P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

How to target customer with P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display?

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P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display campaign, using large billboards come in heavy traffic areas. Before starting a campaign, advertisers need to determine the right audience Billboard advertising is aimed at.

The importance of identifying target customers

Determine the audience Billboard advertising is targeting

In the steps to implement a P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display, determining the target audience is extremely important. Every brand and business when embarking on a Billboard advertising campaign needs to accurately determine the target customer that they are targeting, because many of them will directly spend money to buy products.

Determining the right audience that the ad is targeting will ensure the correct placement of Billboard advertising, while optimizing advertising costs while ensuring maximum effectiveness for the campaign.

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

The audience that P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display is aimed at

Depending on the placement of the billboard, the target audience is also different. Businesses and brands need to identify each position corresponding to each customer to choose the most optimal advertising solutions. Besides, Billboard ads at shopping centers will almost always be aimed at areas with medium and high population.

Billboard advertising at the mall

In commercial centers, the main recipients of advertising content may be young people, popular between the ages of 18 and 35. People in this age group have a high demand for entertainment and shopping. so, they are often present at the mall. These people can be students, students, office workers, business people, etc.

High-altitude P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display at highways

The highway is also one of the locations often chosen to place Advertising LED Display. Here, vehicles pass a lot, especially cars, passenger cars, trucks. Many vehicles as well as customers move through the highway according to a fixed schedule. People exposed to billboards on highways can be drivers, traders, workers in industrial parks, etc., between the ages of 25 and 50.

Project implemented for ABIC – Agricultural Insurance Joint Stock Company on highways

Most of the expressways are in the inner-city areas, bordering areas between provinces and cities, the population density is not high, the educational level as well as the income of the people are at a good average level. In addition, tourists traveling to other provinces and cities or moving to the airport often have to go through highways. Therefore, at this location, it is appropriate to place billboards on insurance, banking, building materials or travel services and ticket offices.

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display at intersections, intersections 4

The junctions 3 and 4 are the places where the traffic concentrates with many passersby. Therefore, the target audience of Outdoor Advertising LED Display advertising campaigns located here is also very large and diverse, especially at intersections in big cities.

Customers that often appear here can be students, students, employees, intellectuals, business people, housewives, etc. Their income level and education level are also different. ranging from moderate to good. These customers may take interest in essential household items, food, beverage, etc. – products in the mid-range price range.

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display at the divider

Outdoor advertising billboards on medians are often we see on wide, beautiful and open roads or national highways. The customers who meet the Billboard here can be small businesses, workers, people who work far away, with a decent average income. This is suitable for advertisements about insurance services, banking, credit, building materials, etc.

Billboards on the wall

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display wall-mounted billboards often appear on the walls of houses located near overpasses and highways so that passers-by can easily see them. Therefore, wall billboards are easy to place in both densely populated areas in the inner city and suburban areas.

The target audience for advertising is therefore also very diverse, popular between the ages of 20 and 50, working in many different professions, with moderate to good income. Billboards on the walls of houses can be for products such as courses, household appliances, refrigeration-electronics, etc.

How to reach audiences when they leave their homes?

Outdoor Advertising LED Display, also famous as out-of-home advertising, abbreviated as OOH advertising is a type of advertising that can reach audiences when they leave their homes. And often appear in public places and many people pass by such as: bus stations, airports, junctions, intersections,

With various types of advertising such as: Bus advertising, LED screen advertising, Pano advertising, market advertising, etc., outdoor advertising can appear in the eyes of the target audience anytime, anywhere.

Promotional message is printed on P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display is one of the forms of outdoor advertising, also famous as advertising panels. This is a form of advertising where the content of the promotional message prints on billboards come of canvas material on a metal frame.

Outdoor billboards are one of the types of advertising that many businesses choose to deploy and are very popular in Vietnam.

P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display 2021

Main features of outdoor P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

1. Placement position

Outdoor advertising panels often appear within the inner city with many forms such as single-sided and double-sided panels, etc. And often come with solid concrete columns or walled in high-rise buildings. Billboard advertising can reach a variety of audiences with a large number and very high frequency.

2. Advertising Panel Size

The size of outdoor billboards is quite strict. Different sizes are suitable for different Pano advertising locations. For the inner-city area, the height must reach from 5.0m and the highest is 10m or more. Measured from the road surface to the bottom edge of the billboard.

2. The texture of a complete advertising billboard

For suburban areas, namely positions on national highways, district roads and provincial roads, the advertising area must be from 40 to 200m 2 and the height from the road surface to the bottom edge of the billboard must be from 8 to less than or equal to 15m.

Conclusion P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

In terms of structure, mainly P2.5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display comes to the wall by concrete columns. Materials for advertising Pano often common are Hiflex (tarpaulin material), iron, steel, aluminum, etc. Some ads also come with additional lights at night.

COB LED Display

What is COB LED Display? Simple Guide to Rent Led 2021

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Usual time for placing advertising panels

COB LED Display need to be implemented within a certain period. Based on the contract signed with the enterprise application ad units time of construction and deployment would be no fixed rate. In the case of no obstacles and favorable conditions, the construction time can be within 2 weeks.

Implementation time can last from 1 month to 3 months or more. The usual time to place advertising panels should be before or more than 1 month when the advertising campaign takes place. To ensure that there is time to resolve the risk to avoid affecting the outdoor Pano advertising campaign.

COB LED Display

2. What are the benefits of COB LED Display?

2.1. Increase brand awareness

Because COB LED Display often appear within the inner city, they have a relatively high level of aesthetic requirements. Beautiful advertising panels can always attract the eye and actively remember the brand, thereby helping the audience easily identify the brand appearing on the ad.

2.2. Introducing new products

Pano ads always appear in locations with a lot of people and with relatively high frequency, the level of advertising reach to the audience is extremely large. Therefore, advertising panels are very suitable for campaigns to introduce new products.

2.3. Engage customers and increase conversions

Due to its relatively large size and COB LED Display, a beautiful advertising billboard is easy to appear in everyone’s eyes. From there, it is easy to create excitement for customers and drive them to increase conversions for the brand advertised on the Pano.

Outdoor advertising billboards can bring a lot of benefits

3.4. Contributing to revenue growth

In general, the cost of making high-level billboards is not too great, so advertising is easy to deploty from long-term to short-term. COB LED Display possesses many outstanding advantages that contribute to the creation of successful advertising campaigns.

