit occupies a relatively large part of the decision. A reputable construction unit with a lot of professional experience will know how to create great advertising ideas, as well as know how to get the best advertising effect.

Conclusion COB LED Display

A professional COB LED Display advertising construction unit needs to weigh the factors that help businesses have price benefits and proactively report and solve problems that arise without affecting the advertising campaign.

Renting LED screens will be a good solution for decorating venues for public events. The weather, current exchange rates, breaking news – all information of this kind and others can be broadcast by an LED display, which is a highly effective modern source of mass information, is considered very important information for the townspeople.