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Trade Show LED Displays Solution

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Exhibitions and trade fairs started to get underway in full force as the epidemic is gradually under control globally. Major corporations have also started to actively market their brands and products at various fairs. Undoubtedly,  the expo is among the top platforms for most businesses to promote their brands and products. However, you need to employ trade show LED displays to increase your influence if you want to stand out among your peers.

LED trade show display solution


Trade Show LED Displays

With their adaptable and distinctive design, high clarity, contrast ratio, and refresh rate, among other features, LED display screens have been a key component in the trade show display as a display terminal device. With time, LCD and DLP displays in the exhibition have been replaced by LED display screens due to less competitiveness in terms of luminous technology principle, color, display effect, and lifespan. Moreover, the development of LED commercial displays, represented by fine-pitch LED displays, has greatly expanded the use of LED display screens in trade shows and exhibition halls.


Up to now, LED display screens have become the preferred display solution for various exhibitions, including trade shows, science and technology museums, planning exhibition halls, real estate exhibition halls, corporate exhibition halls, etc.

flexible LED screens for exhibition

How Trade Show LED Displays Benefit Your Businesses?

LED trade show displays enable you to showcase your products and promote your corporate image in a variety of innovative formats such as text, images, and video. Moreover, they enable your target customers to see the content of your items visually and clearly from a long distance and wide angle thanks to their large size. 


Trade show video displays give potential clients the chance to see a thorough overview of your company’s forthcoming advancements, goods, and services, which not only increases the attractiveness of your brand but also encourages participants to make purchases. Companies that utilize LED exhibition screens can immediately target more customers to their booths than those who don’t.


Furthermore, LED display technology has advanced to the point of perfection. Trade show LED displays may provide a richer and more stunning visual impression for your clients by integrating with naked-eye 3D, 5G, 8K, somatosensory, and other high-tech.

LED trade show displays combine high technology

In terms of specific applications, the combination of small pitch LED display screens, transparent LED screens, flexible LED screens with naked-eye 3D, and 8K technology realizes creative display and high-definition display, bringing you overwhelming advantages. The combination of 5G and somatosensory technology with interactive LED floor screen and ceiling LED screens to build an immersive space guides the development of traditional static display to the dynamic display of technology.


On the road to digital and virtual technology development, LED trade show displays are always the significant display solution for exhibitions working to bring AR/VR, XR virtual technology, and meta-universe into people’s lives.


Where the Trade Show LED Displays are Applied o?

  1. The external wall of exhibition halls

By installing outdoor LED advertising boards on the exterior walls of exhibition halls to place advertisements, you may optimize the precise visitor flow and attract more clients to your booth. Besides, the exhibition organizers can update events and crucial information in real-time via the LED exhibition screens on the exterior wall of the exhibition hall, which helps to draw in potential attendees as well as encourage more businesses to participate in the exhibition.


  1. Pavilion entrance

The trade shows LED displays can also be applied at the entrance of the exhibition hall to provide attendees with a map of the exhibition, the latest news announcement, the exhibition activities, etc.


  1. Booth

LED trade show displays are an important tool for companies to market their brands in various exhibitions. By displaying product and brand information in high clarity, high contrast, and rich colors, LED screens for the exhibition can greatly immerse clients in your brand culture. They also encourage clients to take images and post them to social media channels for your secondary promotion, which improves foot traffic.

trade show LED displays

RIGARD LED Screens for Exhibition

RIGARD specializes in providing LED display solutions specifically for trade shows, exhibitors and exhibition halls. Whether you are just getting started or already inspired, we offer a dynamic range of trade show LED display solutions that will complement any booth design.


High resolution and large size are essential features for LED trade show displays in order to clearly present brand and product information to your target audiences. 


RIGARD has mastered the leading fine-pitch display technology to produce LED screens with a pixel pitch of

less than 1mm. With refresh rates of up to 3840Hz and brightness levels of up to 4000 nits, RIGARD LED screens are an excellent choice for trade show LED video displays to present graphics and video in Ultra High Definition (UHD) or 4K resolution.


RIGARD LED screens feature a compact design that allows for seamless stitching of very large LED exhibition screens. In addition, the 160° horizontal viewing angle and 140° vertical viewing angle allow for comfortable and high-definition visual enjoyment for viewers in different orientations.

RIGARD’s transparent LED screens at auto show

In a crowded exhibit hall, a cookie-cutter display is likely to keep your target audience from finding you. Our flexible LED screens, LED floor screens, and transparent LED screens give you the flexibility to create eye-catching and dynamic digital displays that offer unlimited scalability and unique design potential for your brand marketing.


Nowadays, trade show LED displays play an indispensable role in various exhibitions or trade fairs. No matter how much booth space you need for a corporate culture show, smart city showroom, property sales showroom, or a trade show, RIGARD LED can always help you design an LED exhibition display solution that fits your creative vision and makes your booth stand out.