Therefore, when implementing Pano advertising, it will bring many benefits to businesses and especially can contribute to revenue growth.

3.5. COB LED Display Integration with many other tools

Outdoor billboards can be easily integrated with other tools and media. It is possible to deploy many forms of outdoor advertising at the same time such as: Bus advertising, Taxi advertising, etc. Especially ads can easily appear in videos and images of many people and then spread on the Internet.

From there, it is possible to improve the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

3. Advertisement Panel Quotes

Advertisement Panel Quotes

COB LED Display costs are influenced by many factors such as:

  • Location:

Depending on the location where advertising Pano is deployed, the cost will vary. Deploying Pano ads in large cities will cost more than small cities. Placing COB LED Display at people’s homes will cost less than when placed in businesses or businesses.

  • Advertising design:

This factor is based on the requirements of businesses or the qualifications and experience of the construction units. For outdoor Pano ads with breakthrough ideas, new creations, the cost for the design will be higher than that of conventional designs.

COB LED Display Material and printing:

The cost of materials and printing is quite different between Pano advertising campaigns, because each campaign will use different materials and printing, so the cost will be different. In addition, the supply of materials and printing for each unit will have different prices.

  • Construction:

In terms of construction, the more reputable the construction company, the higher the price will be. However, it depends on the construction unit to calculate the costs and then offer the most optimal price for that advertising campaign.

Construction factors when deploying COB LED Display

  • License for advertising and construction:

For some COB LED Display campaigns, advertising and construction permits are delayed due to cumbersome procedures. And sometimes it is for many reasons that a license cannot be obtained, or the cost of applying for a license is inflated compared to the calculation. These problems are easy to solve quickly for some businesses and construction units with many relationships.

  • Time:

Depending on the long-term or short-term implementation of outdoor advertising, the cost as well as the cost will fluctuate. The longer the ad implementation time, the more favorable the cost.

Therefore, advertising Pano prices do not have a fixed level. The normal fluctuation is from 250$. Depending on the requirements of businesses and the capabilities of the construction units, the cost is different for each advertising campaign and for each construction unit; it is possible to give a cost for advertising.

COB LED Display 2021

4. Notes when implementing COB LED Display

4.1. Design advertising panels

Pano advertising is subject to many regulations. Especially in terms of design always requires quite high aesthetics. Therefore, advertising billboard design must be given careful attention.

In addition to avoiding violations of regulations and ensuring aesthetics, advertisers must also create highly creative advertising ideas. Thereby increasing the effectiveness of the outdoor advertising campaign.

4.2. Apply for a license to hang outdoor advertising billboards

It is necessary to apply for a license in accordance with regulations when implementing Pano ads

Applying for a license to hang COB LED Display is an important factor to pay special attention to. Must strictly follow the procedures and regulations and avoid the case of irregularities affecting the advertising campaign.

5. Construction of COB LED Display panels

A successful Pano advertising campaign, the construction unit occupies a relatively large part of the decision. A reputable construction unit with a lot of professional experience will know how to create great advertising ideas, as well as know how to get the best advertising effect.

Conclusion COB LED Display

A professional COB LED Display advertising construction unit needs to weigh the factors that help businesses have price benefits and proactively report and solve problems that arise without affecting the advertising campaign.

Renting LED screens will be a good solution for decorating venues for public events. The weather, current exchange rates, breaking news – all information of this kind and others can be broadcast by an LED display, which is a highly effective modern source of mass information, is considered very important information for the townspeople.

Perimeter LED Display

7 reasons why businesses use Perimeter LED Display Screens

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Here are the reasons why businesses are now constantly using Perimeter LED Display by deploying advertising campaigns across the country.

Perimeter LED Display

Perimeter LED Display ads can be targeted

  1. Billboard ads help increase exposure
  2. Pano ads are suitable for all types of businesses
  3. Today’s Billboard advertising is very easy to implement
  4. When should businesses consider using Billboard advertising?

What is Perimeter LED Display advertising?

Perimeter LED Display is a form of outdoor advertising, using large billboards to convey the advertising message of the business. The message here can be expressed in words, slogans, can be expressed in vivid and impressive images to suit that billboard, with the aim of attracting as much attention. the better.

Billboard billboards often come at crowded intersections, along highways, along busy roads, on high-rise buildings… The size of the billboard does not fix but depends on the structure of the billboard.

What are the characteristics of Perimeter LED Display advertising?

The effectiveness of Billboard advertising for marketing campaigns is undisputed. This is one of the reasons for the existence and strong development of billboards to this day, when digital advertising forms are widely common. So, what is the difference between Billboard advertising and other forms of advertising?

What are the characteristics of Billboard advertising?

Placement: Perimeter LED Display often fixes on the overhead, in prime locations such as dense traffic intersections, arterial highways, etc. These locations have space. Moreover, they are attracting the attention of the public at many different angles and distances.

Common sizes of the Perimeter LED Display

Each billboard will have a different size but usually has a width x length ranging at 4mx14m. The large area helps businesses to freely create advertising messages, and at the same time, customers can easily observe and remember the content on the sea even at a distance.

Placement time: This will depend on your ad campaign’s goals and budget. Normally, a billboard should be common for 3 months to make consumers aware of the product or brand.

Perimeter LED Display is cost savings

We can say that this is an extremely economical advertising medium compared to the cost and what this medium can bring. This is also the reason why this form of advertising appeared centuries ago and can still exist today.

The cost to deploy is extremely expensive and seems to have no end. With the same audience reach for advertising, Billboard advertising is 30% to 50% cheaper than the above mediums.

Perimeter LED Display advertising can reach a wide audience

Because each Perimeter LED Display is a crowded place, the heavy traffic means that there are many people seen to advertising. This can include the target audience that the business is targeting and potential customers in the future.

This makes a lot of sense for businesses when reaching out to people who are not target customers but they may be future buyers or word of mouth to other potential buyers.

Billboard ads can increase awareness well

Compared with other outdoor media such as banner advertising, taxi advertising, the billboard advertising display area is much larger. Due to its very large area, it will not happen that the text or images are too small, making it difficult for readers.

In addition, the message content on Billboard billboards also design to be concise, images will select to make passers-by recognize the message that the business wants to convey with just a glance. Therefore, outdoor Perimeter LED Display advertising will do a great job of increasing public awareness of products and businesses.

Billboard Advertising potentially targeting selected targets

The use of Billboard advertising also makes it easy for businesses to target the information they want to communicate. Just define who you want to target? Where do they usually go? And then put big billboards there to attract them.

For example, when wanting to reach a student audience, large billboards are placed across from universities to ensure that all students see the billboard. If you want to attract mothers with young children, Billboard billboards can be placed in places near kindergartens, preschools, etc.

Perimeter LED Display ads help increase exposure

Perimeter LED Display are placed in a permanent place, usually placed there for a few months, not as mobile as advertising on taxis. This gives an advantage that every time passing through that section, the passerby is exposed to the ad once, leading to an increase in the frequency of the ad’s exposure.

Billboard advertising is an effective means of communication for businesses of many different industries and sizes. Businesses in all fields such as: building materials, special products, common consumer products, services… Almost Billboard advertising can advertise for all fields, this Not all media can do it.

Perimeter LED Display ads are suitable for all types of businesses

In addition, outdoor advertising billboards are suitable for large, medium and small-scale businesses. For small and medium-sized businesses, deploying Perimeter LED Display advertising helps to increase product and brand awareness very well.

Stadium perimeter led screen 2021

As for large enterprises, which already have a position in the market, the implementation of outdoor billboards helps remind and recall the image of brands and products in the minds of customers, making customers feel uncomfortable. can be forgotten.

Today’s Billboard advertising is very easy to implement

Billboard advertising is now very easy to deploy with the help of advertising agencies. Almost businesses only need to describe the message they want to convey and provide the cost, the agency will take care of the rest.

The agency will choose the most suitable places to place Perimeter LED Display; the procedures for placing billboards will take care of by the Agency from A to Z.

When should businesses consider using Billboard advertising?

This form of advertising is not only suitable for large corporations, all businesses in different fields should consider using Billboard. Because Billboard owns a lot of options in terms of size, price, location and above all, the benefits that Billboard advertising brings are not only valid for large corporations.


Perimeter LED Display advertising is especially effective when you are a start-up business or a new product or service is launch in the public. Besides, with the goal of maintaining and improving brand awareness, large companies and corporations also use this form of advertising as an effective and transparent tool during their operations.

Perimeter LED Display 2021

How much Stadium perimeter led screen marketing cost?

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Outstanding outdoor stage led screen brings exciting experiences

With the great development of led technology, Stadium perimeter led screen is widely common. Display technology far exceeds other display technologies and is gradually dominating the market. It is trusted by the whole world because of its outstanding advantages over traditional technologies.

Perimeter LED Display

They are present in nearly every sector of the television entertainment business. It provides users with extremely interesting utilities. For events that require a large space to convey. Or widely promote the content to maximize the effectiveness of the program, outdoor stage led screens are necessary.

What is Stadium perimeter led screen?

Is a stage led screen of quite large size? However, Stadium perimeter led screen use is to display images or related effects according to the user’s wishes. In terms of picture quality, this device cannot be compared to TV.

This device is made up of correspondingly arranged backlight bulbs. Those modules form a color pixel matrix. With such a structure, you can easily adjust the brightness of the entire screen. The adjustment makes it accurate down to the smallest detail. Therefore, it brings the benefits desired by the organizer.

The benefits of Stadium perimeter led screen

Outdoor stage led screen is a product that is highly appreciated for its superiority. This device can go beyond other display products. They bring practical benefits for outdoor events.

Ensure easy access to content for viewers

The Stadium perimeter led screen possesses a strong light stream, helping viewers even at a great distance but still be able to see it. This device has an extremely large number of colors displayed on this product with a full range of colors.

Stadium perimeter led screen Energy saving, environmentally friendly

Stadium perimeter led screen uses a very small amount of power. It is 50% less than LCD monitors on the market. Besides, the LED bulbs in the screen do not use mercury, so it is very friendly and environmentally friendly.

It does not produce the amount of yellow light that heats the environment, instead it uses white light to stimulate the user’s vision. However, it still ensures the transmission signal to produce clear images and sharp videos.

Stadium perimeter led screen are Durable

From those images, Stadium perimeter led screen brings endless emotions to the user. With sharp images, it helps viewers clearly grasp the content they want to convey through that screen. Besides, the outdoor LED color display screen uses light-emitting diode technology. It has the advantages of brightness and longevity. It has a long service life of up to millions of hours.

Stadium perimeter led screen Show program size

The outdoor stage led screen brings a level of grandeur to the show. It brings viewers vivid, beautiful images just like in the house. The screen has a fairly high light intensity, extremely low heat capacity, making viewers feel no discomfort. They make the viewer’s eyes pain-free, thereby bringing the highest efficiency.


With the preeminent features of the perimeter led screen. You will not be able to ignore it when you need to make a large-scale outdoor event. Realistic images and vivid videos will give viewers the best feeling. In addition, it also has the effect of raising the level of your programs.

Stadium perimeter led screen Cost savings

You often think that installing outdoor stage led screens is often extremely expensive. In fact, the cost of a monitor is not high compared to the benefits it brings. This makes it easy for you to choose without worrying too much.

New idea for small led screen

We can use it to decorate interior products such as industrial wood kitchen cabinets. It is also possible to integrate a led screen for displaying warnings about hygiene problems in some appliances common in the kitchen.

Practical benefits, Stadium perimeter led screen deserves your trust.

To implement a brand promotion campaign at the football field with the highest communication effect, businesses should note a few points as follows:

Note about the form of advertising implementation: To have a campaign to promote the brand at the football field with high communication efficiency, the form of deployment is also an extremely important factor. Each implementation method will help reach a different audience.

Perimeter LED Board

Easily accessible to every audience coming to the field

With the form of Pano advertising and LED screens inside the football field, the image of the business’ products and services will be accessible to every audience coming to the field.

In many models of industrial wood kitchen cabinets, the mounting of the Stadium perimeter led screen also requires a rather meticulous circuit design. But the easiest to install are the large wing models and waterproof wood material.

The form of advertising implementation plays a very important role

Notes on football pitches deploying communication campaigns: With advertising campaigns deployed at large stadiums with high capacity in the country will help the image of Products and services of the business are accessible to many customers.

Moreover, with brand promotion campaigns deployed at major tournaments around the world, it also brings the image of the business to many international friends.

Advertising at the football field

In football fields with a large capacity, the perimeter led screen will reach many customers

Note when designing advertising images: With media campaigns at the football field, the images and messages that businesses want to convey will only have an area. It is not too large at the partitions between the stadium and the stadium as on the live match screens.

Therefore, Stadium perimeter led screen need to design extremely reasonably so that customers can absorb product images in the best way. According to experience, we recommend that the simpler the image design, the better the image of the business will be.

Stadium perimeter led screen advertising at the football field

With each campaign to promote the brand at the football field, businesses will receive a different price quote. Moreover, the deployment time also plays an extremely important role in deciding the price of advertising communication services at the football field.

An advertising campaign that is deployed for a long time will have a higher quote but also provide superior communication efficiency.


Stadium perimeter led screen advertising campaigns deployed in stadiums with key matches will also have relatively high prices, but the number of customers who can see images of our services and products. The price of advertising at the football field depends on many different factors. Therefore, you have a need to promote your brand at the football field.

Perimeter LED Board

3 Best Perimeter LED Board Mediums for Advertising

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Follow the article below to have an overview, comparison of Perimeter LED board and LED screen advertising, which advertising medium is more suitable for your business?

Perimeter LED Board


What is Billboard Advertising?

Perimeter LED board is a form of outdoor advertising, using large billboards to convey the advertising message of the business. The message here is easy to express in words, we can say in pictures. With the aim of attracting as much attention as possible.

Billboard billboards often come at crowded intersections, along highways, along busy roads, on high-rise buildings… The size of the billboard is not fixed but depends on the structure of the billboard. each location put it.

What is Perimeter LED board?

Advertising Perimeter LED board is a form of advertising using an electronic screen (Electronic screen here is composed of a type of light called Light Emitting Diode). Electronic screens can play dynamic advertisements such as videos, or static advertisements such as displaying porters.

LED advertising screens are extremely diverse in sizes and types, depending on whether they come indoors or outdoors.

The common points of Perimeter LED board and LED screen advertising

Compare LED advertising and Billboard advertising

  1. The biggest common point of these two types of advertising is the ability to increase awareness for products, brands and promote brand images extremely well. Because they are all displayed on a large screen with attractive condensed content images so that viewers can perceive in a short period of time.
  2. The ability to cover many different audiences, capable of attracting future customers, or those who could influence target customers of the business.
  3. Another common point of Perimeter LED board and LED screen advertising is that it is impossible to capture the reactions and interactions of viewers, so it is difficult to accurately measure the effectiveness of these two media.

The difference between Billboard advertising and LED screen advertising

Level of public attraction

Talking about the ability to attract the target audience, LED screen advertising has an advantage over Billboard advertising. Because this is a media that can play advertising clips, moving images, not just playing porters like Perimeter LED board. Moreover, thanks to the LED light, the advertising display is extremely bright, highlighting an area.

Perimeter LED board cost in the market

Regarding the cost factor, Billboard advertising has an advantage when compared to LED screen advertising. The same size display board, Billboard advertising is cheaper. Because the investment cost for an LED screen is much higher than that of a conventional printed billboard. Therefore, the cost of rent broadcast time on LED screens is also very high.

Fixed level in Perimeter LED board display

Regarding the degree of fixation in display, Billboard advertising has the upper hand. Because when you rent a billboard location, that billboard is yours for a few months, that Perimeter LED board only shows your ad.

Choosing the right bus route plays a very important role in the advertising campaign. Lcd screen advertising on the right route will determine whether the ad reaches the right target audience and affects the effectiveness of the campaign.

As for LED screen advertising, on the same board, your ad will play with many other brands’ ads. It will be more difficult for viewers to want to see that ad again because when your ad complete, another business’s ad will appear.

Perimeter LED board has an advantage in fixed display

Billboard advertising has an advantage in fixed display

The time to implement a Billboard advertising project will be longer than that of LED screen advertising. Because when you want to set up a Perimeter LED board, it will take time to design, print, and hire a contractor to build that billboard. In case there are unexpected errors in design or information, it is necessary to disassemble and rebuild from scratch.

Perimeter LED Display 2021

When compared to LED screen advertising, it is very different, just design the content, then pass the data in to play on the screen immediately. When information or design has errors, it is also very easy to correct. The time to implement a project is extremely fast

The ability to avoid much, the Perimeter LED board has the advantage

In terms of noise avoidance, LED advertising has a slight advantage over Perimeter LED board. Because the broadcaster can choose the best time of the day to display ads, such as when people go to work in the morning, when people are in a good mood, easy to receive information.

So that the process of receiving information is not affected by personal emotions, environmental factors. In addition, LED advertising is not affected by extreme weather like Billboard advertising, there is no sign of tearing or fading…

Environmental Protection Perimeter LED board

Talking about environmental protection factors, Perimeter LED board ads consume a lot of electricity to display. But the issue of energy saving and environmental pollution is now becoming more and more important. So, in this criterion, LED screen advertising is somewhat inferior to Billboard advertising

Other differences with Perimeter LED board

Currently, in some parts of the world, at important intersections, people have banned the installation of billboards with LED screens, which can distract pedestrians and cause traffic accidents. In addition, the lighting of this type of advertising contributes greatly to the phenomenon of light pollution in cities causing some discomfort to the residents.

Conclusion Perimeter LED board

It is impossible to conclude which is the more effective means of Perimeter LED board advertising. Each means of solving different problems of businesses, depending on the problem of the business, what is it? What are the budget requirements?

To be able to choose the right media quickly, economically and effectively, businesses should choose a good agency with many years of experience in the industry.

conference LED display

Which is the best conference LED display in 2021?

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What is outdoor advertising?

Conference LED Display Outdoor advertising, also known as Out of Home (OOH) advertising, is a form of visual advertising that reaches consumers while they are outside their homes. Moreover, this can be anything from billboards to street furniture to the brand’s point of sale on the street as well as a form of outdoor advertising.

conference LED display

The core objective of Conference LED Display

Financially, outdoor advertising is one of the most expensive marketing strategies. However, the average customer in the US spends nearly 70% of their time outside. (According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America). However, that is why outdoor advertising has great potential to attract attention from the target audience.

Essentially, out-of-home advertising is a small segment of an online advertising strategy that focuses on a broader reach. Conference LED Display focuses on creating brand awareness or increasing brand engagement without much consideration for conversion rates.

Why are Conference LED Display ads so popular with advertisers?

Online advertising sometimes makes viewers feel uncomfortable and bothered. Online users or business customers tend to use ad blockers to prevent these ads from showing. Also, In addition, online advertising is widely used, making the competition to show fierce.

Outdoor ads are different, they are unlockable and have the highest level of message visibility. Also, Outdoor advertising does not create a feeling of being disturbed with the audience receiving the advertising message.

Popular forms of Conference LED Display

There are 5 most common types of outdoor advertising, including:

Billboard Conference LED Display

Billboard billboards are one of the oldest and most popular advertising mediums. Customers must be familiar with large billboards with advertisements from different companies. Popular places for Billboard billboards include stadiums, shopping malls, highways, roadside, etc.

One very useful thing about Billboard billboards Conference LED Display is that they can reach many target audiences. Billboard billboards have three types as follows:

Also, Static/Stationary Billboards (Static, fixed advertising): usually placed on the roadside, highway, etc.

Mobile Billboards: appear on buses, trucks and many other vehicles

Digital Billboards: Modern electronic billboards installed by large companies.

Learn more: What is Billboard advertising? Advantages and disadvantages of Billboard advertising

Point of sale (POS) – Advertising at the point of sale

Point-of-sale (POS) advertising is a type of outdoor advertising in which a brand reaches out to customers at a cash register or checkout. However, POS can be very effective in prompting customers to make a last-minute purchase by promoting additional products. For example, displaying belts at the checkout in an apparel store is also a form of Conference LED Display because belts are accessories for pants.


There are two main types of Conference LED Display:

Checkout Counter Display (Advertising at the checkout): includes the display counters around the checkout counter to advertise a certain product.

Visual Aids: Many retailers place posters around product shelves or racks to advertise.

Transit Advertising: Advertising on transport

This is a form of “in motion” advertising. In this form, companies place ads on buses, trucks, taxis or other means of transportation to promote their products or services.

There are three main types of media advertising:

Subway advertising: A very large percentage of people in the United States and European countries travel by train. That is why the subway is a suitable location for outdoor advertising.

Taxi advertising: Placing or wrapping Conference LED Display in taxis is also a very popular and highly accessible form of outdoor advertising.

Bus advertising: Bus advertising can work in a variety of ways. Companies place their ads both inside and outside the bus body. This way, they can reach the occupants of the vehicle as well as other road users around.

Advertise in public places

Just like Billboard advertising, this type can be used to connect with customers remotely. However, it is important for advertisers to install these ads near pedestrians to create brand awareness.

Popular places for public advertising off the street include display ads on kiosks, benches, sidewalks, bus stops, newsstands, and more.

Advertise at other locations

This is an effective way to reach a large number of customers. Suitable Conference LED Display locations include shopping malls, airports, cinemas, theaters, stadiums, bars, clubs, etc.

Characteristics of outdoor Conference LED Display

5.1. Advantages of outdoor advertising

Cost effective

However, Some people may think that outdoor advertising is very expensive because companies often spend huge budgets on billboards, posters, etc. However, if we compare the forms of advertising, we will have a different view.

For example, outdoor advertising has a much broader reach than many other types of marketing. The ability to reach the target audience of this type is extremely large.

What are the advantages of outdoor Conference LED Display?

Furthermore, the CPM (cost-per-impression) of outdoor advertising is more economical than many online branding strategies. For a small business looking to advertise to the local community, outdoor advertising is a cost-effective way to promote.

conference LED display 2021

Attract customers with attractive design

If your business has a creative marketing team that knows how to attract potential customers through images and design, then outdoor advertising is a great choice. Also, the design of the ad will play an important role in attracting attention.

A beautiful and eye-catching video or image of the product will leave an indelible impression in the audience’s mind. That’s why outdoor advertising is more effective at speaking up for the brand.

Encourage immediate purchases

The sole purpose of outdoor advertising is to encourage potential customers to buy what your business has to offer because that’s what they need. However, Ads are placed strategically by targeting the emotions and current state of the customer.

Hotels advertise on billboards along highways because people feel tired after driving all night and are most likely looking for a place to stay.

Furthermore, this form of advertising is used to reinforce the positive aspects of a brand message while creating a valuable promise that one’s needs will be met immediately.

Conclusion Conference LED Display

According to a study, customers tend to pay more attention to online advertisements if they have had prior visual contact with that product or service. That means, if you see an ad on a Conference LED Display, you are more likely to click on an online ad for that same product. Also, that is why online marketing campaigns yield better results when combined with outdoor advertising.

Sports & Arenas LED Display

How to buy cheap price Sports & Arenas LED Display in 2021?

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Sports & Arenas LED Display
What are Sports & Arenas LED Display?

The Sports & Arenas LED Display and the video wall are digital signage (digital signage) solutions common by companies that seek, on digital screens, to attract their audience and promote their brand/product. The LED panels are the evolution of traditional billboards.

Which technology is common in Sports & Arenas LED Display?

In the case of Sports & Arenas LED Display, there is still the option of using the indoor model (for indoors) and the outdoor model (for outdoors). The video wall, on the other hand, is a solution that unites several monitors, forming a large screen. These screens can be LCD, LFD or LED technology.

The video wall is commonly common by companies that bet on digital screens for advertising, marketing strategy, or internal marketing, information display and/or entertainment content. Images can be random or form a single view.

What is the function of led display video wall?

But, the most frequent use – and the great difference of the video wall – is that each one of the screens can reproduce a part of the content, in a synchronized way, forming a single video that together form a super-screen.

For this type of project, professional Sports & Arenas LED Display with super thin edges and high quality of brightness and contrast are indicated.

Video Wall or Led Panel: Which to choose?

Regarding the result of capturing and loyalty of the public, the strategy with the video wall is usually more efficient if the installation site is indoors. The explanation for the results may lie in its cost-effectiveness, as its value is more economical, and its image quality is superior to that of Sports & Arenas LED Display.

However, if the installation location is outdoors, LED panels are more suitable. Furthermore, the outdoor models are prepared to face the elements without the need for “protection boxes” and their useful life is longer compared to monitors. In addition, they can have large formats, ensuring that their visibility is superior and that it can be observed from a distance.

Inviron system common in Sports & Arenas LED Display for control brightness

The LED panel also stands out for allowing brightness control by time band, with the help of the Inviron system. That is, during the daytime content transmission, its brightness level is high, however, at night; similarly, its brightness level is lower.

Moreover, it does not blur the vision of drivers, for example, avoiding accidents. Thus, to choose one type over another, it is essential to analyze the company’s strategy, the available space for installation, the campaign budget and the content to be displayed.

Innovations in Sports & Arenas LED Display

With continuous innovation and the development of advertising technology, the diversified outdoor Sports & Arenas LED Display rental screen has become a beautiful landscape in the city at night. Colorful, flickering light advertising adds colorful colors to the city’s night.

However, compared to the indoor environment, the outdoor environment is even worse, which also makes the situation of outdoor LED display rental screen frequent.

Perfect resolution for led display

For indoor screen, Outdoor LED screen rental screen should have higher resolution. It is to meet the display effect of various long-distance or high environments. Traditional LCD resolution can only reach 1024 × 768. According to the actual test data, the external application’s resolution requirement for display equipment must finally reach 1920 × 1200.

Outdoor Sports & Arenas LED Display should have intelligent constant temperature

Outdoor advertising screen will have heating from three main aspects:

  1. solar radiation
  2. air convection and
  3. Moreover, indoor electronic component heating

According to the regional difference of temperature and equipment location, the Arenas LED Display should have a defined temperature control scheme.

Some have air conditioning cooling, and some are forced air cooling. But no matter what type of cooling scheme, the merchandise generally meets the operational requirements of temperature: – 30 ℃ – 55 ℃, humidity: 10% – 90%.

Outdoor Sports & Arenas LED Display should be dustproof and waterproof

If you want to use everything outdoors, waterproof and dustproof is the first thing to tackle. The protection level of the display equipment housing must be waterproof. Generally, the waterproof level reaches ipx5, which can operate normally under heavy rain.

Dust is an important factor in reducing the efficiency of goods and accelerating the aging of goods. The Sports & Arenas LED Display equipment must have a specially designed dustproof structure and dustproof filtration products, and the dustproof level reaches IP65.

Outdoor Sports & Arenas LED Display for lightening protection screen rental:

In order to complete the all-weather outdoor transmission performance, the outdoor display equipment must have reliable lightning protection. Moreover, it should have an electrical control design to provide security assurance for the equipment in stormy days.

In outdoor environment, the display interface is clear and visible, and anti-reflection is also an important aspect to be considered. It is necessary to use special coated glass to improve the visual point of view and image resolution and reduce screen glare.

Anti-electromagnetic interference outdoor LED screen rental screen:

The uncontrollability of the external environment makes the anti-electromagnetic interference function of the Sports & Arenas LED Display very important. We cannot transform the external environment.

Similarly, we can protect the internal electrical parts of the equipment. In addition, it can effectively prevent the interference of internal devices and cables in the signal. Moreover, it can prevent external electromagnetic interference in LED products.

Outdoor LED display rental screen must be riot-proof and anti-theft:
Sports & Arenas LED Display 2021

Outdoor led display advertising price

In general, the cost of advertising outdoor LED screens depends on many factors. Here are some of the top factors that govern the cost of advertising on Arenas LED Display.

  • The number of advertising spots:Depending on the advertising campaign and the needs of the customer, the number is different. Small campaigns need small quantities and vice versa.
  • Advertising time: It usually ranges from a few seconds to tens of seconds for an ad depending on how long or short the ad content is.
  • Projection frequency:On the same LED screen, advertisements can be played many times or fewer times. Moreover, it depends on each campaign, the frequency of projection will not be the same.
  • Advertising form: Advertisingcontent can appear in the form of posters, videos, images, audio, etc. Each form has a certain difference in price.
  • Book location:The more favorable the location, the higher the advertising cost. However, when deploying LED screen advertising at golden locations, the efficiency will be higher. 
  • Advertising time frame:Just like book placement, the higher the price, the higher the cost when the ad is broadcast in the prime time frames.
  • Screen size:Depending on the location where the Sports & Arenas LED Display install, the size varies quite a bit.


we can protect the internal electrical parts of the equipment, which can effectively prevent the interference of internal devices. And cables in the signal, and prevent external electromagnetic interference in Sports & Arenas LED Display.

indoor LED display

Purchasing Guide for Indoor LED Display

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indoor LED display

Buying an Indoor LED Display

Several pieces of research suggest that LED (light-emitting diode) screens are highly efficient screens when we talk about energy consumption. Moreover, LED screens are also known for providing crisp and clear images. An indoor LED display in a store can engage employees or audiences easily. If you choose LED displays for your home, they will ensure unparalleled entertainment due to their top-notch quality from all aspects. There is a huge demand for LED displays across the world in both the domestic and commercial sectors.

If you want to buy a LED screen for your indoor use, you may get confused because there are many brands and thousands of models in the market. This guide will make the selection process easier for you by sharing helpful tips on how to choose the right indoor LED screens.

Different Factors that Influence Indoor LED Display Purchase

Your budget and use case are the two main players driving your selection decision about the indoor LED display. However, there are also a few other critical considerations that you need to make before buying a new indoor LED screen. Let’s go through some of the most common factors to consider when looking for a new LED display for indoor use.

1. Screen Size

Before anything else, you need to be clear about what screen size you need for your use case. You will find LED displays in various sizes and shapes in the market. Choosing the appropriate size according to your requirements is critical. For example, if you need a new LED screen for entertainment purposes at home, a moderate size screen will be good enough.

But, if you need the screen for the office to share information with employees or staff, you may need a bigger size screen. Choosing a big LED screen will help your employees see displayed information clearly from far. Bigger screens are also suitable for stadiums or weddings.

2. Screen Brightness

As a buyer, you must need to know the conditions and where you will use your screen. It will help you decide about the screen brightness you need. For an indoor LED display, 600 nits LED screen can be the most ideal choice. If you need an outdoor LED screen, you will need a screen with a higher brightness level. Usually, the screen that you see on your street will be around 2,000 nits. In an extremely bright environment, such as under the sunlight, you need to buy a screen with a minimum of 6000 nits. For pictures that people will be viewing from a greater distance, the screen should be around 12000 nits.

It means that you need brighter screens for higher distance audience coverage. Moreover, you must also ensure that the LED display should offer you the option of adjusting the screen brightness level manually and automatically. It will allow you to ensure a perfect visual experience in different environments or conditions.

3. Installation Convenience

LED screens or displays use the same technology for displaying content. However, their installation method differs according to the brand you select. You can buy a fully assembled indoor LED display if you want to save money and time on professional installation. When renting or buying LED screens, it is essential to talk about their installation procedure. A few LED screens require professional installation, while others are simple to install without professional help. We recommend you always look for an LED display that you can easily install yourself.

4. Maintenance and Reparability

For LED display maintenance, you can either access it from the back or front. If an LED display allows maintenance from its front, it will prove expensive. Moreover, it will also be a big hassle due to its complex design. You can install these screens closer to a wall because you will not be accessing them from their back. However, you should consider an LED display that you can access from behind for maintenance purposes in areas where you will be accessing its backside frequently. Remember that regular maintenance is essential for the longevity of the screen.

On the other hand, you should also inquire about the reparability of the screen. No matter what quality LED display you buy, one of its components will deteriorate at some point in time. It is essential to make sure that you can easily buy the replacement or repair parts of the LED from the market. If you can’t easily access replacement parts from the market, it will become a big hassle.

5. Viewing Angle

The viewing angle determines what number of audiences can view the screen. If more people will be viewing the display, the viewing angle needs to be wider. The LED display’s viewing angle depends on the LED’s encapsulation. Therefore, you should opt for better-LED encapsulation if you don’t have budget constraints. They will offer an amazing viewing angle.

6. Flatness

If the screen flatness is bad, it will make the LED screen effect worse. The ideal screen flatness is -+1 millimeter. Therefore, LCDs with die-casting cabinet aluminum are the most ideal choices available in the market at the moment.

7. LEDs

We have a couple of LED types when it comes to an indoor LED display. These include black-SMD LEDs and white-SMD LEDs. Choose black ones for dot pitch that is less than 5-millimeter and white ones for indoor applications. This point is extremely important when choosing LED displays.

P2.5 LED display

8. Dead Pixels

A LED screen consists of various small pixel light-emitting diodes. Therefore, the least dead pixels will ensure a better effect. This thing also depends on the original material and technology. When inquiring about the LED price, make sure that you are getting the price quote for the original product material.

Apart from the above-discussed factors, there are also a few other things that you must understand before investing in a LED display. You should also keep in mind the installation location and the content that you will display on the LED display. Keeping all these things in your mind will help you make an informed decision about the LED display you are looking for.

For more queries or information, reach out to us by filling up this simple form.

P1.25 LED display

Is Investing in P1.25 LED Display with Fine Pixel Technology Worth the Hype?

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Why Invest in P1.25 LED Display with Fine Pixel Technology

A fine pixel technology display might soon become the talk of the town. There is already a great hype about this technology. It could be your best option if need a high-resolution display for digital signage having an exceptional image quality. The P1.25 LED display is currently the thing that most marketers are talking about. These screens do not only come with a digital advantage but also offer all traditional LED display benefits. In our today’s post, we will help you learn whether or not you should invest in this LED display for your project. Going through this article should help you make an informed decision.

P1.25 LED display

What is a Fine Pixel P1.25 LED Display?

It is a direct-view LED display screen, known as the 2.0 version. You would already be familiar with ole LED screens that you use for huge installation. The fine pixel P1.25 LED display uses a similar type of technology, but better. LEDs create the magic that you want to display your great content in these LEDs, similar to direct-view LED displays. A pixel pitch display provides you more fun and more quality. What is this technology all about? Precisely, light-emitting diodes are small semiconductors. They convert the electricity moving through the display and convert them into light.

Every diode contains a particular chemical that creates the blue, green, or red colors to create images colorful and so colorful to seem lifelike. There is a cluster of blue, green, and red LEDs and together they create a color pixel. This is where the magic exists when we talk about the fine pixel LED displays. More pixels mean better digital signage display, such as images or videos. The content will look extremely stunning when someone is close to the screen. If the screen pixels are not close together, we will have an awful display effect on the screen.

Mainly, the fine pixel is how close display pixels are, in millimeters. A fine pixel P1.25 LED display has the slightest space between its pixels. Because pixels are so close within the screen, so we will have more pixels. As a result, the resolution of the screen will be higher. It means that the image quality will be remarkable even if you are watching the screen from very near. Therefore, you can imagine how rocking your signage content can be.

Fine Pixel LED vs. Traditional LED Screens

It all depends on the use case that which display you need. Knowing this thing is so important because you don’t require fine pixel displays everywhere. Sometimes, you can opt for a display with a bigger pixel distance. Take an example of gigantic digital signage in places, such as Times Square or stadiums. You can use a traditional LED screen because these installations do not require higher resolutions. The reason behind it is that no one would be watching these displays from too close. Therefore, you can consider traditional displays in such scenarios.

Remember that a fine pixel P1.25 LED display will cost much more than conventional LED displays. Therefore, you must make sure that it is the requirement according to your use case. In the same way, you don’t require fine pixel displays for the university campuses that focus on students because students walking around will not be watching the screen too closely. Therefore, you must decide whether or not you need these displays.

How to Decide About Fine Pixel Pitch for Your Project?

Surprisingly, there are different ways that different manufacturers use for calculating fine pixel pitch a customer requires for different viewing distances. There is a big range, from the 0.8mm super fine pitch LED to up to 16mm. The display you require depends on from what distance viewers will be watching the screen. One popular method of calculating the pixel pitch according to the viewing space is that you should multiply one millimeter of the pixel pitch with ten to receive the viewing space in feet. Therefore, if the viewing space is approximately twenty feet, you will require a 2mm pixel pitch.

Other manufacturers may claim that you need to multiply every millimeter of the pixel by eight for getting the viewing space in feet. Moreover, a few companies also take calculations for pixel pitch on the 3.5 feet. Without any doubt, methods vary. The most ideal method is to test the pixel pitch P1.25 LED display in a showroom. It will provide a great idea about what display you need.

Another reliable way to calculate pixel pitch is relying on the retina viewing space. If you have 20/20 vision, it is ideal to calculate pixels by multiplying every millimeter by ten. It means that you will get ten feet for a one-millimeter pixel pitch. Most pixel pitch light-emitting diode screens begin at 1.5 millimeters. However, you can go lower or lower, according to your budget.

Does a Fine Pixel LED Display Offer Benefits over a Traditional LED Display?

Fine pixel LED screens come at a higher price than traditional LED displays. Therefore, there must be things that make fine pixel LED displays costlier. First of all, fine pixel LEDs come with much higher screen resolution along with exceptional picture quality. These displays come without noticeable blocky pixels that we usually notice in traditional LED displays.

Other additional benefits of pixel pitch LEDs include better brightness, smooth video walls with no borders, and energy efficiency. Your shows, tickers, videos, and images will look exceptional. It will take the content of digital signage to a whole new level. Even if someone is watching your video content from a couple of feet away, the display quality would look just amazing.

Keep in mind that high contrast and extra brightness mean that you can such displays anywhere. Outdoors and indoors, regardless of how lit your environment is, you will find your P1.25 LED display working perfectly. Additionally, these displays are available in various sizes like direct-view screens. Therefore, you have the luxury to deploy all kinds of electronic signage you require. If you require top-notch display quality at a couple of feet of distance, you should opt for these displays.

If you still have any queries, you can get in touch with us by clicking here.

P0.9 LED display

Why Broadcasting Normally Uses NPP P0.9 LED Display

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Benefits of Using NPP P0.9 LED Display in Broadcasting

The way we watch images on screen has changed a lot ever since the invention of the television. The best thing about these screens is that the visual quality is becoming better and better over the last few years. For this reason, the semiconductor manufacturing process has also made some significant leaps. Ever since the generation of the NPP P0.9 LED display, its use has been extremely common in the broadcasting industry. In this article, we will talk about these narrow pixel pitch screens and how can they benefit the broadcasting industry. So, let’s get started!

What is Pixel Pitch and Why Does it Matter?

Before we talk about the many benefits of the NPP P0.9 LED display in the broadcasting industry, let’s first discuss what exactly is pixel pitch and why does it matter. So, for those of you who do not know, it is the density of the pixels on an LED display. What’s more, it also correlates with the resolution. Some people even refer to it as pitch or dot pitch. To put it in simple words, it is the distance in the millimeters that you calculate from the center of a pixel to the center of the adjacent pixel. Since the pixel pitch refers to the amount of space between two pixels, a smaller pixel pitch will indicate that the amount of space between the pixels is lesser. As a result, you get higher pixel density and improved screen resolution.

Why Is Pixel Pitch Important?

Pixel pitch is extremely important because it plays a crucial role in influencing the optimal viewing distance of your display. With the help of the narrower pixel pitch technology, you can achieve an image that has smoother borders and finer details.  As a result, you can stand closer to the screen and enjoy a clear view without any distraction from the discerning individual pixels.

However, you need to remember the rule of thumb when determining the pixel pitch and viewing distance. The rule indicates that a smaller pitch will allow for a closer viewing distance. So, a P0.9 LED display will have a higher resolution and a closer viewing distance as compared to an LED display with an NPP of 16mm.

It is undoubtedly true that a higher pixel density offers improved visual quality. But, it is not the ideal option for all of the users. That’s because the higher pixel density loses its visual advantages at a greater viewing distance. As a result, it simply increases the cost of the display.

About NPP P0.9 LED Display

The NPP P0.9 LED display is a revolutionary evolution in the history of LCDs. That’s because these displays offer deeper blacks and wider contrast ratios to the users. Other than that, the mini LEDs with narrow pixel pitch also improves the traditional LED backlight. However, in some cases, they need a backlight to function properly. So, what makes them different from their older versions? Well, the backlight LEDs of a mini screen are extremely small in size as compared to the ones used on their counterparts. This is why these screens have an overall better visual definition than the traditional screens.

Another important thing to note here is that the mini LED screens are available in various formats. These formats range from small to large units. Both the large and small units are capable of maintaining bright colors and high brightness. Not only this, but they are extremely easy to assemble as well. You can use the mini LED displays with a narrow pixel pitch in both indoor and outdoor advertisements, exhibitions, stage performances, hotel lobbies, and sports events. However, their main use is in TV programs broadcasting.

Some Advantages of Using NPP P0.9 LED Display in Broadcasting

The NPP P0.9 LED display has revolutionized the way the channels broadcast their shows. That’s because of the many benefits it offers to them. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits below.

1.      Accurate Correction

One of the major benefits of these mini LED screens is that you can achieve point-by-point correction with them. Want to know how? Well, you can easily improve the color fidelity and uniformity with the mini LED displays. All you need to do is adjust the brightness of each pixel area on the screen and you are good to go. The difference between the primary colors and the adjusted colors makes these screens more delicate and pure. Not only this, but you can also truly restore their colors.

2.      Smooth Splicing

We all know how the NPP P0.9 LED display has an integrated box structure. This allows them to offer high splicing accuracy to the users which is extremely important for broadcasting. Not only this, but these screens are also light in weight, have high flatness, and have an excellent EMC performance. It can offer fast upkeep and installation for supporting front and rear maintenance as well. As a result, you get a solution that can occupy less space and which is also efficient for assembling and implementing.

3.      Durability

Another great thing about these NPP LED displays is that these screens are extremely durable. You will be surprised to know that this equipment is capable of offering more than 10,000 hours. This lifespan is greater than the average lifespan of other traditional screens. As a result, you can get some excellent performance from them. In addition to this, the small pitch LED screens offer an improved heat dissipation system for long hours as well. This adds more to their durability. This is what makes them one of the best options for broadcasting.

P0.9 LED display

Final Words

There is no denying the fact that the NPP P0.9 LED display has completely revolutionized the way we use the LED screens for broadcasting. For this reason, they are extremely popular in the broadcasting industry. So, if you also want to take the advantage of these screens, you should buy them from RIGARD. That’s because we have the best collection of mini LED displays which sets us apart from our competitors. Need more information on these LED screens? Contact us now and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can!